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From: Jack Butler <>
Subject: RE: [DANIEL-L] DANIEL Family of Gadsden County, FL
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:33:49 -0400


The Daniel bunch in Gadsden County, FL came out of the Daniel families of
Liberty County, GA - and Burke County, GA prior to that. This group, which
I now believe to be mine, appear in Burke County in the late 1700's and in
Liberty County in the early 1800s. They are on the 1820 census in Liberty
County, GA. They moved from Liberty County, GA to Gadsden County, Florida
in the mid 1820s - a RW pension depostition by John Daniel stated that he
came to Florida in 1825. Jesse Daniel, of Liberty County, GA, had served in
Florida with Andrew Jackson's army during the first Creek/Seminole war and
his unit had participated in the building of Fort Gadsden - I suspect that
was the impetus for the later move to Gadsden County.

I feel fairly comfortable that the Daniel marriages that you site come from
this bunch - there was a Joseph Daniel with them in Liberty County, GA, and
in Alabama after they moved there from Gadsden County, FL.

I do not know if Robert Daniel, the Methodist preacher of Leon County that
you speak of, had any connection, but there definitely was a Robert Daniel
(Daniell) in Gadsden County:

1852Land Grant,Florida, Gadsden County,Daniel, Robert, 9/1/1852,
Tallahassee, 9730 FL0210__.121 

He enlisted in Blocker's Company of the 2nd Florida Regiment from Leon
County in May of 1862.

There was a Robert Daniels who married Candes Meachum on 9 Jun 1866 in
Gadsden, Co., FL.

In 1904, Robert Daniel (also Daniell) of Gadsden County, FL filed an
application for a pension based on his Civil War service. He stated in that
application that he was born on 13 April 1829, "near Georgetown", South

This tombstone record from Gadsden County appears to refer to the family of
this Robert Daniel:
30DanielJ. Montague9 Sept. 188318 Dec. 1921
30DanielJoseph M.22 May. 18568 Apr. 1927
30DanielLewis J.27 Nov. 18891 May 1891
30DaniellArrenvy30 Sept. 18333 Apr. 1909Probably wife of
Robert Daniell
30DaniellRobert13 Apr. 182923 Dec. 1914 Problably hus of
Arrenvy Daniell
42DanielsRobert Murry8 Nov. 188014 Jan. 1946

Here are some more records from Gadsden County, FL:

In his RW pension application, filed in 1832 from Gadsden County, FL, John
Daniel Sr said that he was born in 1758 in Hertford County, NC. ( Hertford
County was formed in December of 1754 - a good sized chunk of it was carved
out of Northampton County, NC ). In his pension deposition, John Sr also
said that he was living in Hertford County when he enlisted in the RW the
first time and at that time he went as a substitute for his uncle John.
Between his first and second enlistment, John Sr. moved to Dobbs County
(became Wayne) and enlisted for his 2nd tour in the RW from there. John Sr
said that following the revolution, he lived in Wayne Co for about 8 years
before moving to GA. John Daniel received a land grant in Burke County, GA
in 1790. (The deposition was witnessed by Appellus Daniel.)

1830 Census of Gadsden Co, FL:

1830Census Florida,Gadsden, Unk Twnshp, page 142,Daniel,Apellus, 1m
10-15, 2m 15-20, 1m 60-70; no females

1830Census Florida, Gadsden,Unk Twnshp,page 145,Daniel, Wiley, 1m 30-40;
1f 30-40

1830Census Florida,GadsdenUnk Twnshp,page 146, Daniel, John Jr. 1m -5,
1m 30-40; 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30

1830Census Florida, Gadsden, Unk Twnshp, page 152,Daniel, John Sr, 1m
10-15, 3m 20-30, 1m30-40, 1m 70-80; 2f 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50

Land Grants:

1827Land GrantFlorida, Gadsden County,Daniel, John 10/1/1827,
1827Land GrantFlorida, Gadsden DanielJohn,10/1/1827,
Tallahassee, 1443 FL0030__.471 
1827 Land Grant, Florida, Gadsden County,Daniel, John,
5/15/1827,Tallahassee,937 FL0020__.436 
1828Land Grant, Florida, Gadsden County, Daniel, Wiley, 8/22/1828,
Tallahassee, 2309 FL0060__.151 
1830Land Grant, Florida, Gadsden County, Daniel,Jesse,
11/1/1830,Tallahassee, 2841 FL0070__.254 
1834Land Grant, Florida, Gadsden County,Daniel,John, 8/20/1834,
Tallahassee, 3657FL0090__.108 
1834Land Grant,Florida, Gadsden County,Daniel, John,8/20/1834,
Tallahassee,3949 FL0090__.394 
1852Land Grant,Florida, Gadsden County,Daniel, Robert, 9/1/1852,
Tallahassee, 9730 FL0210__.121 

Jack Butler

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From: John R. Clarke [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 7:41 PM
Subject: [DANIEL-L] DANIEL Family of Gadsden County, FL

Good Evening:
I came across some information relating to the FLETCHER family of Marion
District, SC and later, Havana, Gadsden County, FL. Two of the family
members in particular were the children of Zabud FLETCHER (1807-1864) and
Sarah Ann MONROE (1814-1876).

John M. FLETCHER b: 23 FEB 1843 Marriage 1 Mary Anne DANIELS b: 23 DEC 1850
Married: 28 MAY 1867 in Gadsden County, Florida

Martha W. FLETCHER b: 15 AUG 1854 Marriage 1 Joseph M. DANIEL b: 22 MAY

Zabud FLETCHER was the son of John FLETCHER (1765-1860) and Susannah MIZELL
(1763-1834) of Marion District, SC and later, Gadsden County, FL. John was
the son of William FLETCHER and Elizabeth McINTOSH of Telfair/Bulloch
County, GA. Susannah was the d/o a William MIZELL.

This interests me because in my family there is a connection to the William
MIZELL family of Nassau County, FL and Charlton County, GA. This MIZELL
family floated around the Camden County, GA area before moving to Kings
Ferry, Nassau County, Florida but may be part of the same MIZELL family.

I also know there was a Robert DANIEL who was a Methodist minister and who
lived in the Tallahassee, Leon County, FL area and wondered if these DANIELS
were related to this Robert. Any information is appreciated.

John R. Clarke
Feel free to visit my website at:

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