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From: Vickie Lomon <>
Subject: Re: [DANIEL] John Daniel of Elbert, more i.d. info
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 05:44:15 -0700 (PDT)
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This might help a little. There was a William Daniel with wife Massie in Shenadoah, VA. who had a daughter Jane Farmer? Could this be part of your connections?

There were two lists. in Shenadaoh, VA. A William Daniel is on
>>>> the one that covered the Massanutten Valley (today called Luray Valley)
>>>> and Fort Valley. In general, people who turned in their lists on the
>>>> same day lived close (It's always a gamble to use this assumption for a
>>>> single year - I try to find 3 years), and William Daniel was listed on
>>>> April 18,. There were only a few others on that date, so I can only
>>>> guess that he lived in what is now the southern end of Warren County.
>>>> He is also in the 1783 list, the earliest existing list . A deed in
>>>> Shenandoah Co Deed Book C, p. 242 places him owning land in Leeds
>>>> Manor,
>>>> with a wife named Massie and perhaps having a Jane Farmer, daughter of
>>>> Daniel Farmer also on that land.

"P. A. Miller" <> wrote:
Howdy folks, with a heads up to the Elbert GA trackers:

A potential hiccup for family listings, but oh, such nice records (the
first three), here in reverse chronological order [my comments in brackets]:

Farmer v1 = Elbert Co GA Deed Bks A-J 1791-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer
Farmer v2 = Elbert Co GA Deed Bks K-R 1806-1819 by Michal Martin Farmer

Farmer v1
Elbert J53 John Daniel to Ralph Banks both Elb 29 Apr 1804. Daniel
mtgs to Banks the following negroes: a man named Will, a woman named
HAGAR, a boy named DANIEL, a girl named CREESEE, boys named DAVID &
Hardy, a girl named Rachall, & child named Will. For sec of pmt of
$1132 due 10 May next. ackn, recd 12 Jun 1804.

LDS film # 306130 NC Granville Deed Book P [originals]
P351 John Daniel deed of gift to his son, James Jenkins Daniel, and his
two daus Nancey Daniel and Patsey Jenkins Daniel, and to any future
increase of his wife, Elizabeth Daniel, 9 Nov 1796, love and aff, 5sh,
four Negro slaves HAGAR, DANIEL, CREACEY & DAVID. [I forgot to take
witnesses and recd date]

Contributed by Mike Jones [full online, but I abstracted here]
Will of James Jenkins, wr 21 May 1789 Granville [apparently proved Feb
1790 per other online refs]
-to wife Patty Crask Jenkins land, slaves, personalty for life or
widowhood, then land and slaves to sons, Elias, Joshua, and Joseph Jenkins;
-[***]to daughter Elizabeth Jenkins one Negroe named HAGAR and her increase;
-to sons James Jenkins, Wilson Jenkins, Samuel Jenkins [a slave each];
-rest of my estate after the death or marriage of wife to be equally
divided between all my children.
-exrs: wf and son Elias Jenkins and friend John Peace.
-wit: Claiborn Cook, William Williams, and Abe Mayfield.

Don't those Granville grantee names fit the names shown for the early
children of Capt. John Daniel of Wake/Elbert? The age of Martha (i.e.
Patsy of above) on the census seems contrary, but that doesn't nix it to
me yet. She's shown as:
1850 Martha Riley ae 50 b. GA [nee Daniel]
1860 Martha ae 60 b. NC
1870 Martha ae 68 b. NC
1880 Martha ae 83 b. GA GA GA [finally the age works for that 1796 deed,
but locations here kooky]
John's later son David's age is consistent, but I only find him in 1850
(ae 51 SC) and 1860 (ae 61 SC). So he's b. 1798-99 (heavily crunched by
census requirements, but not guaranteed, it would be June 1 1798 - June
1 1799)

Some reminder records on this John Daniel (md. Elizabeth):
Farmer v1
Elbert J184 Jeremiah Walker (x) and wf Hannah (x) 28 Oct 1803, have
sold to John Daniel of Elb, $175, 43a on Dry Fork of Vans Ck, adj
Harris, up ck to mouth of Keys Spring Branch, up Spring Branch to Thomas
Colbert, Reuben Allen, Richard Colbert. wit Thomas Colbert, Fredrick
Crowder. pr by Colbert 15 Oct 1805. recd 15 Oct 1805.

Farmer v2
Elbert K190 John Daniel of Elb to Jane Childs 26 Oct 1805, $120, 34a on
Dry Fk of Vans Ck in Elb, adj Richard Colbert, mouth of Spring Branch,
up branch to Thomas Colbert, Benjamin Allen. sig J. Daniel. wit Jas
Alston Sr, B. Allen. 16 Dec 1806 wf Elizabeth Daniel relinq. recd 21
Jul 1807.

**Does anyone have better cites on the two above deeds to fix my typo on
the acreage?

Based on the collateral names of Thomas Kees and Jeremiah Walker in the
following, this John Daniel may be in Elbert by 1799, and this deed
could narrow down the birth of son David Daniel even more. If this John
Daniel is the same as the one who's mentioned a bit earlier (1795/97 in
those early Elbert records I posted last year) then he must have made
some trips back and forth to the Carolinas. I had suggested I thought
he was the same, but I soften that based on the 1796 Granville deed above:
Farmer v2
Elbert K64 Thomas Kees to Fredrick Crowder both Elbert [no date here or
it's actually what's given after the grant language, i.e. 21 Jan 1799],
$500, 112.5a Elb on Beaverdam waters adj William Arnold, Reuben Allen,
Jeremiah Walker, grtd to Doctor ----erford, 12 Jan 1799. wit John
Daniel, Reuben Allen JP. recd 18 Nov 1806.
[William Arnold was also a bound to William and Nancy Daniel and a
grantee from them in 1791 deeds, just more to link this John Daniel to
William and Nancy Daniel.]

Another repeat from an old post to tie the GA deeds back to NC:
Farmer v1
Elbert F118 Jeremiah (x) Walker before James Banks JP of Elb. Walker
said sometime in the Winter or Spring of 1781 or 1782, he was at the
house of Mr. William Daniel in NC near Salsbury town & was present when
sd Daniel called in a little negro girl named Rachel & did give &
deliver negro to his daughter, Agnes Daniel, for her own property.
Negro is now in possession of Thomas Keys, husband of Agnes. 18 Feb
1800. recd 4 Mar 1800.

I spotted that James Jenkins will before I rode this post right off the
rails (there's also a close Daniel/Jenkins relation farther back in
Halifax that haunts me, but not quite conclusive enough yet to go
dribbling onto the keyboard).

Anyway, some interesting possible ramifications, eh?

Pam in CA

P.S. Ralph Banks of the very first record above is also a neighbor to
this Vanns Creek group:
Farmer v2
Elbert N225 Joel Gaar and wf Lucy (sig Lewcy) of Morgan GA to Ralph
Banks of Elb 28 Aug 1810, $700, 297 4/10a Wilkes when grtd, now Elb,
orig grtd to Parian Farrow & part to Reubin & Daniel White, all sold to
Gaar, on Vanns Ck & waters, adj Wm Henderson, Wm Henderson's Branch,
down branch, John White, hornbeam on Vanns Ck, up ck, James N. Brown,
John Daniel, in fee simple. wit Lewis Gaar, George Gaar, Benjamin Head,
Henry Devnport JP [sic]. recd 3 Dec 1811.

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