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From: Payne Daniel <>
Subject: Re: [DANIEL] Basil Daniel #10384
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 10:27:23 -0400
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Just so we don't bore you to much I am trying to confirm Vicky Loman's lineage through a Basil Daniel who may or may not be from Montgomery Co., NC. I have looked at the line of Baswell/Basil Daniel, son of Jeremiah Daniel, who she believes may be her line but, I see only confusion when I try to make that connection. I would also like to confirm a place for Edward Daniel of Henry Co., Va., and maybe there is a DNA contact for him as well?

So, # 10384 is the Baswell/Basil Daniel and the other numbers are his children at least Levi and Nathaniel are listed with the same DNA. So, how does this prove that this is Vicky's line,
and how would John Simon Daniel her ggg grandfather fit into the Daniels of Montgomery Co., NC, and Illinois and other environs? Is there a family lineage report that would further clarify the members of the family of Jeremiah Daniel. Being in the neighborhood with other Daniels of similar names doesn't help me to find a proper niche for the Edward Daniel family that I think may be Vicky's line. Is there a DNA kit for Edward Daniel of Henry Co., Va., that would match #10384?

In regard to the Lacy's, Rogers, and other allied families, I am not seriously into that area yet.

http://paynedaniel2.com/edwarddaniel/Index.htm This may need some help?

Sorry, but this stuff gets so deep sometimes that we need to call in the Calvary and two shovels to lower the field so us older compilers can compete.

Baswell/Basil DANIEL [aka: Barsel, Bazil, Basdel, Bazzel, Bazel] born ca 1775 probably in NC & died after 1840. His first sighting is 1800 Pendleton District, SC. His travels take him through: Buncombe Co, NC; Davidson Co, TN; White Co, IL; Clay Co, IL; Shelby Co, IL; Carroll Co AR. He seems to be of the Primative Baptist faith. His wife is unknown at this time. Children are: Nathaniel (4180) (1796 SC, 19 Dec 1864 IL) married Prissile LEMONS [21 Jun 1817 - Roane Co, TN], William(1800 SC, after 1850) married Martha (Patsey) MORRIS [11 Jan 1818 - White Co, IL], Levi (12914) (ca 1803 NC, 23 Dec 1858 IL) married Louvica BISHOP [Jul 1824 - Fayette Co, IL], Sarah Elizabeth (1806 SC, after 1850) married Grey Bynum FANCHER [15 Jun 1826 - Clay Co, IL], Amon (1807 TN, 8 Dec 1854 IL) married Mary FORBES [22 Oct 1832 - Shelby Co, IL], unknown daughter (1811/1815), unknown daughter (1816/1820), and unknown daughter (1816/1820). Kit #4180: Contact; Kit #12914: Contact.

In regard to the DNA study: "Genealogically speaking, the boat is still drifting."

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