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Dear R. L.,

Billy Bob and I received your message but the rest of the list did not
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list. You subscribed from . Please let me
know if your email address has changed or, if not, if you would like me
to add your "other address" to the accept list.

Nevada Jack

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>Thanks Billy Bob
> I have Sarah E.Davenport as the wife of Daniel Mangrum Butler, which
>correspondent did not seem to know. Many thanks for sending the
message our
>R. L.
>This little tidbit of information is for our Newberry cousins. As you
>can see there is Sarah E. Davenport listed here.
>Billy Bob
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> In searching for my Butlers the other day in the records of the
>Church of the Latter Day Saints, I found a DANIEL MANGRUM BUTLER,born
>Mar 1838 in Newberry, S. C., relatives listed as THOMAS BUTLER/SARAH
>(beleive to be parents, but not sure). The batch number was 7520404,
> Also listed was Daniel Mangrum Butler-MB-about 1838-Newberry,
>E. Davenport-(relative) (file #) F822991-0005.
> and: Daniel Mangrum Butler-HM-1857-Newberry-Sarah E.
>Davenport-(relative) 8102204-33.
> and: Daniel Butler-MN-Thomas Butler-(beleived to be
>11 Age 1850-batch # 7109509--page 84
> All of this was on microfische and I beleive the page # was
>These all seem to be the same person with a father of Thomas Butler and
>mother named Sarah E. Davenport.
> If there is an LDS church near you, they will be able to help
>sort this out.
> Also, in the 1850 Newberry Co., S.C., census, you will find the
>Thomas Butler family listed as family # 898, on film # M432-856.
> I am sure that all the Butlers in Newberry, S. C. at that time
>related. Hope that this helps. Sincerely, Wallace Butler
>Wallace S. Butler
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