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Subject: [DAVENPORT] Newberry info
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 23:42:21 EDT

This is some info I ran across today at the Newberry library. Some of it is
pretty convoluted and I would greatly appreciate a little help in sorting out
these relationships/dates. Please pass on any feedback you might have.
Someone also had a question about William Pitts/ Elizabeth Davenport.
That relationship gets explained here too.
Thanks, Danice

>From Quaker Families of South Carolina and Georgia by William F. Medlin:
"Davenport, Isaac b. 1743 BR(Bush River meeting group) Newb
Davenport, William d. 1805 BR Newb"
above from page 47

from page 88
"Davenport, Isaac b. 1743 d.1806
m. 1) ?
ch: William
Sally m. James Gibson
Rachel m. Manassah Mann
Hettie m. John Golding
m. 2) Eve
ch: Frances m. Patsy
Edna m. ___Lewis
Stacy m.___Mitchel
Patsy m. Russell Gibson
Isaac m. Ann
James m. Nancy
Willoughby m. Phoebe

Davenport, William d. 1805
m. Sarah b. 1824
ch: Anne d.1816 m. 1792 John Kelly
Jemima m. Charles Neal"
I know that some of the dates are way off base, but these are the Newberry
Davenports we are so familiar with and explains why they don't appear in
Baptist Church records in the Bush River area. In fact, I haven't found
Baptist records until they migrated to Greenville, SC. It also continues the
Quaker association from Frances Davenport m. Rebecca widow of Isaac Decou in
Burlington, NJ. That marriage was recorded in Quaker meeting records. Why
the family does not appear in Quaker records in Granville, NC, I'm unsure,
but they did have plenty of business dealings with them there (as seen by
evidence on Nevada Jack's page).

>From a book on the bicentennial of Newberry, SC (I apparently left the title
page in the copier--how bright of me):
"Frances Davenport Sr. Family
The most remote direct ancestor of this family was Orme de Davenport
of the township of Davenport, England, in 1086. Vivian de Davenport, fourth
in line from him, was granted title to a Palatinate, 'Macclesfield,' which
his family ruled for centuries. Many English branches of Davenports maintain
documentation for their unbroken descent from the ancient ancestor who
emigrated from Normandy (1066), and Heritage Papers (Danielsville, Ga.)
maintains a vast file on families of Virginia Davvenport immigrants.
Richard Davenport, perhaps a son of immigrant John, moved to Berkeley,
N.C. about 1670, and about 1687 to Chowan and Perquimans, NC. By wife
Johanna, he had issue: Richard (b. 3 nov. 1677), Sarah, and Isaac (b. 17
Sept. 1685).
One of the sons may be the father of Frances Sr. (1718-1803) and his
brother William (living in 1798), first generation in S.C. from VA via N.C.
Frances or Francis m. 1 Miss ? Pressley (m. 2 Mary Turner). Issue by
first wife:
Frances Jr. (1740-98) m. Nancy Children: Pressley, Michael, Matilda, Rebecca.
Isaac (1752-1816) m. 1 Miss ? Willis m.2. Eve
David (d. 1803)
William (1750-1817) of Newberry, m. Sarah; believed to be the parents of
Elizabeth who m. Wm. Pitts (c1750-1834), grandparents of William Pitts
who married his cousin, Mrs. Elizabeth Davenport Lewis, granddaughter of
Isaac above.
Sarah m. Mr. Beeks
Nancy m. Mr. Waldrop
Mary (Polly) m. Mr. Waldrop
Fannie m. Mr. Griffin
Another married daughter, name unknown"

"Isaac Davenport Family"
Isaac Davenport (23 April 1752-26 June 1816), son of Frances Davenport
(see elsewhere) and first wife Miss (? Presley?); married first (?Willis);
second, Eve. Issue (all believed born in Newberry) by first wife:
William Davenport married Ann and had 13 children, including Elizabeth
(Betsey) who married first George Lewis; second, cousin William Pitts (see
Willis Davenport
Sally married James Gibson
Hetty married John Golden
Rachel married Manassa Mann and had John, Eve, William, Armen, Sallie, and
Hettie (Mrs. Moses Mathis).
Issue by 2nd wife:
Frances married Patsy and had Burle, Pinkney, Carey, Matilda, Isaac
Edney married Mr. Lewis
James married Nancy and had 6 children
Isaac Jr. married Ann and had Joseph, James, David (died 1803)
Willoughby (died 1828 married Phoebe and had 2 children, Honathan and Cicely
(Mrs. Charles Scott)
Stacey married Mr. Mitchell
Patsey married Mr. Russell
The Isaac Davenport-Hill Family Cemetery is on the Walter Perry
property a few mile northwest of Silverstreet, Newberry County."

"William Davenport Family"
William Davenport (born circa 1772), son of Isaac Davenport (see
elsewhere), married Ann and had issue: Patsy, Stephen, George, Isaac, Sally
married George Wilson.
Elizabeth ("Betsey") who married first George Lewis; second, her
cousin Wm. Pitts, son of Nathan Pitts, the son of William and Elizabeth
Davenport Pitts.
Moses married Sarah Ann Gilliam, daughter of James S. Gilliam of
Newberry, a son of Wm. Gilliam Jr. of The Enoree.
James Davenport
William Davenport
Ann Davenport
Lucinda Davenport
Catherine Davenport"

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