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Subject: Re: [DAVIDSON] John Davidson, b. 1764, NC Rev War Pension record.
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John, You are getting closer and closer to my Daniel who was born in Va. He named his oldest son John and his wife Mary Enochs had an uncle Gabriel who was in Tenn. If you recall. Mary Enochs father, Thomas Enochs moved from Rowan Co. N.C. not long after his marriage to Nancy Bryan in 1786. Think they must have all come about the same time. Possibly stopped off in Tenn. with Uncle Gabriel for a time before making it into Jefferson and Oldham co. Ky. Daniel definately used the naming pattern as his second son was named Thomas Enochs Davidson after wife Mary's father. Keep up the good work. This is becoming very interesting! Hopefully I will see my nephew this summer and get a DNA from him. Mary Pielemeier

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Subject: [DAVIDSON] John Davidson, b. 1764, NC Rev War Pension record.

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There is a project going on in North Carolina to build a better
memorial to the Davidson Old Fort on the Catawba River.

See http://www.davidsonsfort.com

I have been helping the people behind this project to determine the
genealogy of the various Davidsons associated in the fort's history.

And they are giving me an excuse to go back and better document the
genealogy I have on my web site http://www.johnlisle.org/davidson/tng
concerning the early generations of the "Iredell" Davidsons (DNA Family 1).

In particular, Samuel Davidson, twin brother of Maj. William Davidson
and 1st cousin of Gen. Wm Lee Davidson, who has always been a bit of
a problem for me. Capt. Samuel Davidson was born in Ireland in 1736
and supposedly died in 1784 after an Indian attack near Old Fort.

Several genealogies, including the 1991 Robert Stephens Hand one,
claim that he had two wives and had a son John born in 1757 from his
first and two daughters from his second.

Paper trail records prove quite conclusively that the John Davidson
born in 1757 that Hand claims as a son of Samuel was instead the son
of a John Davidson of Augusta county, VA, who died in 1762 and is
documented in the Chalkey book.

However, it is possible that he did have a son John and the
historians have just erroneously identified the wrong John Davidson.

I decided to go looking through the NC Rev War Pension records
on-line to see if there were any clues there and instead opened up a
major mystery.


I found a 5 page 1833 Pension Application for a John Davidson of
Bedford county, Tennessee.

[I can send an email copy of this file to anyone requesting it PRIVATELY.]

In the deposition John Davidson claimed that he served under Capt.
Samuel Davidson and Capt. Daniel Smith and Col. Joseph McDowel in
1781 and 1782 and was seemingly at Old Fort on several occasions,
mostly fighting Cherokees.

He states that we was born 15 February 1764 in "Roan" (Rowan) county,
North Carolina. It says that he was living in Burke county at time he
entered the service in 1781. He was living in Bedford county,
Tennessee for some time at the time of his deposition. And based on
the payment record, he seems to have died there on 31 May 1838. He
was not able to bring to Court with him anyone who could vouch for his claim.

The deposition does not say anything about his family.

My immediate thought was that this was John Davidson, son of Maj. Wm
Davidson and Margaret McConnell. I knew that John was living in
Bedford county in 1830s and his grave can still be found in Davidson Cemetery.

In fact, his Rev War story was documented in the Duck River Davidson Genealogy:

"Genealogy of the Davidson Family of the Duck River Valley" by Ede
Davidson Neil, John Q. Davidson, and Hugh Davidson (Nashville, 1907):

"John Davidson (The Third) was the oldest son of Maj. William
Davidson and his wife, Margaret (McConnell) Davidson. He married his
cousin, Martha, daughter of James Davidson, and came to the 'Duck
River country' with his brother, Hugh Davidson, about 1815, and
settled near the head of Knob Creek, Bedford County, Tenn. To them
were born five children -- Hugh, George, Andrew, James, and
Margaret. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, enlisting three
times. For the first enlistment, Samuel Davidson was his
captain. In his second and third enlistments Daniel Smith commanded
his company. Joseph McDowell was his Colonel."

[James Davidson was a son of Samuel Davidson of Augusta County, VA.
By DNA evidence, Samuel is closely related to John and George
Davidson of Iredell and might be a brother. This paragraph saying
John and Martha were cousins might be construed to document a
Davidson relationship. In fact, it is documenting a McConnell
relationship: Maj. Wm Davidson and James Davidson married McConnell sisters. ]

[Capt. Samuel Davidson was most likely his uncle Samuel. Daniel Smith
was a brother-in-law as he married his sister Mary Davidson in 1781.]

John Davidson, s/o Maj. Wm, was living in Bedford county at least at
the time of his death in 1845. He is buried in the Davidson cemetery
in Wartrace, Bedford county, TN. And his gravestone give his birth
date as 26 October 1764. A John Davidson matching his known family
does appear in the 1830 and 1840 census of Bedford County, so we know
a gravestone death date of 29 November 1845 is consistent with census
data. The 1840 census record records his name and age of 77 in the
column for Rev War Pensioners.

However, this John Davidson does not match the John Davidson of the
Rev War record because the birth date does not match what is on the
gravestone and the death date does not match the gravestone or census
data. But the Rev War Service story does match.

There was another John Davidson head of household in Bedford county
in 1830 census, and that was a John O. Davidson who was a cousin of
sorts of John Davidson.

John O. Davidson was a son of Wm Davidson of Iredell co., NC, and a
grandson of Col. George Davidson (who was the elder brother of Maj.
Wm and Capt. Samuel). John O. Davidson was born about 1785 and likely
died between the 1830 and 1840; he is listed on the 1830 census in
Bedford County, TN and cannot be found in the 1840 census. No record
of his exact birth or death has been found. He would have about 48 at
the time of the deposition and unlikely to pass for a 68/69 year old
man in a court deposition. As he was born after the Revolution, he
would not be eligible for a Rev War Pension, but his assumed death
date is consistent with the death date in the pension records.

It is possible that there was yet another John Davidson who had been
living in Bedford county in 1833 who was a Pensioner but not listed
as a head of Household in the 1830 census.

He could even be the John Davidson, son of Capt. Samuel Davidson, we
speculated about earlier. He may never have married so he could have
been almost invisible in the census records.

So we have a case of a John Davidson war history attributed to two
John Davidsons with different vital dates. It is possible as every
other Davidson seems to have been named John...

So either there was some fraud or there was another John Davidson in
Bedford county.

Suggestions and help would be appreciated in resolving this dilemma.

John Lisle
Nashua, NH

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