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Subject: [DAVIS-VA-WV-KY] Davis, Broughton, Gray,s Sasser
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:36:18 EST

Would appreciate any information on my Davis, Broughton, Gray & Sasser
Ancestors listed below.

John Davis

First Generation

1. Wiloughby Broughton. Born in 1725.

Winnifred was youngest child.

Wiloughby married Elizabeth.

They had the following children:
2 i. John (1750-)
3 ii. Winnifred "Winney" (~1761-)
4 iii. Jesse
5 iv. Catherine
6 v. Job
Second Generation

2. John Broughton. Born on 24 Jun 1750 in North Famham Parish, Richmond Co,

3. Winnifred "Winney" Broughton. Born abt 1761.

On 9 Sep 1783 when Winnifred "Winney" was 22, she married Rev. Isham Davis,
in Edgefield County, SC. Rev. Isham died on 30 Dec 1835.

Isham was living in Macon County, North Carolina in 1833 when he was given a
pension for service as a Private in the South Carolina Militia (see roll or
Revolutionary Pensions, SC, Volume III, page 27; TN, Volume III, page 113 and
NC, record XXII, page 63.

They had the following children:
7 i. Hezekiah (1790-)
8 ii. James (~1795-)
9 iii. Job "Jobie" Broughton (1806-)
10 iv. Elizabeth
11 v. Nancy
12 vi. Mary
13 vii. Amy A.

4. Jesse Broughton.

5. Catherine Broughton.

6. Job Broughton.

Third Generation

7. Hezekiah Davis. Born in 1790.

8. James Davis. Born abt 1795.

On 26 May 1814 when James was 19, he married Ann Dover, in Knox County, Ky.

They had one child:
14 i. James B. (1815-)

9. Job "Jobie" Broughton Davis. Born in 1806 in North Carolina.

Job "Jobie" Broughton first married .

They had the following children:
15 i. Christopher (1830-)
16 ii. Delia (1832-)
17 iii. Mahala (1836-)
18 iv. Jane (1862-)
19 v. Wesley David

On 15 May 1853 when Job "Jobie" Broughton was 47, he second married Elizabeth
Hoskins, in Knox County, Ky.

On 17 Jun 1861 when Job "Jobie" Broughton was 55, he third married Hulda
Sumner, in Whitely County, Ky.

Job "Jobie" Broughton fourth married Nancy McVey Edwards.

10. Elizabeth Davis.

11. Nancy Davis.

12. Mary Davis.

13. Amy A. Davis.
Fourth Generation

14. James B. Davis. Born in 1815 in Knox County, Ky.

In 1836 when James B. was 21, he married Elizabeth Hopper, daughter of Harris
H. Hopper, in Knox County, Ky.

They had the following children:
20 i. John Harris (1836-)
21 ii. Joseph (1837-)

15. Christopher Davis. Born in 1830 in Knox County, Ky.

16. Delia Davis. Born in 1832.

On 26 Jun 1850 when Delia was 18, she married James Hinkle, in Knox County,

17. Mahala Davis. Born in 1836.

On 4 Jan 1855 when Mahala was 19, she married Thomas Hopper, in Knox County,

18. Jane Davis. Born in 1862.

19. Wesley David Davis.

Wesley's Mother was a Cherokee Indian from North Carolina.

On 11 Jan 1863 Wesley David married Sarah Jane Brackett, daughter of Argyle
Bracket (1799-) & Nancy (1801-), in Knox county, Ky. Born on 14 Dec 1836 in
Ky. Sarah Jane died in Mills, Knox County, Ky on 14 Oct 1920, she was 83.
Buried on 15 Oct 1920 in Row 7, Grave 3 at Davis Cemetery (1/2 mile up Acorn
Fork on left side of the road, a Hollow off of Stinking Creek).

Witnesses at Sarah's marriage were John Bracket & Daniel Messer. Marriage was
at John Bingham's house.
Her headstone at Davis Cemetery reads: "Sara Jane Brackett, Davis, Hubbard
1838 - 1920".
State of Kentucky Death Certificate #25208. Name on Certificate is Sarah J.
F. M. Davis (Sarah's son) of Mills, Knox County, Kentucky was informant on
Sarah's Death Certificate.
Sarah died of "old age, heart failure".

They had the following children:
22 i. Frances Marion (Frank) (1864-1950)
23 ii. Emma
24 iii. Nancy

Fifth Generation

20. John Harris Davis. Born on 15 Nov 1836.

February Term of Court, 1847, Knox County Will Book B-133, contains the
following: "James F. Ballinger is appointed to draw an indenture binding John
H. Davis, who was born the 15th day of November 1836, infant son of James B.
Davis & Elizabeth; deceased, to Harris J. Hopper until he arrives at the age
of 21 and indenture binding Joseph Davis, who was born on the 11th day of
June 1837, infant son of James B. Davis and Elizabeth, deceased, to Harris H.
Hopper until age 21".

On 27 Dec 1859 when John Harris was 23, he married Martha Mays, in Knox
County, Ky. Born in 1840.

21. Joseph Davis. Born on 11 Jun 1837.

On 16 Jun 1864 when Joseph was 27, he married Nancy E. Ward, in Knox County,

22. Frances Marion (Frank) Davis. Born on 26 Jan 1864 in Bell County, Ky.
Frances Marion (Frank) died in Mills, Knox County, Ky on 23 Mar 1950, he was
86. Buried on 25 Mar 1950 in Starting to left of Cemetery, he is buried in
row 7, grave 2 at Davis (Acorn Farm ) Cemetery, at Acorn Fork, Knox County,
Ky. Occupation: Minister. Religion: Baptist.

Moses Messer & Mary Jane Messer were witnesses to Francis & Marinda's wedding.
Francis was a Baptist Preacher.His occupation was listed as Minister on his
Death Certificate. Reason of death listed as Bronchio Pneumonia on Death
When Rev. Davis died in 1950 at the age of 86, he had 96 Grandchildren & 42
Great Grandchildren.
Francis' children grew up on a farm on Acorn Fork which was a Hollow off of
Stinking Creek in Knox County.
Francis' headstone reads: Rev. F. M. Davis Jan 26, 1864 Mar 23 1950 "I
have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith".
Kentucky Death Certificate # 07998, Volume # 016.

On 24 Apr 1885 when Frances Marion (Frank) was 21, he first married Marinda
"Rinda" J. Messer, daughter of Asa "Ace" G. Messer (22 Jun 1839-20 Jul 1899)
& Amanda Isabelle Mills (11 Dec 1846-30 Nov 1930), in A. Y. Messer's house.
Born in Aug 1867 in Flat Lick, Knox County, Ky. Marinda "Rinda" J. died in
Knox County, Ky on 24 Dec 1902, she was 35.

They had the following children:
25 i. James (1888-)
26 ii. Margaret (1891-)
27 iii. William "Mitchell" (1894-1948)
28 iv. Martha (1896-)
29 v. Amos L. (1899-1966)
30 vi. Mary Ann

On 10 Jun 1903 when Frances Marion (Frank) was 39, he second married
Elizabeth "Eliza" Gray Gambrel, daughter of Henry Gray & Rebecca, in Knox
County, Ky.
Born on 1 Oct 1883. Elizabeth "Eliza" Gray died on 9 Mar 1973, she was 89.
Buried in Row 7, Grave 3 at Davis Cemetery, at Acorn Fork, Knox County, Ky.

Eliza's headstone in Davis Cemetery reads, "I have finished my course, I have
kept the faith, hence forth, the crown of righteousness is laid up for me".

They had the following children:
31 i. Obie (1916-)
32 ii. Robert (1905-1982)
33 iii. Bennie
34 iv. Francis Marion (1921-1979)
35 v. Bertie
36 vi. Esther
37 vii. Alma
38 viii. Emma
39 ix. Arizona (1909-1924)
40 x. Litha
41 xi. Mary

23. Emma Davis.

Emma was a twin to Nancy.

Emma married Mr. Jackson.

24. Nancy Davis.

Nancy was a twin to Emma.

Nancy married Mr. Messer???????

Sixth Generation

25. James Davis. Born in Apr 1888.

26. Margaret Davis. Born in Apr 1891.

Margaret married Mr. Gray??????

27. William "Mitchell" Davis. Born on 18 Feb 1894 in Knox County, Ky. William
"Mitchell" died in Hamilton, Butler County Ohio on 22 Mar 1948, he was 54.
Mitchell lived in Hamilton for 19 years prior to his death.
Buried in Grave #393 at Greenwood.
State of Ohio Death Certificate #014053.
William Mitchell died of Pulmanary TBC, which he had for 1 year prior to
Social Security #301-16-4411
Funeral services at Wagner Funeral Home, 228 Heaton Street.

On 30 Sep 1920 when William "Mitchell" was 26, he married Gertrude Mae Gray,
daughter of Elbert "Eb" Gray (14 Sep 1884-26 Apr 1936) & Rosa (Rosie) Mell
Sasser (10 Dec 1887-20 Sep 1951), in Harlan County, Ky.
Born on 10 Sep 1903 in Laurel County, Ky. Gertrude Mae died in Hamilton,
Butler County Ohio on 25 Dec 1949, she was 46.
Buried on 30 Dec 1949 in Lot #334, Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton Ohio.

Last address at time of death: 2003 Logan Avenue Hamilton Ohio, Butler
County Ohio.
Pall Bearers were: Woodrow Smith, Oford Jones, Oscar Jones, Bev Jones, Robert
Jones, Henry Gray.
Obituary appeared in Hamilton Journal-News 27 Dec 1949.
Funeral services were held at the Griesmer-Grim funeral home, 422 North
Second St & at the United Baptist Church, South Eleven St. Reverand Buckner
Bowling officiated.

They had the following children:
42 i. Amos (1921-1999)
43 ii. James "Asa" (1923-1999)
44 iii. Rosie Jane (1925-1981)
45 iv. William McKinley (1927-1990)
46 v. Charles Edmond (Eddie) (1930-1974)
47 vi. Edna "Eileen" (1931-1993)
48 vii. Raymond Luther (1934-1986)

28. Martha Davis. Born in Aug 1896.

Martha married Mr. Baker.

29. Amos L. Davis. Born on 31 Jul 1899. Amos L. died in Feb 1966, he was 66.

S.S #406-03-3071

30. Mary Ann Davis.

31. Obie Davis. Born on 26 Aug 1916 in Mills, Ky.

There is a picture of Obie and Elizabeth, along with their children and
grandkids in the book "Knox County Families".

On 25 Dec 1936 when Obie was 20, he married Elizabeth Baker, daughter of W.
M. "Billy" Baker (1886-1964) & Julie Mills (1889-1938), in Salt Gum, Ky. Born
on 13 Dec 1913 in Salt Gum, Ky.

They had the following children:
49 i. Julia Nadine
50 ii. Ernest Dean
51 iii. Rev. General "Bill" Mack
52 iv. Carolyn Sue
53 v. Deborah Kaye

32. Robert Davis. Born on 21 Sep 1905 in Knox County, Ky. Robert died on 20
Apr 1982, he was 76. Buried in Row 7, Grave 1 at Davis Cemetery, at Acorn
Fork, Knox County, Ky.

Headstone reads: Precious Memories".

33. Bennie Davis.

34. Francis Marion Davis, Jr. Born on 25 Mar 1921 in Knox County, Ky. Francis
Marion died on 27 Jun 1979, he was 58. Buried in Davis Cemetery, at Acorn
Fork, Knox County, Ky.

His headstone in Davis Cemetery reads"We shall meet again, who have loved
each other.

35. Bertie Davis.

Bertie married Mr. Baker.

36. Esther Davis.

Lived in Oklahoma.

Esther married Mr. Wolfe.

37. Alma Davis.

Alma married Mr. Mills.

38. Emma Davis.

Lived in Ohio.

Emma married Mr. Slusher.

39. Arizona Davis. Born on 27 Oct 1909 in Knox County, Ky. Arizona died in
Knox County, Ky on 9 Nov 1924, she was 15. Buried in Row 7, Grave 4 at Davis
Cemetery, at Acorn Fork, Knox County, Ky.
Arizona's headstone at Davis Cemetery reads "Gone to rest".

40. Litha Davis.
Lived in Florida.
Litha married Mr. Mills.
41. Mary Davis.
Lived in Boone Height, Kentucky.
Mary married Mr. Jackson.

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