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Subject: [DAVIS-L] DAVIS from Morgan County, Georgia>Texas
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 12:59:44 EST

The following is a partial transcription of the marriages, births and deaths
which were recorded on the pages of the family Bible of Josephine Wingfield
(DAVIS) and William Paschal Henry, Sr. (my maternal great-great-grandparents).
The names I am leaving off are the children and grandchildren of Josephine and
Wm. Paschal. This list was prepared from photocopies of the tattered and torn
originals. As of October 1998, the whereabouts of the original Bible (or the
pages from it) is unknown. It is believed that the family heirloom was in the
possession of Miss Laura Hamilton of Rockdale, Milam County, Texas at the time
these photocopies were made. Please contact me if you have a connection to
any of these names.

Milton G. DAVIS and America J. Fears married August 30th 1830
Margaret F. DAVIS married to Milton Antony February 6th 1849
Wilson O. DAVIS married to Emma Gaines January 20th 1858
Josephine W. DAVIS married to Wm. P. Henry at the residence of Mr. James W.
Lance March 1st 1864
In Richmond Fort Bend County Texas Thursday June 7th 1866 James F. DAVIS to ?
Lucy Allison....

America J. DAVIS died April 22nd 1857
Milton G. DAVIS Jr. died March 13th 1862
Milton G. DAVIS Sr. died November 20th 1863....
Wilson O. DAVIS died in Cameron April 28th 1871
James Fears died in Crockett April 6th 1871

Milton G. DAVIS born November 4th 1811
America J. Fears born May 11th 1810
Wilson O. DAVIS born January 18th 1832
Margaret F. DAVIS born August 11th 1833
Milton G. DAVIS born June 10th 1835
James F. DAVIS born December 3rd 1838
Josephine W. DAVIS born May 10th 1842....
Edwin Leroy Antony born January 5th 1852
Julia Florine Antony born November 23rd 1854
Wm. P. Henry born February the nineteenth 1836
Lucy Allison born January 28th 1846
Born in Navasota Texas Friday April 12th 10 a.m. 1867 Frances Elisabeth

James born September 10th 1805
Charles born 1815
Celia born December 16th 1815
Fanny born May 7th 1822
Washington born February 15th 1824
Winny born 1811
Lucy born November 15th 1832
Eliza born May 17th 1823
Mary Frances born November 10th 1834
Mariah Jane born September 8th 1835
Lewis born August 16th 1837
Ephraim born December 26th 1837
Mary Elizabeth born March 24th 1839
William Terry born August 25th 1840
Arthur born December 26th 1839
Susan born February 11th 1841
Green born March 3rd 1844
Mahala born June 21st 1845
Andrew born March 31st 1847
Sarah Ann born August 31st 1847
Frank born May 29th 1849
Thomas Jasper born September 7th 1849
Georgia born November 15th 1849
Carline born 1832
Ann born August 30th 1832
Betsy Ann born June 1st 1836
Charlotte Martha born February 22nd 1851
Sarah June born April 1st 1851
Columbus born April 23rd 1851
Virginia born May 7th 1851
Joseph born December 9th 1851
Cornelia born May 10th 1852
Richmond Harry born June 6th 1852
Celia Ann born December 9th 1852
Margaret born December 20th 1852
Hilliard born December 26th 1853
John Thomas born April 23rd 1854
Mary born May 7th 1841
Jonah born June 25th 1847
Ryland born ?
? born March 28 1857
? born October 22nd 1858

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