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From: "Jack Heine" <>
Subject: [DAVIS ] Bible Records
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 11:13:23 -0700

These records are from South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Winter

Contributed by Mr. William H. Chandler, Hemingway, South Carolina

The following two Bible records were copied on 24 May 1996 by Mr. Chandler
at the home of the owner, Mrs. James S. Grant of Andrews, South Carolina.
The first, the James Davis record, is recorded in a Bible published in
London in 1780.


James Davis was born 16th Day of December in the year 1747 and died 5th Jany
1818 aged 67.

Susannah Frierson, his wife was born the 24th March 1753 and died lst
November 1806.

Ages of their children

David Davis was born September 6th,

[771, & died September 26th, 1771

Susannah Davis was born September 6th, 1772, & died September 26th, 1774

Rebeccah Davis was born December 30th, 1775 And died 29th December 1806

Benjamin Davis was born 25th December 1777 & Died March 24th, 1801

James F. Davis was born April 13th,

,780 & Died March 8th, 1784

David Davis was born October 6th 1782 and Died September 12th, 1783.

Dorothy Davis was born September 6th, 1784 and died the 20 January 1808[?],

Nabor Davis was born November 6, 1786, and Died 11th August.

Edward Davis was born October 6th 1788 & Died October 19th 1798.

John Gamble Davis was born October 30th 1792. And died 10th July 1823.

Martha H. G. McDonald, his wife was bom March the 5th 1797. And died 19th of
June 1846.

John Gamble Davis was born February 17th, 1816 and died Apr 12, 1854

James McDonald Davis was born Febry the 17 1818 and died September 6th 1823.

WiHiam Mazick Davis was born Febry. 20th 1820.

Mary Carolina Richardson was born Sept 26th 1822.


Their Children

John Gamble Davis was born Feb 27th 1842

William Richardson Davis was born Aug 30th 1844

Edward Bertrand Davis was born January 31st 1822

Martha Malvina Keels his wife was Born 17th of October 1825, Married 1842,
April 21st.



Married April 21st 1842 Edward B. Davis and Martha M. Keels,

Married Sept. 29th 1867 James E. Davis and Anna M. Coskrey.

Wm. C. Davis and Clara J. 14uggins Married May 17, 1894.

Married Sept. 14, 1897 Archie 1. Barron and Mary Anna Davis.

Married Oct. 1, 1902 Alexander C. Davis and Mattie Edna Rhame.

Married Oct. 30, 1902 John Percy Inabinet and Esther B. Davis.

Married Sept. 13, 1919 James Pressley Barron and Ruth Felder

Married Archie 1. Barron J. and Barnwell Huggins.

Married June 7, 1940 Susan Davis Inabinet and Francis Marion Cheatham.

Married Oct 1914 Martha McDonald Davis and William Harvey McMurray.


Edward Bertrand Davis Born January 31st 1822

Martha Malvina Keels Born Oct. 17th 1825

James Edward Davis Born Dec. 19th 1842

Anna Maria Coskrey Born June 2nd 1849

William Coskrey Davis Born February 12th 1870

Regards; Jack

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