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Subject: Descendants of Morgan David
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 22:52:42 -0500

A list for discussing the descendants of Morgan David who came on the ship
Vine about 1684.

I have a book, THE DAVIS FAMILY,
which is 445 pages.

It is Historical:

This family is of the most ancient origin tracing back through several
centuries B.C. Constantine The Great, Roman Emperor, belongs to this
family, also BELI MAWR, KING OF BRITAIN 100 years B.C.

OF MAN, 843-877, slain defending his country against the saxons, married
ANGHARAD, HEIRNESS OF SOUTH WALES. He divided his kingdom into three parts,
giving to his eldest son, ANARAND, THE KINGDOM OF NORTH WALES; to CADELL,
2nd son, the PRINCIPALITY OF SOUTH WALES; and to MERWYN, 3d son, the
PRINCIPALITY OF POWES. For each of these Kingdoms, RHODERICK built a palace
and the sons were called the three crowned princes on account of their being
the first to wear diadems around their crowns loke kings of other countries,
before which time the kings and princes of Wales wore only golden bands.
Through his wife, ANGHARAD, RHODERICK acquired the Kingdom of Cardigan and
thus became sovereign of all WALES.

GRIFFITH, Prince of South Wales, died 1137, married GWENLLIAN, daughter of

MADOC ap MEREDITH, PRINCE OF POWES, sixth in descent from MERWYN, was
father of CYMRIC EFELL, lord of Eylwys, 1200 A.D.

The book starts with MORGAN DAVID (1)
Born Lantwidvoyrde, Glamorgan, Wales circa 1622-3. He married late in life
to Catherine Unknown and settled in Lithrens Castle, Pembrokeshire.
He came into the Province of Pennsylvania prior to 1686

From the dates of the births of his last three children which are Recorded
in Merion Meeting Records (MSS HIST. SOC. PENN.)
he had at least one son born in Wales, e.i., JOHN. His two eldest sons were
JOHN and EVAN inherited Morgan's estate and he mentions his son DAVID, and
leaves legacies to daughter CATHERINE and ELIZABETH.
Morgan and Catherine David/Davis's Children:
i. John (2): b:168-Wales
ii. Evan (2): b: 1685-6 Pa.
iii. Catherine (2): b: 18.8 mo. 1688.
iv. Elizabeth (2): b: 1.8 mo. 1691.
v. David (2): b: 28.2 mo. 1694
MORGAN'S will was dated 15, 12 month 1694-5 and was buried 17, 12 month,
Morgan's widow married #2. Evan Harry, of Merion, 3. 11 mo. 1697. He died
1718-19. They were he parents of David Harry and Mary Harry.

Carherine Married #3. James Thomas. She was a widow again at the time of
her death 25 May 1741 (Pencader Rec., p. 68)

(2) JOHN DAVID - Born Pembrokeshire, Wales 168-. Came into
Pennsylvania with his parents when a small child and about 1684. Married ANN
THOMAS ABOUT 1699, daughter of Thomas Thomas, and young widow of David
Evan, born Wales 1683. He moved to Pencader Hundred New Castle Co., Del.,
about June 1716.
and their children were:
(John 2, Morgan 1.)
(3) DAVID - born 1700 in Merion Township, Pa..Moved to
New Castle Co., Del., with parents in 1716. He married Ann __Unknown.
He died prior to 1763. No record of death of his wife. Record of a
daughter Catherine, born 174- and married Unknown Donaldson: she had one
daughter, mother and daughter both died.

(John 2, Morgan 1.)
(3) EVAN - born 1702 in Merion Township near
Philadelphia, Pa.. He went to Welsh Neck Settlement, S.C., later Marion
Dist. and met Mrs. Mary Williams, nee Emory, who married about 1754-5; she
had 2 sons at the time of her marriage to Evan Davis and they migrated to
Georgia about 1757 and settled in what was called Savannah county in 1741,
St. Pauls' Parish in 1758, and Wilkes county in 1777, where Evan died about
1765 when his only son was quite young, this probably accounts for the
meager information Samuel E. Davis (Evan's only son) possessed about his
father and others of the Davis side. Mrs. Davis died during the War and
about 1780. The exact location where Evan and his wife are buried is not
known. Evan
Children of (3) Evan and Mary:
i. Daniel Williams: b: 1748-9, South
Carolina. Served in the Revolution in S.C.. Not further record of him.
ii. Isaac Williams: b: 1751-2, South
Carolina. Served in the Revolution in S.C. Had a grant of land for his
services, S.C. (Bounty Grants, S.C., Vol. iv.,No. 182.) He
married__________? resided in Newberry Dist., S.C. in 1790; moved to Ga.
1800; was living in Hall Co., Ga. in 1820. Left children. (Evan 3, John 2,
Morgan 1.)
iii. (4) Samuel E. Davis was born 1756 in
South Carolina. He told his children to date the family from Revolution;
that he knew little even of his own father is very evident. In 1888
Jefferson Davis made the following statement: "Three brothers came to
America from Wales in the early part of the 18th Century, they settled at
Philadelphia, the youngest of the brothers, Evan Davis, removed to Georgia,
then a colony of Great Britain." Memoirs of Jefferson Davis, Varina H.
Davis, 1890.)
Four brothers, Samuel, William, Micajah, and
Evan, younger sons of John Davis, of Shropshire, on the border of Wales,
came to Philadelphia in 1742. Later some or all of them went to Virginia,
first to Alexandria, and next to Louisa county, when the older brothers went
to live near the present city of Lynchburg, while Evan, the youngest, went
to Oglethorpe's colony in Georgia, settling near Savannah. (Davis Family of
Bedford County, Va., T. H. Davis, 1898.)

The Davis family is of Welsh ancestry, the
immigrant being Evan Davis, who came with two brothers, Joseph and Samuel,
from Cardiff, Wales, as near as traceable, to America the early part of the
18th century. Joseph was lost at sea; Samuel went to one of the middle
states; Evan settled in Pennsylvania circa 1760, later removed to Richmond
county, Georgia and married Mrs. _______Emory Williams. (Colonial Families
of U. S. George N. McKenzie, 1907.) It is not known the source of Mr.
McKenzie's information, however, it sounds very much like the tradition in a
Davis family of Beaufort, South Carolina, whose beginning probably was in
In the 1880's Jefferson Davis visited the
burial grounds (near Washington, Ga.) that supposedly was where his
grandfather, Evan, had been buried; after a thoro inspection and examination
of all records he arrived at the conclusion - "No EVIDENCE."

iv. Anna Davis, born __? Ga. No record
evidence discovered of her and his son .

(Rachel, John 2, Morgan 1.)
(3) RACHEL - b: 17-- Mentioned in the will of John
Morris, her uncle, 1749, unmarried at that date. She later married John
Hopkins prior to 1763. She and her husband were living in 1767. No

(2) EVAN DAVID - Born in all probability in Merion Township, Pa.
1685-6. He married #1. JANE Unknown and they moved to New Castle county,
Delaware, about 1723. Jane died Dec. 1723 and he married #2. JANE MORGAN,
daughter of Watkin Morgan, and a granddaughter of John Morgan. (Deeds, Lib.
W1, fol. 400.) Jane David/Davis dated her will 4 Jan 1774 (Wills, Lib.
G1,fol.207.) and died prior to Sept 1774. This will probated 27 Sept. 1774.
by her son John, who was sole executor. (Wills, Lib. K1, fol. 168.)

( 2) Evan and first wife, Jane DAVID'S Children:

(John 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1.)
(3) i. John and he left home when about 16 years of age
on account of uncongenial environment.

(David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1.)
(3) ii. David, born Nov. 1717 in Merion Township, Pa.
Moved to New Castle Co., Del., with parents about 1723. He married Dec.
1738 Jane Miles, of Pencader Hundred.- moved to South Carolina in 1739 and
settled in Craven Co., later Marion Dist. He served as a member of the
militia for many years, (Militia service was compulsory in South Carolina
until about 1835.) He was in Lyttleton's campaign 1759-60 against the
Cherokees; and 1775 to 1780 was called out frequently to defend the homes
against Tory raids which were notorious in South Carolina. (Statutes S. C.,
Vol. iv.; Hist. S.C., Ramsey.). Received financial assistance when they
moved to S.C. He dated his will 29 Apr. 1772, Craven Co., S.C. There is
no probate on this will. (Pro. Ct. Rec. Bk. 1774-78, Charleston.)He made
provision for only two of his children in this will, i.e., William and
Thomas; his other sons had left the state some ten years previous; he does
not provide for his only known daughter, Jane, who it is known cared for him
in his old age and died in Chesterfield Dist. S.C. after 1840 unmarried.
Jane Miles Davis died prior to 1772. David died about 1793 in Cheraw Dist.,
now Chesterfield County, S.C.
( John
4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

i. John (4): b: 1740-1.
F.4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

ii. James F. (4); b: 1743

(William 4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

iii. William (4): B: 175-
4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

iv. Jane: b: 1753-4, d. unm after 1840 S.C.

(Thomas 4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

v. Thomas (4) b: 1755-6
4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

vi. Samuel (4) b: Apr. 1757.
4, David 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1)

vii. David (4) b: 1758

(Evan 2, Morgan 1.).
(3) iii. Benjamin, born Saturday 17 July 1719
Merion Township, Pa. moved to New Castle Co., Del., with his parents about
1723 and moved to South Carolina with his brother David Davis, and others in
1739. (Prior to 1730 there were few in any settlements in what is now known
as Marion County. This section was first known as "Craven County, Upper and
Lower," then as Liberty C., then Marion and Cheraw Districts. Marion
District not being a county till well after the civil war. Received
Financial assistance when they moved to S.C. On 16 Nov. 1736, orders were
given to John Ouldfield "to admeasure and lay out for the Welsh Families
that were to be imported to this Province a tract of land containing in the
whole one hundred and seventy three thousand, eith hundred and 40 acres
situated and being in Craven County. One hundred thousand acres being part
there of lying with the limits of the township of Queensborough on the North
side of Pee Dee River. The remainder of said tract lying on the South side
of said River and abutting and bounding to south east on reserved land of
the said township of Queensborough and all other sites on vact land" (Old
Cheraws, Gregg.) Benjamin married 21 Feb 1748-9, Prince Frederick's Parish,
Georgetown, S.C., Rachel daughter of Thomas and Frances (Hinson?) Port, she
was born Mar 1732. (Pr. Fred. Par. Register.) Rachel was an Episcopalian and
Benjamin an Independent Baptist; they susquently became members of the
Methodist Church.
Benjamin was a member of the militia for some 30 odd years; participated in
Lyttleton's campaign against the Cherokees 1759-60; and during the
Revolution was often called out against the Tory raids which were notorious
and serious in South Carolina. He was a loyal patriot, sending 7 sons into
the American forces. He furnished supplies to the Army 1775 to 1782, the
last item being "1825" Beef, for Continental and Militia, 1782." (Stub
Entries to Indents, Lib. Q, No. 294; Lib. N., No. 172.) Benjamin died at his
home 11:00 P.M. 27 Sept. 1797 and was buried 1 Oct. 1797 in the family
burying ground near what was called Little Pee Dee Landing.
The date of the death of Rachel, his widow, is not definitely known tho it
occurred after 1800 and prior to 1810.

(William 4, Benjamin 3, Evan 2, Morgan 1.)
i. William (4) - Born Craven, now Marion, Co., S.C., Mar. 1750

(3)iv. Evan Jr., born 1722, married against the wishes of his father and
caused an estrangement never reconciled. Evan dated his will 21 Aug. 1748
and died before the end of the year as this will was probated by his widow
and son Thomas in 1748.

(3) v. child: b. Nov. 1723 and died in infancy.

Evan and second wife, Jane MORGAN DAVID'S CHILDREN:
vi. . John Morgan DAVID - deeded land with his mother 20 Feb. 1764 to
Nathaniel and Josua David. Executor to his mother's will Sept. 1774.
Served in the Revolution as Private Capt. Wilson's company Del. Militia.
Enlisted 11 Aug. 1779 reported 16 Aug. 1780 "Missing in action." Never
(3)vii. Thomas, born 1727
viii. Joshua, born 173- was under age in 1748 and died unmarried prior to
(3) ix. Margaret, born 173- . Mentioned in her father's will 1748 and no
further record of her. She is not mentioned in her mother's will 1774.

(2)CATHERINE , born Merion Township, Pa., 18, 8 month 1688. She moved to
New Castle county, Delaware, with her brothers DAVID AND JOHN ABOUT 1716.
She married there GRIFFITH LEWIS, WEAVER, OF Mill Creek Hundred. No
mentioned of Children.


(2) ELIZABETH DAVID, born Merion Township, Pa. 1. 8 month 1691. She
migrated to New Castle county, Del., with her brother JOHN AND DAVID about
June 1716. She married JOHN MORRIS of Pencader hundred. According to his
will, dated 6 Aug. 1749 and probated 29 Au. 1749 there were no children by
this marriage. This will is an important record in the links of the DAVIS
family. He mentions, my wife, ELIZABETH: brother, JOHN and DAVID DAVID:
sister, Elizabeth and Jannet (Morris): coson, RACHEL DAVIES (daughter of
executors named: DAVID and EVAN DAVIES. (Wills, Lib. G, fol. 331.)

(1) (2) DAVID DAVID, born Merion Township, Pa. 28. 2 month 1694. (old
style). The following is found in Merion Meeting Records, (MSS Pa. Hist.
Soc.) "DAVID DAVIES son of MORGAN DAVIES, late of Merion, Philadelphia Co.,
Yeoman, Deceased, and Sarah Dickinson daughter of William Dickenson,
Deceased, late of Plymouth, married 31. 3 mo. 1716" SARAH died very
shortly after her marriage. and DAVID married MARTHA THOMAS sometime prior
to 4 Feb. 1716-17. DAVID DAVID or DAVIES is recorded by his son SAMUEL as
dying 11 Aug. 1759 and is buried in HANOVER CO., VA.
i.. DAU. - B: 171-, died inf.
(3) ii. SAMUEL - b: 3 Nov. 1723

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