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From: Nick Sheedy <>
Subject: Ambrose Day family report, part 1
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 18:52:28 -0700 (PDT)
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I've tried to send this Ambrose Day family report to
the Day family list, but I can't send an attachment
and the text that I tried to paste intoa message was
too muc to send in one e-mail. Sooooo...

I am sending this report in THREE installments: THREE
generations of the family. I hope this works.

The following is a report I have compiled on the
family of Ambrose Day. This family was in Culpeper
Co., VA by the 1760s, then to Hampshire Co., VA (now
WV) in the 1780s, and to Mason Co., KY in the 1790s.
mambers of this family then went to OH, IN, MO and KS.

I'd appreciate any information that might connect to
these people, or correspondence from anyone with folks
who might relate.

--Nick Sheedy,
John Day, Oregon


>From Nick Sheedy, John Day, Oregon
(), 4 April 2006

Descendants of Ambrose Day

Generation No. 1

1. AMBROSE1 DAY was born Abt. 1740 in of VA, and died
Bet. 1783 - 1787 in of VA. He married WINIFRED
"WINNY" ---- Abt. 1762 in of Culpeper Co., VA. She
was born Abt. 1742 in of VA, and died Bet. 1815 - 1820
in of Mason Twp., Mason Co., KY.

Notes for AMBROSE DAY:

The name Ambrose Day (variously spelled Amry, Amri,
Ambree, Ambro and Ambroe) is found in Virginia records
in a number of counties. In the early and mid-1700s,
the name appears in Charles City, Caroline, Culpeper,
Fauquier, King George, King William, New Kent, Orange,
Stafford and perhaps other counties. The Ambrose Day,
with wife Winifred ("Winny" or "Winney"), was living
in Culpeper County by 1768. They lived in what was
for a time Bromfield Parish.

By an Act of the General Assembly in 1740, the parish
of St. Mark in Orange County was divided into two
parishes, with the southern part becoming St. Thomas
Parish. Upon the formation of Culpeper County in 1748,
much of St. Mark Parish was situated in newly formed
Culpeper County, while St. Thomas Parish comprised
much of what was left of Orange County. In 1752, four
years after the formation of Culpeper County from the
northern part of Orange County, St. Mark Parish was
divided again with the formation of Bromfield Parish.
Most of current-day Madison County, formed in 1792,
falls within the boundary of late-18th-century
Bromfield Parish.


Amri Day, wife Winifred Day and Lewis Day appear in a
Culpeper County deed dated 1769 (Deed Book E, p.
663-665) where by they leased a message and 100 acres
from George William Fairfax's (Northern Neck) Battle
Run tract in Culpeper County.

Ambroe Day purchased 694 acres from Thomas Scott and
George Wiley in 1778 (Deed Book I, page 122-124)

Ambro Day and wife Winney sold 694 acres to Daniel
Duval in 1783 (Deed Book M, p. 37-38).


Ambrose (or "Ambrey") Day appears twice on 1779 Tax
Lists for Bromfield Parrish, Culpeper County,

Ambrose Day appears on page 30 of the Culpeper County
Land Tax Return for 1782. (The only other man of that
name in 1782, one William Day, appears two lines above
Ambrose.) This tax was credited to Ambrose Day and
changed to Daniel Duval in the 1784 Land Tax List for
Culpeper County.

Amry Day and his son Lewis Day, are enumerated on Wm.
McClanahan's Personal Property Tax List for Culpeper
County in 1783; Besides Amry, there were one white
male (Lewis Day) over 21 years old, no slaves, 2
horses and 2 cattle. (The only other man of that
name, William Day, with his son William--who was over
21 years old--was taxed for 2 horses and 7 cattle.)

No person named Day appears in the Personal Property
Tax Lists of Culpepper County for 1784-1793. A man
named Thomas Day shows up in the lists for 1794 and
1795. Thomas Day and William Day show up separately
on the lists for 1798. William Day, Thomas Day and
Charles Day appear in the lists for 1799 and 1800.

No person named Day appears in the Land Tax Lists of
Culpeper County in 1785 or 1786. William Day
reappears in the Land Tax Lists for 1787, 1788, 1790
and 1792, but no Days between then and 1800.


Amry Day purchased personal property from the estate
of Courtney Norman, deceased, late of Culpeper County.
--From the account of sales up to 5 November 1771.
(Culpeper County Deed Book B -page not specified in

Amry Day received payment "for smith's work" from the
estate of William Johnson in 1768. --From the
executor's account of the estate of William Johnson,
1765-1783. Made by Wm. Roberts, extr. Rec. 16 June
1788. (Culpeper Co. Will Book C -page not specified
in abstract)


It is believed that Ambrose Day, husband of Winifred
and father of Lewis, Willis and John Day, died while
in service to his country during the American War for
Independence sometime between 1783 and 1787 when the
rest of the Day family moved to Hampshire Co. By the
mid-1790s, they had removed to Mason County, Kentucky
and Ambrose was apparently not with them. There was
an Ambrose Day from Charles City County who served in
the Virginia line under Captain Abner Crump, serving
three years (see below). A man named Amry (sometimes
"Amey") also appears in Hampshire County, Virginia
(now West Virginia) in the late 1790s and early 1800s,
but it is very doubtful that he could be the same man
(and I will notes that he apparently had some
connection with Nancy (Brown) Day Henderson of
Hampshire Co., VA.)

Ambrose Day's name appears in a 1781 "draft list" for
Culpeper County: "Class 40". (This has been
interpreted to mean he was 40 years old, or born in
1741.) He was probably the husband of Winifred.

(A man named John Day also is listed in the 1781
"draft list" for Culpeper County, "Class 39" (thus
born about 1742, if the rationale is correct) and is
apparently the same John Day from Culpeper County who
was enlisted 1 February 1783. This John Day is
probably the same who is described in a Register of
Noncommissioned Officers and Privates (1777 to 1783):
John Day, age 22, 5-feet, 7 and 3/4-inches, brown
hair, grey eyes, planter, resided in Culpeper County,
Virginia. He is likely the John Day, born 8 Feb.
1745, son of Francis and Mary Day of Stafford and
Culpeper counties.)

Ambrose Day, from Culpeper Co., VA, was a soldier in
the 5th Continental line. (from Gathaway's Registry)

Need to lookup:
Historical Reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers,
sailors and marines, 1775-1783.
Ed. By John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, Va. 1938. (13,
872p.) : 214
Name: DAY, Ambrose
Birth Date: 174?
Birthplace: Virginia
Volume: 41
Page: 189

Besides the draft list of 1781, the only primary
records for an Ambrose Day's service in the American
War for Independence are as follows. Due to the fact
that a nephew named William day (son of Ambrose's
sister, Nancy Day) was the only heir (or so he said),
and that they were in Charles City County, Virginia,
it casts some doubt as to whether or not this was the
same Ambrose Day who lived in Culpeper County.

(from photostat of original record: "Bounty Warrant
Ambrose Day, 1834" -- Req. C 5199)
"I Jno. Coley of the County of Charles City and
State of Virginia do certify that Wm. Day, the holder
of the certificate, was the son of Nancy Day who was
the sister of Ambrose Day who enlisted in the
Continental service, and it is supposed died in the
army, for he never returned, and the said Wm. Day is
the only heir of the said Ambrose Day I have ever
known or heard of. Given under my hand this 1st day
of August 1833."
"Jno Coley ----"
"Charles City County to witt
"This day Jno. Coley personally appeared before me
Thos. Taylor, a Justice of the Peace of said County,
and made oath that the above certificate contained a
true statement of facts. Given under my hand this 1st
day of August 1833.
"Thos. Taylor, J. P."

"State of Virginia, Charles City County
"I Robert W. Christian, Clerk of the Court of the
County aforesaid in the State of Virginia, do hereby
certify that Thomas Taylor whose name is [ ?? ] to the
above certificate is now and was at the time of
signing the same a Justice of the Peace in and for the
said County duly commissioned and qualified for that
Office according to the Constitution and Laws of the
State, and that full faith and credit are due to all
his official acts.
"In testimony thereof, I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed the seal of the said County of Charles
City at the Courthouse this 7th day of August 1833, in
the 58th year of the Commonwealth--
"Ro. W. Christian"

(from photostat of original record: "Bounty Warrant,
Ambrose Day, 1834" -- Req. C 5199)
"Cours. Report upon the claim of Ambrose Day,
Soldr." [cover]
"Petition for Bounty Land--Heirs of Ambrose
Day--Soldier--State Line [Virginia]
"These Witnesses say that Ambrose Day enlisted
with Captain Abner Crump [looks like Crump] for 3
years, and died in the service. His name has not been
found on the Army Register, yet this evidence, in the
case of a Private, will probably be considered
sufficient to sustain the claim.
"If bounty land should be allowed by your
Excellency: the allowance should be for a service of
three years.
"Respectfully submitted
"John [hard to read--looks like "H. Luistte
Cour-- se-"]
"To his excellency
"Sam-- [or Sen.] Floyd March 19th 1834"

This land bounty seems to have been assigned to
another party and eventually used to take up 100 acres
of land in Indiana.

>From the Revolutionary War Records of Virginia,
... "Ambrose Day, heir of Soldier (1) 7,793 100
J. Armstead" ...
(Apparently, an heir or assignee of "Ambrose Day,
Soldier" was issued a land warrant (No. 7793) for
bounty land--apparently for 100 acres. (Who is the
"J. Armstead"?)

And we have the following record from the
Revolutionary War Records of Virginia, SECTION III;
(21) Virginia Military Land Warrants:
... "7,793 Day, Ambrose (William Day) Private" ...
This was a land warrant (number 7793) of bounty land
(apparently issued to William Day as an heir?), for
the service of Private Ambrose Day.

Notes for WINIFRED "WINNY" ----:
"Winny Day", wife of Ambrose, appears in Culpepper
County deeds: 1769 (Deed Book E, p. 663), 1776 (Deed
Book I, page 132) and 1783 (Deed Book M, p. 38).

"Winney Day" appears on the 1787 census of Hampshire
Co., VA (next to Lewis Day, and near one William Day).
She had one horse and one cow. She was apparently
widowed and was listed as "not tithable."

"Winny Day", along with James Rodham, witnessed a bill
of sale, dated 2 May 1791, in Hampshire Co., VA: Lewis
Day sold a horse and some personal property to William
Johnson, all of Hampshire Co.

"Wheny Day", along with Abraham Johnson, John Snyder
and John Dowden, witnessed a deed, dated 27 Octrober
1792 and recorded 30 October 1792, in Hampshire Co.,
VA: William Johnson and wife Charity sold 75 ac. of
land on Patterson Creek to Peter Gooset.

Winny (and other family members) moved to Kentucky
sometime between late 1792 and 1795. They resided in
or near Limetown, which became Maysville, Mason
County, Kentucky.

"Winney Day" is noted as the mother of Mary Day who
married Henry Johnston in 1802 in Mason Co., KY.

"Winny Day" was living in (Mason Twp.?), Mason Co., KY
in 1810 (US Census): She was head of household, was
over 45 years of age, and had two two females, aged 16
to 25 (hence b. betw. 1775 and 1794), living with her.

"Winney Day", along with Morgan Day and Henry
Johnston, certified that they agreed to the marriage
of Catherine Day and Samuel Arnold, dated 25 December
1815 (#62) in Mason Co., KY. Catherine was perhaps a
daughter or granddaughter of Winny. Henry Johnston
was Winny's son-in-law. Who was this Morgan Day??

Winny day does not appear in a census for 1820. She
probably died by then. If she died in Mason County,
she is probably buried somewhere near Minerva. If she
went to Ohio with Willis Day, she may have been buried
in the Day cemetery, Green Twp., Scioto Co.

Children of AMBROSE DAY and WINIFRED ---- are:
2. i. LEWIS2 DAY, b. Bet. 1762 - 1769, VA; d. Bet.
1798 - 1802, of Mason Co., KY.
3. ii. WILLIS DAY, b. Abt. 1766, of Culpepper Co., VA;
d. Abt. February 1825, Scioto Co., OH.
iii. JOHN DAY, b. Abt. 1770, probably Culpepper Co.,
VA; d. 16 February 1820, near Fallert Springs in the
Little Lost River (formerly "Day's River") Valley, Old
Oregon Country (now Butte Co., ID).

Notes for JOHN DAY:
This is the John Day who was an early hunter and
trader in Spanish Upper Louisiana and Missouri. He
went west to the mouth of the Columbia River with the
Hunt Overland Party, in the employ of the Pacific Fur
Company in 1811-12, and remained in the Old Oregon
country as a freeman, trapping and hunting mainy in
what is now Oregon and Idaho. The John Day River, the
city of John Day, Oregon, the John Day Dam on the
Columbia River, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
(as well as other landmarks) bear his name.

iv. MARY DAY, b. Abt. 1783, of Culpepper Co., VA; m.
HENRY JOHNSTON, 18 May 1802, Mason Co., KY.

Notes for MARY DAY:
Published marriage records mistranscribe her name as
"Clary", but it is clearly Mary in other records.

Marriage Notes for MARY DAY and HENRY JOHNSTON:
Mason Co., KY Marriage Book, p. 39: Bond was posted 15
May 1802 by Joseph Ross; Mary's mother was Winney Day;
witness was William Johnston.

Henry Johnston and Mary Day were married 18 May 1802
by Robert Wilson, Presbyterian Minister (Mason Co.
Marriage Returns of Ministers).

January 1796, Culpeper Co., VA.

Notes for THOMAS ? DAY:
Ambrose and Winifred may or may not have had a son
named Thomas.

The only hint of this possibility that I found was in
the files of E. C. Phoenix of Pocatello, Idaho, in
some hand written notes dating from the 1950s (which
were probably sent to him by one Miss Mary Lee
Summerville of Culpeper, Virginia): "Culpeper Co.
Thomas Day married Ellis Duval in 1796 (I know
descendants of this marriage. I think Thomas was son
of Ambrose.)"

Thomas Day appears in tax lists for Culpeper County
starting in 1794. He may or may not be the same who
appeared earlier in records of Stafford County. If
not a son of Ambrose (speculation at this point), he
may have some connection to the Francis Day family
which left Stafford County for Culpeper County, as his
name appears near William and Henry Day.

A quick search for this couple yielded little
Thomas Day married Elizabeth "Elice" Duval 14 January
1796 in Culpepper Co., Virginia. Ellis (b. say abt.
1777) was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Duval.
This James Duval died in 1801 in Louisa Co., VA; he
was a son of Daniel and Mary (Thompson) Duval--the
father Daniel is supposed to have died in 1777 in
Culpeper Co. James and Elizabeth Duval also had a son
named Daniel Duval (b. abt. or aft. 1766). (Also note
that five of James and Elizabeth Duval's children
married into the Jennings family.) I did not find a
Daniel Duval who would have been of age to purchase
land in 1783, but there must have been such a man. It
likley was no coincident that Ambrose and Winifred Day
of Culpeper Co. sold 694 acres to one Daniel Duval of
New Kent Co., VA in 1783. (Ambrose and Winifred lived
in old Bromfield Parish, Culpeper Co., most of which
became Madison Co., VA, so it might be useful to look
in Madison Co. as well.)

I located one daughter of Thomas and Elice (Duvel)
Lucy Ann DAY (b. Culpeper Co., VA; d. 2 May 1882,
Culpeper Co., VA) married George Washington Jameson
(b. 1805, Culpeper Co., VA; d. Jun 1852, Culpeper Co.,
VA) They were married 2 Jan 1824 in Culpeper Co., VA.
One son, Burgess H. Jameson (b. 20 Feb 1835, Culpeper
Co., VA), removed to Murfreesboro, TN where he died 5
Sep 1870. His wife was Martha J. Cocke; this couple
was married Jan 1859, Murfreesboro, TN and descendants
resided therefor may years (likely still).

vi. WINIFRED ? DAY, b. Abt. 1761, of Culpepper Co.,
VA; m. DANIEL KENDRICK, 11 May 1779, Culpepper Co.,
VA; b. Abt. 1761, of VA.

Notes for WINIFRED ? DAY:
It is unclear if Ambrose and Winifred Day had a
daughter named Winifred. If they did, she would
probably be their eldest child.

One Winifred Day married Daniel Kendrick in 1779 in
Culpepper Co., VA. The couple apparently resided in
Campbell Co., KY afterward. Daniel Kendall died in
1842; he was the son of Joseph and Anna (Fox)
Kendrick. This WInifred Day is also claimed to have
been a daughter of one Samuel Day, of Culpepper Co.,
VA, but I find no reference to sources, and I find no
Samuel Day.

Married 11 MAY 1779 in Culpeper County, Virginia by
James Corbin, minister of the Gospel.

vii. CATHERINE ? DAY, m. SAMUEL ARNOLD, 25 December
1815, Mason Co., KY.

Notes for CATHERINE ? DAY:
It is not certain that Catherins was the daughter of
Ambrose and Winifred, but she is some relation. It
seems most likley that she was a daughter as Winny
gave her consent when the marriage license was issued
for Catherine Day to marry Samuel Arnold in 1815.

Marriage license was issued 25 December 1815 in Mason
Co., KY.
Henry Johnson was the bondsman. Morgan Day was the
witness and Winney Day gave her consent.

It seems most probable that Catherine would have been
a daughter of Winny Day for Winny to give her consent.
In this case, Henry Johnson would have been
Catherine's brother-in-law (married to her sister
Mary), and Morgan Day would have been Catherin's
nephew. It is also possible that Catherin Day was the
granddaughter of Winney Day, but then one would think
that her mother, Mary ---- (Day) Hiatt would have been
the one to give her consent, if she was still living.

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