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Article Title: Washington Post

Article Date: April 7 1912

Article Description: Fencing Tournament Page A1

Article Text:

Washington Post April 7,1912 Fencing Tournament Page A1

[NOTE: The surnames GIGNOUX and GRIGNOUX were both printed - multiple times. Believe they refer to the same person. Which is correct? ]

Society Sees Dr. F. W. Allen Win Jusserand Trophy.

Champions From Boston, New York, and the District Take Part.

Gallery of the Washington Riding Club Crowded as White Garbed Antagonists Struggle With Foils in the Arena Below - Massachusetts Expert Declared Final Victor - Bronze Figure of "The Gaul" Goes There for a Year.

Slashing, lunging, and meeting thrust with thrust, the leading fencers of New York, Boston, and the District met in combat at the Riding Club of Washington last night for the trophy given by the French Ambassador, M. Jules Jusserand, and stirred a large gathering of society people to bursts of enthusiasm by the skill with which they handled their foils.
Dr. F. W. ALLEN, of the Boston Athletic Club, won first place, and with it the Jusserand trophy, after exciting contests with the other fencers. Dr. J. E. GIGNOUX, of the New York Athletic Club, was second; Dr. S. D. BRECKENRIDGE, of the Washington Fencers Club, was third; Dr. J. A. McLAUGHLIN, of the Boston Athletic Club, was fourth; Lieut. C. N. SOHLBERG, of the Washington Fencers' Club, was fifth, and R. L. MACNEIL, of the Washington Fencers' Club, was sixth.
Gathered to witness the bouts were several hundred prominent society people, including Gen. Leonard WOOD, chief of staff, and Mrs. WOOD; Ambassador Jusserand, and a number of prominent diplomats, and officers of the army and navy. The spectators filled the gallery running around the exhibition ring of the Riding Club, and applauded every successful coup of the contestants.
Praised by M. Jusserand.
The success of the tournament, which was the first affair of its kind ever held here, was testified to by Ambassador Jusserand, who made a short address following the conclusion or the bouts. He presented his trophy to Dr. ALLEN, the winner, praising him for his skill with the foils. The Ambassador declared that he hoped the example set here would tend to encourage fencing throughout the United States and said that it was a sport second to none in its good effects on the health and nerves of those entering it.
Garbed entirely in white, and wearing fencing masks and closely fitting trousers, the contestants made a thrilling spectacle as they fought in a specially prepared platform in the center of the arena. The French style of fencing was used by all. In this style the fencers do not circle about, and make as many movements as in the Italian style.
Fifteen Contests Fought.
Fifteen regular bouts were fought in order that contestants might meet each other. At the end of these bouts it was found that Dr. ALLEN and Dr. GIGNOUX had each won four bouts, and were tied for first, and that Dr. BRECKENRIDGE and Dr. McLAUGHLIN had each won three bouts and were tied for third.
The two deciding bouts between these four contestants were the most exciting of the entire evening. Both Dr. ALLEN and Dr. GIGNOUX were applauded vigorously. For four minutes they parried and lunged, using every feint and movement in vigorous efforts to touch each other. It was just at the close of the bout that Dr. ALLEN made a redoublement d'attaque," which gave him the victory.
Dr. BRECKENRIDGE, recognized as one of the leading fencers of the District, was applauded at every lunge during his deciding bout with Dr. McLAUGHLIN. His "coups d'anett" were brilliant. Each of the contestants was disarmed several times, but recovered quickly and renewed the attack with increased vigor. When it was announced that Dr. BRECKENRIDGE had won, and thereby gotten a "place," he was forced to bow again and again because of the applause.
Even more exciting than the regular bouts of the tournament were two exhibitions given afterward by Dr. BRECKENRIDGE and G. B. WILLIS, using dueling foils, and by Lieut. PULLEM and Lieut. PATTON, using sabers. No results were announced Dueling foils are much heavier than the fencing foils, and they are considered dangerous.
Preliminary Bout Results.
In the preliminary bouts the following results were announced: Dr. GIGNOUX defeated Lieut. SOHLBERG; Dr. ALLEN defeated Dr. MACNEIL; Dr. BRECKENRIDGE defeated Dr. McLAUGHLIN; Dr. ALLEN defeated Dr. GRIGNOUX [sp.]; Lieut. SOHLBERG defeated Dr. MACNEIL; Dr. GRIGNOUX defeated Dr. McLAUGHLIN; Dr. ALLEN defeated Dr. BRECKENRIDGE; Dr. McLAUGHLIN defeated Lieut. SOHLBERG; Dr. GRIGNOUX defeated Dr. MACNEIL; Dr. ALLEN defeated Lieut. SOHLBERG; Dr. BRECKENRIDGE defeated Dr. MACNEIL; Dr. McLAUGHLIN defeated Dr. ALLEN; Dr. GRIGNOUX defeated Dr. BRECKENRIDGE; Dr. McLAUGHLIN defeated Dr. MACNEIL; and Dr. BRECKENRIDGE defeated Lieut. SOHLBERG.
Civil Engineer A. C. CUNNINGHAM, U. S. N., acted as director of the tournament, and J. T. CUNNINGHAM and Dr. M. J. ECHEVERRIA, of the New York Athletic Club, were the judges. Maj. LEITCH, U. S. A., was the timekeeper and scorer. The tournament was conducted according to the rules of the Amateur Fencers' League of America, of which the Washington Fencers' Club is a member.
Ambassador Jusserand, with Col. Henry MAY and several fencing enthusiasts occupied special seats near the contestants and the French Ambassador followed all the bouts closely, frequently applauding clever feints and lunges.
The trophy contested for last night is known as "The Fighting Gaul," and is a beautiful statuette in bronze, about 3 feet high. It was presented to the Washington Fencers Club several weeks ago in order that tournaments for it might be arranged and fencing in the United States encouraged. It will remain in the possession of the Boston Athletic Club until next year, when another tournament will be held.
Among the spectators in addition to Gen. Leonard WOOD, Mrs. WOOD, and the others mentioned, were Mr. William Phelps ENO, Mrs. Charles Boughton WOOD, Dr. and Mrs. Breckenridge BAYNE, Maj. and Mrs. ALLEN, Miss Mary MORGAN, Mrs. Meta Morris EVANS, Miss Meta EVANS, Baron von Schilppenbach, Mr. and Mrs. DeBrees HIGGINS, Mrs. Sinclair BOWEN, Mrs. T. C. COLMAN, Mr. Oliver RICKETSON, Mr. and Mrs. George H. MYERS, Dr. Louis LEHR, Miss Carol CRAWFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Walter TUCKERMAN, Dr. HOPKINS, Mrs. A. D. ADDISON, Count de Cambrun, Commander and Mrs. WILEY, and Mr. GRIGNOUX of the Swiss legation.


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