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From: "Peter G. Deal" <>
Subject: Western NC Deal story
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 21:56:09 -0500
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My name is Peter Deal, I am from the eastern part of NC. My ancestor Deals
date back to Edgecombe Co. in the late 1700s to early 1800s. I have just
located a relative that is 74 years old and remembers his father telling him
a story about our eastern NC ancestor coming from the eastern shore of
Maryland by way of the NC mountains. The story is sketchy but is as follows:

As a young boy living on a plantation somewhere on the eastern shore of
Maryland in about 1770, Eli Jobie Deal was in the company of his very
attractive 2 older sisters on a horse and carriage being transported to town
by a slave. The slave, once having left the plantation, insisted on wrapping
the reins twice around the ankles of the two sisters before proceeding to
town. The younger brother realized what he thought was very wrong and told
his father upon returning home. His father paid little or no attention to
the young boys vivid imagition and dismissed it. The young Eli Jobie Deal
was infuriated and swore that if it happened again in his presence he would
take matters into his own hands. Several weeks later on the same journey to
town with the same two sisters and the same slave carriage driver it
happened again. This time the young Eli Jobie ordered the slave to remove
the reins from the sisters legs. He laughed and refused. the young Deal
grabbed a piece of wood similiar to a bat that was on the carriage and hit
the slave sveral times on the head. As it turns out, the slave who was the
most prized by his master, later died. Eli Jobie who was just a young
teenager was forced to runaway. He headed west and wound up in the mountains
of NC near what is now Fontana Lake. Later he migrated to eastern NC and
founded the Deal family whose descendants now live in eastern NC.
This is a story that was told to a 74 year old relative by his father in the
1930s. He believes it to be true and to have been handed down. Has any other
Deal ever heard anything similiar?

Please let me hear from you.

Pete Deal

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