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From: John Lyon <>
Subject: Re: [DMU] Buckingham and Appomattox Co., VA, patents
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 05:33:38 -0500

Out of town for a couple of days, so I'm slow getting back on this.

Message text written by "Steve Broyles"
>> Yes. Maryland is underway at the State Archives toward a complete
on-line collection of all series of land records in their holdings from
colonial to present.

>That's great news, John. Can you give us a year that the first of this
information will likely begin being available on the web site?

Well, "this year" is the answer "for the first" of it, but the timing and
sequencing of release of the various records series will be driven by the
learning experience of doing it, as well as overall budget and relative
priorities. I'd just rather not hazard a guess as to how much - and what -
will actually be available at any point. It's not my promise to make.
This isn't on the back burner, though! It's just a messy job.


>John, were you thinking of a single field in the Table View, containing
for example 33/45/30N, 78/01/19W? Would this be something you'd sort on,
or is it just for reporting purposes? Is this to be used as an index into
a deed map?

Yes, I was looking for a single field entry as you describe, as a handy
tabular statement of location without having to make the query each time.
It's just a good reference parameter to have in a listing, one I find
myself always longing for. I didn't have sorting in mind at all.

But after seeing your question I mulled about something more sophisticated
that might have some substantial value: an option to list all tracts with
origins within (or - much better - which obtrude into!) a defined lat/long
grid. This - with the "obtrusion feature" - is effectively equivalent to
having a filter offering a special list of "everything now displayed in
Plot View" (which may be the better practical implementation concept than a
user-specified coordinate pair). In a large project like ours here, with
300 + years of overlapping surveys and resurveys, there's clearly merit in
having a tabular adjunct which says "in the area you're looking at, here's
a list of everything on hand". It would be a very useful capability to
support a complete look at a smallish region in a complex plat map.

Thanks for listening. And thanks again for a great product.

John Lyon

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