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Subject: [DMU] Webpages of plot view and table view
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 14:16:38 -0600

Thanks for the response to my earlier question. I will let you know how that works.
I have two related questions which still reflect a relative lack of understanding--newbie or not. I would like to create a webpage that contains a plot view image of my entire mapped area showing owner names. Because of the size of the area, the smallest resolution at which the owner names are readable is .76 miles per inch at 600 dpi, which would be four pages if I printed the full plot view.If I simply try to export the plot view using the save as function, I can only save the area on the screen, rather than the entire plot view. With luck and trial and error, I could presumably get four .jpg files which I could place together on a single webpage. If I had the right software or knew more about how to use what I have, I could probably stitch these together into a single file and map. My question: is there a simple way to create a single .jpg file of the entire plot view at the desired resolution?
If successful in creating the webpage of the entire plot view, I would then like to create additional webpages that contain the information in table view for the various owners, including acreage, dates, book/page of the plats, creeks named and neighbors named in the plats. Second question: is there a simple way to save the table view to a tab delimited .txt or .rtf file so that it can be inserted into basic webpage authoring software like Frontpage? I have kept a parallel Excel file that has this information, although I have to "manually" udate it periodically to reflect additional plats added to Deedmapper. I know I can easily insert an .xls file for an Excel table into a Frontpage webpage. I just wondered if there is way to do this without the extra step.
The result I am aiming for is a few webpages that essentially duplicate what the Deedmapper software creates as a table view and plot view of this 450-plat project on my computer. I am sure that others have done this, and I would appreciate any tips. The software is great--I'd just like to share the results with a broader audience!
Note to Steve--it would be really cool if you could build webpage output into the software itself, just like many of the genealogy programs do. I can imagine plats proliferating on the web like family trees.

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