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From: "Marie Robinson" <>
Subject: RE: [DMU] Fields
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 20:28:27 -0500
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Yes, that's exactly what Bill said. It's the From field. And I finally did
notice that it changes depending on the view. Thank you both. I must have
been in Never Never Land when I last tried to monkey around with this field
a few months ago--it's showing up just fine now if I put something in the
From field. The tracts I map are all from the Commonwealth of Pa. or the
Land Office so I never put anything in that field. I guess I can't control

Thanks everyone,

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>Subject: Re: [DMU] Fields
>Marie Robinson wrote:
>>This may be a hard one to explain--along the bottom of the window border,
>>there are some fields or boxes for information from some of the program
>>fields. For instance, for me, on the left, it says:
>>For Help, press F1
>>next box the date of the highlighted tract shows
>>next box is empty
>>next box shows the information from the To field
>>next box is the area of the tract (sq ft)
>>next one empty
>>next shows NUM
>>What field would show up in the second box? I would really like
>to have the
>>"Typ" or "Id" field information show up there. Can I control that?
>You are looking at the status bar and if you click on the Table View tab
>(just above the "For Help, Press F1" message), you will see
>highlighted the
>deed that is shown in the status bar. In the case of the 2nd field (empty
>in your case for this deed), it is the From entity of the deed. The fifth
>field (also empty in your case) and the sixth field (Num in your case)
>show the status of the Insert (OVRwrite) and Num Lock keys. However, I do
>not see that depressing the Insert key makes any difference in my
>installation although I never use it much anyway.
>You can find this under Status Bar when you press F1 to display the Help
>Index. Note that the content of some of these fields change depending on
>the View selected -- particularly the fourth field.
>As far as I know there is no way to select what is display7ed in
>the Status
>Bar fields except as noted above.
>Hope this helps -
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