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I think Dennis raises a good point - a lot of this is either experimentation
or a heavy investment in learning a professional GIS program. I second
Mary's suggestions, as I also am far from an expert on geo-referencing.
Some tools on digital grove map help and many are free (except for the time
to learn the program).

First, I suggest we look at David Rumsey's web site. He has a professional
implementation of geo referencing historical maps to current maps. He
started with Lewis and Clark and branched out to San Francisco, New York and
others. His interface is a GIS browser. I suggest you read his article
"Historical Maps in GIS" which is a PDF download on the site.
He has done some absolutely amazing things - but he also has amazing

I have had some luck with rough alignment of historical maps just using
PowerPoint to overlay historical maps on current topos. The trick is to
find a reference point. You can shrink and expand and maintain the aspect
ratio. A purist would be aghast at this, but it allowed me to locate a
meets and bound survey in PA with some precision. I have not figured out
how to make my layers transparent, but this is a feature of many GIS
programs. I also discoverd that the townships boundaries on the 1903 USGS
15 minute were significantly off from a current topo. If you are lucky to
have significant terrain features you can do a pretty good job of lining up
the maps.

Well that's my view - some day I am going to take a course on a full
featured GIS program (g)


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At least free base data appear to be readily
availible at the following link.

It seems almost everywhere
everyone down to towns are doing something with
GIS. Maybe she look for local help to get pointed in
the right direction. I had tried for years off and on
and always gave up out of frustration. Just wading
through all the acronims was almost impossible. One
night class with Rick and Mary was all I needed to get
started. The hands on experience made a world of
--- wrote:

> DEED-MAPPER-USERS-D DigestVolume 05 : Issue 22
> Today's Topics:
> #1 Digital mapping questions ["M. M.
> Bell" <]
> #2 Re: [DMU] Digital mapping question [James F
> McConnell <]
> ______________________________> Date: Mon, 21 Mar
2005 23:51:07 -0600
> From: "M. M. Bell" <>
> To:
> Subject: Digital mapping questions
> I received an email from a researcher in Nova Scotia
> and I'd like to get the
> opinion of the list on her questions!
> Here is a portion of her email:
> >do you know if there are automated Mapping Systems
> of any sort that can
> take, say, a digitized map,
> scale it
> > to what is needed with accuracy, as well as be
> transparent? Or am I faced
> > with having to provide all the details I need,
> basically from scratch, as
> > one would for Land Platting, or I assume that is
> the case?
> >
> > A rather quick search on the Internet brought up
> such databases and ideas
> as
> > Taxation and Environmental Systems where they are
> basically starting from
> > scratch, and building their information base upon
> it, using GPS (Global
> > Positioning System) at times, and other ideas
> including aerial
> photography+
> > sensing techniques for roads, terrain, buried
> matter, etc. but very
> > specialized and I would guess, extremely
> expensive. Of course, those
> > systems are based on topography, geography, etc.
> of today.
> >
> > We are dealing with historical layouts and often
> older maps, if we are
> lucky
> > enough to locate reasonably accurate ones. Now,
> one can redefine
> everything
> > to an automated system, perhaps using GPS,
> possibly even be able to trace
> a
> > maps boundaries using a tablet (or some such
> technique) to enter into the
> > system but it would not likely be to the
> accuracy desired.
> >
> > Are you aware of any software out there that
> might possibly aid in this
> > endeavor? That is, short of starting from scratch
> with something like
> CAD?
> I recommended that she try the digital grove web
> site and read about the
> various programs and viewers. Also told her I had
> never had a lot of luck
> getting layers together--especially when I wanted to
> overlay them on a plat.
> I have used 3DEM and love it, but still have trouble
> getting a plat drawn on
> it. Doesn't sound like she wants to do platting as
> much as using older maps.
> This needs a more experienced and knowledgeable GIS
> person than myself to go
> into any detail!! I will appreciate any and all
> responses to pass on to her.
> Sincerely,
> Mary McCampbell Bell, CLS
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> From: James F McConnell <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: [DMU] Digital mapping questions
> I have nothing to offer viz mapping software.
> My sense of the question is that the issue is
> accurate digital
> representation of older maps. In some ways this is a
> contradiction. Older
> maps reflect the technology of the time and are
> inherently inaccurate by
> today's standards. That is why it is so hard, nay
> impossible, to
> reconcile old deeds and plats on modern maps such as
> USGS quad maps.
> Jim McConnell

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