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Subject: Re: [DMU] NC-Wake Co Early Land Grants
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 10:15:29 -0600
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I am working on Chatham County, next to Wake. The Chatham County Register
of Deeds Office will send you copies of deeds for .25 per page but you can't
just request copies of land grants, you have to order by name. I've been
told how-ever that Wake County will not do that, but that they have copies
of the grants. I paid someone to copy a few at the NC Archives and they are
of such poor quality that I can barely make them out.

I have considered ordering the films from the NC Archives which are the
surveyors copy. The films are $10 or $12 but I don't know if they have them
microfilmed by county, I don't believe they are. I do know they won't be
copying any microfilm again until May as they moved their equipment to
another part of the archives.

You could email Larry Odzak at the archives, and he
can tell you if they are microfilmed by county.

I also know that some library systems in NC have copied the Land Grants for
their county, and have them either on microfilm or just loose copies at the
libraries. Some will copy them for a very small fee.


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Subject: [DMU] NC-Wake Co Early Land Grants

> The post on Georgia early land grants made me wonder if there is a similar
> source for Wake County, NC (area south of Raleigh). A cousin sent me a
> copy of a part of a hand drawn map of some early land grants around
> Raleigh. The map is wonderful, showing names of early settlers that I have
> seen in my research there and names of neighbors of my ancestors. This map
> was a version of what I have been trying to do using Deed Mapper for the
> area on both sides of Swift Creek and south. While in Raleigh a few years
> ago, I copied my ancestors land records and have been working to place
> them, but I need to expand that. Does anyone know of anything that would
> aid me in my effort? I know I need to locate other early records to add to
> the ones I copied. Deed Mapper is a great program. I have used to plot
> land of my families in Walker Co, AL, Benton Co, MO and Marshall Co, IN.
> North Carolina is a bit more difficult because the deeds are not available
> on the BLM records or any other source on the Internet that I am aware of.
> Does any one have any ideas that might help. Thank you for any help you
> can provide.
> Geneva Purdy
> Littleton, Colorado
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