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Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 00:49:25 -0500
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Gordon Taylor wrote:
>You make the remark about using the original surveyor's note to verify
>calls. Is there a place, aside from the governmental archives that would
>contain the field notes by a private surveyor, especially from the 1700's? I
>often wondered about the disposition of ancient filed books; they must be
>full of wonderful information, if decipherable.

I do not know of any such archives of surveyor's records. At one
time I was able to review the notes of one surveyor. At the time, I
was looking for info on a family and hoped to find something in the
notes and otherwise didn't pay a lot of attention to anything else
than the family I was researching. Now I wish I had a full copy.

There may be some that have been saved in various historical
societies or even local courthouses (courthouses sometimes have the
strangest kinds of records). More often, I think such notes were
thrown out when the surveyor died. Basically, I think you just have
to be lucky.

Hope this helps -

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