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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [DMU] [Bulk] Help with deeds with errors...
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 09:01:17 -0400
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>Hello all. I have about four deeds (rechecked information I entered
>in DM4) that have errors that do not allow me to generate a plot. I
>know some more experienced and talented users understand deed calls
>and distances well enough to know what is missing and how to "correct"
>the information entered in order to get a plot. I've played around
>with various bits of information to no avail.

I am no expert on deeds although I have had good success in almost
all of my entries into DeedMapper. The ones that gave me to most
problems sound like what you have. In those cases, I used the value
of total acreage of the deed and tried playing with the various calls
to see if I could not get the acreage of the plot to be closer to
that of the deed. Much of the time, it was just a guess that a call
length needed to be longer or a direction (usually the N,E, S, W
notations and not the degree value) was reversed. I first tried the
idea that the length had bad units, then went to the idea that the
length values were incorrectly noted. In this last, I tried to think
what bad or faded hand-writing might produce (i.e., was that 4 really
a 7 or 9, could that 3 be an 8, is that 5 really a 6, etc.). I found
that about half the time the length values were at fault and that
directional notations were the other half.

In many cases, my end result was still quite far from matching the
total acreage of the deed but the difference seemed to be within
reason. I would have my original plot be either 10 acres or 5000
acres, and a deed of 300 acres. The end result would be 280 to 320
acres. At this point I would quit and annotate the plot to the
effect that I had modified various calls in such and such a way and
then leave it at that pending added evidence (e.g., neighboring or
earlier/later deeds).

>Would anyone be willing to look at a few of my problem cases to see
>if they can fix them?

If no one else has offered, I would be glad to take a look and see
what I might come up with. But I sure don't guarantee anything
including how long it might take me.

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