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From: Jeff Owens <>
Subject: Re: [DMU] Use of adjacent USGS Quads for Background Maps
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 15:44:24 -0500
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Steve Broyles wrote:
> The point of this thread is about getting background images for use with the program
> and was prompted by a request to stitch two scanned topo quad images together.
> Is anyone aware of a site that will create custom topo map images? I seem to recall
> that some users had found sites that would do this.

USA Photo Maps


review at

more on usage at

This prgram will allow creation of any size topo regardless of what maps
are involved. It creates an on screen map for whatever area you wish,
and can be zoomed to different scales. It uses USGS raster data via

It can create files in .jpg format. With no experience in the ability
of DeedMapper to uitilize this format, I can only add that it would be
possible to convert it to bitmap if that is what is needed.

It's free. My usage has been limited to create maps for usage in the
outdoors, but it is easy to use even if documentation is somewhat weak.

Jeff Owens

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