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Subject: Mary Edith Deeter
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:33:16 -0500 (EST)

Dear Debbie Daunis,
I have different lines for your Mary Edith Deeter, who married Frank Allen
Of course, I could be very, very wrong, so am hoping someone else out there
can help both of us. I get all the Teeters/Deeters mixed up sometimes! And
the sad thing is, I have no idea where I got some of this.
I have your line as this:
Mary Edith Deeter: born 5 Sep 1879 Faulkville, Morgan Co, Alabama; married to
Frank Allen Preston.
Mary Edith as the daughter of Daniel Bollinger Deeter and Mary Elizabeth

Daniel Bollinger Deeter: born 26 Aug 1850 Covington, Miami Co, Ohio; married
Mary Elizabeth Hoke, who ws born 14 Nov 1852 in Pleasant Hill, Miami Co,
I list Daniel B. and Mary Elizabeth with 10 children: Perry David Deeter, who
married Sadie Murphy; Harry Benjamin Deeter; Flora May Deeter; Mary Edith
Deeter (see above); Lawrence Elliott Deeter, who married Birdie alice Turvey;
Myrtle Celia Deeter, who married Ralph Daniel Werden; Ora Chester Deeter, who
married Josie Alice Davidson; Marion Leonard Deeter, who married Lorraine
Crosley; Ray John Deeter, who married Hannah Brownrigg Watson; and Laura
Evaton Deeter, who married Herbert Hamilton Knowlton.

Then, I have Daniel Bollinger Deeter as the son of Daniel Stutzman Deeter and
Catherine Bollinger. I have Daniel Bollinger Deeter as born 15 Apr 1807
Jackson Twp, Montgomery Co, Ohio; died 15 Aug 1871 in Miami Co, Ohio; buried
Sugar Grove Cem; married 25 Dec 1828 Miami Co, Ohio to Catherine Bollinger,
daughter of Samuel Bollinger. Catherine was born 22 Apr 1810 in Lancaster Co,
Pa; died 15 Nov 1851; buried in Sugar Grove Cem. I also list Daniel Stutzman
Deeter as having other wives: Mary "Polly" Reed, and Elizabeth Reed.
As the 12 children for Daniel Stutzman Deeter and Catherine Bollinger I have:
David Deeter; Mary Deeter, who married Rev. Allender "Allen" Ives; Benjamin
Deeter; Levi Deeter, who married Rebecca Brant; Anna Deeter; Elizabeth
Deeter, who married Daniel Arnold; Susan Deeter (twin); Barbara Deeter
(twin), who married Simon Shafer; Christina Deeter; Catherine Deeter, who
married William Cassady; Malinda Deeter; and Daniel Bollinger Deeter, who
married Mary Elizabeth Hoke.

I list Daniel Stutzman Deeter as the son of David Shively Deeter and
Elizabeth Stutzman. David Shively Deeter was born 25 May 1773/4; died 25 May
1849 Newton Twp, Miami Co, Ohio and buried in Sugar Grove Cem. He married 4
Mar 1794 to Elizabeth Stutzman, who was born Jan 1774, the daughter of Jacob
Stutzman, Jr. and Christina Ulrich. Elizabeth (Stutzman) Deeter died 25 Sep
1842 in Miami Co, Ohio and is buried in Sugar Grove Cem.
I list the 13 children of David Shively Deeter and Elizabeth Stutzman as:
Susannah Deeter, who married Henry Moore; Elizabeth Ulrich Deeter, who
married John Ulrich; Abraham Deeter, who married Mary "Polly" Reed; Jacob
Deeter, who married Elizabeth Reed; Christina Deeter, who married John
Miller; David Deeter, who married Elizabeth Souders; Daniel Stutaman Deeter,
who married (1) 25 Dec 1828 Catherine Bollinger, (2) 14 Mar 1852 Mary "Polly"
Reed and (3) 4 Dec 1866 Elizabeth Reed; Samuel Deeter, who married Sarah
Smith; Barbara Deeter, who married Abraham Deeter; John Stutzman Deeter, who
married Sarah Reed; Mary Deeter, who married George Reese; Catharine Deeter,
who married (1) John Reed and (2) Mr. Ferguson; and Michael Deeter, who
married (1) Frances Eller and (2) Mary Teeter.

I show David Shively Deeter as the son of Abraham Teeter and Elizabeth
Abraham Teeter was born ca. 1747 and died Jan 1827 in Woodbury Twp, Bedford
Co, Pa. and married Elizabeth Shively , who was born ca. 1751 Lancaster Co,
Pa and died before 1809 in New Enterprise, Pa , daughter of Uhli (Ulrich)
Shively/Schaublin and Elizabeth Thomas/Thommen.
I list Abraham Teeter and Elizabeth Shively with 11 children: David Shively
Deeter, who married Elizabeth Stuzman; Daniel Shively Teeter, who married
Hannah Neff; Elizabeth Teeter, who married Martin Miller; Abraham Teeter,
Jr., who married Hannah Paul; Susannah Teeter, who married Martin Miller (my
line); John Shively Teeter, who married (1) Barbara Deeter and (2) Susanna
Heffner Burger; Barbara Teeter, who married Joshua Joseph Falknor/Falker;
Jacob Teeter, who married (1) Margaret Ling and (2) Catherine Baker; Isaac
Teeter, who married Elizabeth Kaylor; Catherine Teeter; and Hannah Teeter,
who married Jacob Ling.

Abraham Teeter's parents were Johann Michael Dieterich/Diederich and either
Ana Catherine Thowison or ? Miller.

I list John Deeter as a brother of Abraham Teeter and that John Deeter
married Susannah Ulrich/Ullery and I list them with 9 children: Susannah
Deeter, who married Joseph Rench, Jr.; Elizabeth Deeter, who married Abraham
Kensinger, Jr.; John Deeter, Jr., who married Susannah Stover; Daniel Deeter;
Abraham Deeter, who married Elizabeth Rench; Barbara Deeter, who married John
Shively Teeter; Hannah Deeter, who married Michael Burns; Catherine Deeter;
and Samuel Deeter, who married Fanny ___.

For Abraham Deeter (son of John Deeter and Susannah Ulrich) and Elizabeth
Rench I list 10 children: Daniel R. Deeter, who married Catherine
Blickenstaff; Catherine Deeter, who married Conrad Brumbaugh; Abraham Deeter,
who married (1) Nancy Wardman and (2) Nancy Bigler; Mary Deeter, who married
George Minnick; John R. Deeter, who married (1) Mary Hardmond and (2) Maria
Maurer; Elizabeth Deeter, who married Samuel A. Zerbe; David Deeter, who
married (1) Elizabeth Creft and (2) Elizabeth McDowell; and 3 other Deeter
children (unknown to me).

For John Deeter, Jr. (Son of John Deeter and Susannah Ulrich) and wife,
Susannah Stover, I list 11 children: John Deeter, III, who married (1) Mary
Bollinger and (2) Catherine (Landis?) Shoemaker; Jacob Deeter, who married
(1) Elizabeth Williams and (2) Ruth Mitchell; Abraham Deeter, who married
Barbara Deeter; Hannah Deeter ,who married (1) Daniel Overholtzer Stutzman
and (2) E.F. Alberty; Elizabeth Deeter; Daniel H.R. Deeter, who married Mary
Hoke; Susannah Deeter; Emanuel Deeter, who married Hester Zigler; Katharine
Deeter; Christina Deeter; and David C. Deeter, who married Franey Eller.

For Daniel H. R. Deeter (son of John Deeter, Jr. and Susannah Stover) and
wife Mary Hoke (daughter of David Hoke), I list 4 children: Elizabeth
Deeter, who married Aaron Wellbaum; Cornelius H. Deeter, who married Sophrana
Ward; Aaron H. Deeter, who married (1) Joanna/Angeline Myers and (2) Mrs.
David Tobias; and Joseph Deeter, who married Belle Pry.

As I said, I'm certainly wouldn't "swear" to any of this, so am hoping
everyone out there will help us sort this family out.

Phyllis Gillaspie
7500 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. #13
Des Moines, Iowa 50320

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