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From: "B. B. Wood" <>
Subject: Re: [DEGRUY] Who were the parents of Hilaire Boutte
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 15:29:28 -0500

Renee, there are a couple of men named Hilaire Boutte. Hope the following
helps you sort it out. ~Bonnie

François Zenon Boutte died intestate and title to his holdings on Barataria
island passed to his brothers and sisters and their descendants. The
Louisiana Supreme Court has declared in three separate decisions that the
brothers and sisters of Francois Zenon Boutte are heirs to his estate. This
decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court (No. 40636, 7 Nov 1955) concluded
the legal battles that had raged in Louisiana courts since 1935. The chain
of title to the holdings of Francois Zenon Boutte on Barataria, according to
the Louisiana Supreme Court, was granted by the French Crown to Villars
Dureuil prior to 1754. At the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, it
was owned by Sieur Pierre Lavigne. The heirs of Lavigne sold the island to
the brothers, Hilaire and Jean-Baptiste Boutte jointly, by deed dated 8 July
1805. Francois Zenon Boutte, son of Antoine Boutté and Hyacinthe Decuir
[sic, should be deGruy], and a nephew of Hilaire and Jean-Baptiste Boutte,
acquired Hilaire’s half-interest on 5 July 1819 [...] A judgment was
issued by the 24th Judicial District Court (Parish of Jefferson, State of
Louisiana, Division A, dated 10 February 1964, No 69-931), which directed
that claimants inheriting under the collateral root of Marie Louise
Hyacinthe Boutte, wife of Jacques Judice and other descendants, be rendered
in favor of the claimants indexed. Distribution of these funds was made to
descendants as ordered. The court, under the above order, divided the
claimants inheriting under these collateral roots into seven designated
1st branch: Marie Louise Hyacinthe Boutte, m. Jacques Troisels Judice;
2nd branch: Antoine Boutte m. (1) Lucille Beguier; m. (2) Manette Marie
3rd branch: Marie Modeste Boutte m. Louis Judice;
4th branch: Louis Hillaire Boutte m. Marie Lucille Decuir;
5th branch: Jean Leon Boutte m. Lise Chachere;
6th branch: Jean-Baptiste Boutte, never married;
7th branch: Marie Celeste Boutte m. Maximilien Judice.
This court document consists of 52 pages, listing 1830 designated heirs
[...] James Landry, Oct 1998: V37, No 148, P303-306.
[Baudier Family Letters: August 19, 1847, Letter from Zenon Boutte in New
Orleans, original in French]
[English translation]
New Orleans. 19 August 1847
Mr Dear Sir,
Would you be so kind as to give me some information on the securities of the
Boutte family of the church of Barataria. The information that I would like
to have, the period of time to which the sale was transferred to the late
Mr. Jean-Baptiste Boutte, and the name of the seller, also the deed of
transfer by him to his children, as well as the name of the notary at whose
business the deeds were transferred, and all other information which would
put us on the trail of the title of possession. Two of my brothers-in-law
and I have purchased the portion my late uncle’s property, Philippe Boutte,
and in spite of all the investigations we haven’t been able to recover all
the titles. We were told that better than anyone else you would have
information on this subject. Please excuse the liberty that I took in
addressing you without having the pleasure of being introduced to you, I
address you as a kinsman and friend.
P. S. An immediate response on this matter, if it is convenient for you
will oblige me greatly.
Zenon Boutte, Barataria [Louisiana]

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