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From: Mary McCrury <>
Subject: Re: Descendants of John Calvin DeLoach
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 09:14:13 +1200

Javan Michael DeLoach wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> >Data looks great BUT<<<<<dontcha hate that word<<<Obviously, your program
> >puts in"no known Children" if none are listed,
> That's correct. It is a big improvement over the phrase it used to use,
> "they had no children". I used to get lots of messages, "What do you mean,
> they had no children. I'm one of their grandchildren." :-)
> >... however, our mutual genfriends
> >Mona & Ernest Roach may be upset if you omit
> >(no unintentional) their ancestors......
> >coming down thru AMANDA ARDELIA DeLOACH.
> My genealogical program has no means of editing out branches of a family
> when it produces a Register Chart for a person. Every person that is in the
> data base is listed. Mona has uploaded a lot of DeLoach material, but she
> has never sent the DeLoach List or me her own genealogy. I told Earnest
> that I would be pleased to include his ancestry in the DesLoges data base,
> and I am looking forward to receiving his GEDCOM.
> >Also, please recheck your spelling in areas of ARDELIA.
> Thanks for pointing this out. You brought this to my attention before, and
> I thought I had corrected all the instances of Ardelia.
> >Also, others had (have) children not
> >included. If you want, they are included in Judge DeLoach's book. Zachariah
> >Taylor had a number of children.....there's a slight variation in spelling of
> >he & my grandfather, Zachary Taylor.
> When I first started putting together the DesLoges data base, I had no
> intention of trying to list any families past 1850. However, since putting
> the information on the Web, there have been several people who have found
> their ancestry and contributed additional information. A good example is
> Vicki Pennington Bishop, who found ancestors Ann DeLoach and husband Dan
> Pennington in our searchable data base. So, I will continue to add
> information regardless of the dates. However, I ask that you please send me
> the information in GEDCOM format.
> >I have a listing of all persons buried in RED HILL CHURCH CEMETARY in Bulloch
> >Co. A lot of later DeLoach's are buried there. In future, if you're
> >interested, we can put it on your page.
> That would make a very nice addition to the information we have on the
> DeLoach families. Bible and Cemetery records are great sources for
> genealogical data, and making these records available to others is the
> purpose of the DesLoges Homepage. There are lots of small cemeteries where
> our DeLoach ancestors have been buried, and I imagine that quite a few of
> those have not been indexed or documented. You probably noticed that I put
> the DeLoach family cemetery that is located in Carter County, Tennessee, on
> the DesLoges Homepage. I will be adding others that are located in Carter
> and Johnson Counties. I encourage anyone else who has information
> concerning cemeteries to do likewise. If the information comes from a book
> or other publication, please properly document the publication name and
> author so that their copyrights are protected.
> I am working my way through a large stack of information that Wanda Lopour
> Tracy sent. Most of it deals with DeLoach families from Texas and New
> Mexico. This is all new information, and the first that I have seen on this
> branch of the Deloach family. If the Lord is willing, the lake doesn't
> rise, and something big doesn't break, I'll get the info entered and out to
> everyone soon. After that, the next big project is to update the searchable
> data base. I'm sure glad that my wife is a late sleeper and that I have all
> of these nice quiet mornings to work on this stuff.
> Take care.
> Mike
> Javan Michael DeLoach
> General Delivery
> Restoule, ON P0H 2R0
> Canada
> Tel 705-729-5407

I am anxious to see this information! Thanks for all of the work that
you do-it is great. However, still nothing on my great-great
grandmother, Charlotte Bell Deloach. Maybe someone has her in their
Thanks again,
Mary McCrury

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