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From: Javan Michael DeLoach <>
Subject: Re: Wives families of Micheal DesLoges descendants?
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 23:09:19 -0400

At 20:45 9/10/97 -0500, Kimberly Nash <> wrote:
>Hello, I was wondering if anyone has researched the wives on my line?
>Here is a list of DeLoach men and their wives that I am looking for.

Hi Kimberly,

I haven't researched them, but here is some info:

>1. William DeLoach and Eleanor Collins

From Steadman's "The DesLoges Family": Eleanor Collins was the daughter of
John Collins and Eleanor Oliver. John Collins (died 1692) was either an
immigrant who came to Virginia during the middle 1600s or the son of an
immigrant. He settled in Surry County, VA, where before or after and during
1684 he acquired a total of 1,750 acres of land. A son, John Collins, Jr.,
died prior to 1692, leaving his sister Eleanor as her father's heir at law.
Eleanor Oliver was the daughter of John Oliver (died 1655?). He was
apparently an immigrant who came to Virginia from england in the middle
1600s. He acquired 300 acres of land which he willed to his wife Ellen, his
son John Jr., and his two daughters.

>2. William DeLoach II and Judith Wall

Again from Steadman: Joseph Wall (died 1727) grandfather of Judith Wall,
apparently was an immigrant from England during the middle or late 1600s.
He settled in Surry County, VA, where in 1704 he was the owner of 150 acres
of land. His will names his children - James, Joseph, John, Richard, Robert
and Elizabeth. His wife evidently died prior to his making the will. His
son Richard Wall (died 1755) moved to Northampton County, NC, where he was
living at the time of his death. His will names his wife Lucy and children:
Sampson, Richard, Arthur, Samuel, Judith DeLoatch, Sarah Boykin, Precila
Benson, and Jane Lewis.

>3. Hardy DeLoach and Elizabeth Hart

In "DeLoach Family History", Robert Ellis Colson states that Elizabeth Hart
was the daughter of Hardy Hart, who went to South Carolina from Brunswick
County, VA, sometime after 1745.

You should know that Colson's account of the DeLoach family differs from
that of Steadman and John Bennett Boddie. Colson believes that Elizabeth
Hart was the first wife of Michael DeLoach, son of William DeLoach and
Judith Wall. He believes that Michael and Elizabeth Hart were the parents
of Hardy DeLoach, not William and Judith Wall DeLoach. He also believes
that, following Elizabeth Hart's death, this Michael married Dorcas Still.
I have looked at his account long and hard, and believe that available
records better support Steadman's version. Therefore, you should understand
that there are differences of opinion concerning Elizabeth Hart.

>4. John DeLoach and Elizabeth

Information concerning Elizabeth ________ comes from the late Judge Harry
DeLoach's book "History and Genealogy of the DeLoach Family": In early
1792, John DeLoach married Elizabeth ____, who was born about 1775 in South
Carolina and who died in Tattnall County, GA, during or after 1840. She is
mentioned in Georgia records during the period 1808-1840. She was a member
of Beard's Creek Baptist Church in Tattnall County. Following John's death
in 1818/1819, she inherited over 2025 acres of land. During the period
1823-1832, she acquired, through purchases and lotteries, several hundred
additional acres in Henry and Lee Counties, GA.

>5. Hardy DeLoach and Jenima Elizabeth Todd

Again from the Judge's book: Elizabeth DeLoach, daughter of John and
Elizabeth ____ DeLoach, married John W. Todd on 1 May 1836. He was a
brother of Jemima Elizabeth Todd who married Hardy B. DeLoach. Hardy B.
DeLoach was the fifth son of John and Elizabeth _____ Deloach. He married
Jemima Elizabeth Todd in about 1839. She was born in about 1817 in Tattnall
County, the daughter of William Todd.


One of these days I am going to have to get a scanner with a good OCR so
that this information will be easier to share.


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