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From: Kathy Duncan/Peter Selph <>
Subject: [DENDY-L] Dendy, Thomas Sr. and William Jr.
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 10:25:18 -0600

Kathy Duncan, 1997 ©

The following information, drawn mostly from “The Dendy Register” and
Amelia Co., VA records, indicates that William Dendy who died in 1801 in
Laurens Co., VA was the son of William Dendy of Amelia Co. and Halifax
Co., VA and the brother of Thomas Dendy Sr. who died in Laurens Co., VA
in 1800. Basically, Thomas Dendy Sr. was researched for the purpose of
identifying his son William, and records indicate that William, son of
Thomas Sr., married Martha and died in 1817 in Laurens Co., SC.
[However, Laurens Co., SC and Lunenburg Co., VA records need to be
searched further.] William Dendy and Thomas Dendy Sr. seem to be
contemporaries and are probably brothers who died at an advanced ages.
This information is still be added to and analyzed, and is still open to
interpretation. Any comments, additions and corrections will be


1744Charles Irby’s List, below Deep Creek and above Cellar
William Dendy

1748Josias Randle’s List [lower end Nottoway Parish?]:
William Dendy

1749Charles Irby’s List, Nottoway Parish
William Dendy
William Dendy Jr.
Thomas Dendy

[The original tax list needs to be examined to see if William
Jr. and Thomas are in William Sr’s household. If they are, then
they are sons, coming of age, with eldest having been held back at
least a year. On the high end of the spectrum, they would each be
at least 22 years since they pay for their 21st year in the
following year. This would give them a birth of circa 1727. The
tax law for the area needs to be check to reach a more exact
date. These would be William Jr. d. 1801 Laurens Co., SC
and Thomas Sr. d. 1800 Laurens Co., SC. Approx. ages 73-?
`or 67-? in they paid taxes on their 16th year.]

1750Charles Irby’s List, lower end of Nottoway Parish:
William Dendy
William Dendy Jr.
Thomas Dendy

1752Charles Irby’s List, Nottoway Parish
William Dendy
William Dendy Jr.

[This is the year that Thomas Dendy appears on the
Lunenburg Tith List.]


29 Mar 1757Deed Bl 1 p. 291. George Currie to William Dendy and Martha
Dendy, son and daughter of William Dendy deceased, late of the
Parish and County of Halifax. (In 1753 William Dendy was indebted
to George Currie and to secure the debt, he made over, sold, and
conveyed unto George Currie the fee simple of, in, and to a
certain mesuage plantation tract on Runaway Creek where William,
together with cattle, furniture,etc. William, to secure his
heirs, did take a Bond. Currie says that the interest
and the Bond amount to more. If Martha and William will pay
him £15, 4s., he will deed 100 acres on the fork of Runaway to
William and 350 acres on both sides of Runaway Creek as he does
not want to defraud them. Since the deed was recorded, they must
have paid him.--Roland Dendy).

2 Nov 1764Deed Bk 5 p. 242. William Dendy sells to Robert Weakley 350
acres on both sides of Runaway Creek in Halifax Co., for £100.
Wit: Thomas Dendy, David Baughan, Oen Murphy, Wm. Liggon.

Date?Deed Bk 2 p. 331. Thomas Dendy and Mary his wife sell to
Daniel Sullivant all of Halifax Co. 50 acres on the north side
of Bannister Run for £10.

[This appears to be the same William Dendy, Thomas and
Mary Dendy who move on to Laurens Co., SC]


7 Mar 1789Deed C-24. 7 Mar 1789. Thomas Dendy Sr. and Mary Dendy to
Thomas Dendy Jr.: 200a on Double Branches, on North Creek
(included an original 150a granted to said Thomas Sr. 7 Aug

3 Mar 1800Probate of Thomas Dendy’s will, originally dated 20 Sep
1799. Names wife Mary. Children: Elizabeth Powell (wife
Samuel), Sarah Young (wife of James), Patsy Walker (wife of
Harmon), Cornelius, Thomas, William. Exr.: Mary (wife) and
William (son). Wit.: John Hunter, William Dendy, Samuel (X)

1806FILE 21-7. Thomas Dendy Jr.. Admx. Patty Dendy, Adms. Mary
Dendy 22 Aug 1806. Distributees: Patty, Charles, Betsy,

1807FILE 21-3. Thomas Dendy Sr. Exr: William Dendy. Widow
Mary; Chn: William, Sarah, Mattie

[Note Thomas Dendy Sr.’s son and executor seems to still be
living in 1807!]

12 Mar 1817Supra Court of Equity pp. 142-143 [are these the missing
pages from the Court of Equity record given later?]: Patsy
Dendy and James Young applied for letters of admr. Later
Joshua Teague admins.

1823File 18-1: William Dendy, merchant, decd. Admr. John S.
James; 7 Apr 1823; 8 legatees - no names.

1822-28Equity H 1822-8: Patsy Dendy VS Samuel Powell appointed
ADMR debonis non, on chattels of Cornelius Dendy de’d, that
Thomas Dendy Sr. had three sons, Cornelius, Thomas Jr.,
William who were named Exrs that said Thomas died 1803.

[Note: despite the death date of 1803 assigned to Thomas
Sr., rather than 1800, the family group given matches only
the sons of Thomas Sr. who died in 1800. The 1803 date may
be transcribed improperly, or Patsy, if she is the one
giving the deposition, may remember the date incorrectly. In
any event, this configuration of children fits only Thomas
Sr. d. 1800. Therefore, William Dendy who died 1817 in Laurens
Co. must have been the son of Thomas Sr. and not the
William Dendy who died 1801 in Laurens Co., SC.]

1825Laurens Co. Guardianships of 1825: Patsy Dendy made
guardian of Eliza Dendy, William G. Dendy and Daniel Dendy.
Sylvanus Walker made guardian of Eliza Dendy but appointment
recalled and Joshua Teague appointed guardian of the
following: 1. Thomas Dendy; 2. Martha Dendy; 3. Henrietta
G.; 4. William G.; 5. Daniel; 6. Eliza.

1828-7Patsy Dendy VS Joshua Teague, that William Dendy died in
1817 and left widow, Patsy, and 8 children: Mitilda, Sally,
Thomas, Winetta, Patty, Eliza, William, Daniel; that widow
Patsy and James Young applied for letters of Adm.

Date?Court of Equity: pp. 142-145 (pp. 143-144 missing): William
Dendy died intestate, possessed of 350 acres bounded by
lands of John Davis, James Young, and others, on water of
the Little River; leaving wife, Patsy Dendy who has lived on
the land since his death and enjoyed the rents and profits
thereof and the following children: 1. Matilda Dendy who
has since intermarried with Sylvanus Walker; 2. Sarah Dendy
who has married Morris Motes; 3. Thomas Dendy a minor over
14; 4. Henrietta G. Dendy a minor over 14; 5. Eliza Dendy;
6. Daniel Dendy; 7. William G. Dendy (the last three under
14 years).

WILLIAM DENDY BIBLE (originally owned by Mr. Oehl of Burbank,
California). Children:

1.Matilda Dendy: b. 29 Apr 1800 m. Sylvanus Walker, Jr.
2.Manelta Dendy: b. 12 Aug 1801 d. 8 Nov 1802
3.Sally Dendy b. 15 Feb 1803 m. Morris Motes
4.Thomas Jefferson Dendy b. 8 Feb 1805 d. 1852
m. 19 Jun 1827 to Mari Ann Jones b. 27 May 1813 d. 13 Dec
5.Patsy Neily Dendy b. 22 Mar 1807
6.Manelta Carlington Dendy b. 22 Apr 1809
7.William Gallanus b. 23 Mar 1813
8.Harriet Dendy b. 3 Dec 1814
9.Chesley Daniel Dendy b. 26 Apr 1816

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