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From: "B. J. May" <>
Subject: Re: [DENDY-L] Dendy family of Randy DeCuir
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 11:16:41 -0600

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() by way of wrote:
> Here is my line, and i am anxious to correspond with anyone who is from
> this union parish, Louisiana branch of Dendys:
> Alse Elizabeth Dendy
> 1837-1905
> Alse Elizabeth Dendy (1837-1905) is a great-great grandmother of
> Randy DeCuir of Marksville, La., who compiled this sketch.
> Alse E. Dendy Parish was born Dec. 28, 1837. Elizabeth Dendy
> married at Union Parish, La. August 16, 1855 to J. O. Parish.
> The 1870 census lists James Parish, age 40, native of Alabama,
> living in Ward Four of Union Parish, Louisiana. He was noted as a farmer,
> with $500 of real estate and $200 of personal property. He and his wife,
> Elizabeth Dendy, age 32, native of Alabama, had three children living in
> the home with them at the time: Robert, 12; Malne, 9; and Gallie, 3.
> Census records place Alse Elizabeth Dendy as follows:
> 1860 Union S. E. Dendy 20 f Ala.
> housekeeper (father)
> 1870 Union Elizabeth Parish 32 f Ala. 3
> children (wife)
> 1880 Union E. A. Parish 42 f Ala.
> Keeps house (wife)
> Alsie Elizabeth Dendy Parish died Aug. 24, 1905. Her gravestone is
> marked: "Alse E." Dendy, wife of J. O. Parish. Her widowed husband lived
> until his death Nov. 14, 1910. Their graves lies in Pisgah cemetery in
> Union Parish, just north of the town of Bernice, La.
> Also buried in Pisgah Cemetery in Union Parish are several children
> of Dr. & Mrs. J. L. Dendy. Perhaps there is information on him in library
> in Union or bio.
> The ancestors of Elizabeth Dendy Parish
> In 1879, James O Parish, husband of Alse E. Dendy, purchased
> properties at Union Parish from the estate of Martha A. Dendy, widow of
> Thomas P. Dendy.
> In the 1880 census, the native state of the father of E. A. Parish
> is listed as North Carolina. However, in census records of Thomas P. Dendy
> who we believe may be her father, he is recorded as a being from South
> Carolina.
> The 1840 census of Alabama lists Thomas P. Dendy as a resident of
> Lown. County. He is listed on page 241. This is consistant with the
> birthplaces of Dendy's children as noted in the 1860 census. The only other
> Dendy family in Alabama in 1840 was that of James H. Dendy who lived in
> Mont. County.
> The 1860 census, Union Parish, Louisiana:
> Dendy, Thomas P. 49 m S.C. farmer, $800 real
> estate; $400 pers.prop.
> M. A. 40 f Ala. housekeeper
> S. E. 20 f Ala housekeeper
> P. P. 18 f Ala. housekeeper
> H. T. 16 m Ga. farmer
> E. A. 13 f Ga.
> M. C. 12 f Miss.
> M. L. 7 f Miss
> L. E. 4 f Miss.
> L. S. 3 m La.
> Michaux, E. 17 f Ala. teacher of common school
> c1811 born at South Carolina
> c1836 married Martha A. ____ (Maiden name unknown)
> 1837 oldest known child, Elsie, is born Dec. 28 at Alabama
> 1840 listed living in Lown. Co. census at Alabama
> c1842 daughter, P. P., born at Alabama
> c1844 son, H. T., born at Georgia
> c1847 daughter, E. A., born at Georgia
> c1848 daughter, M. C. , born at Mississippi
> c1853 daughter, M. L., born at Mississippi (probably same as M. K.
> Dendy in 1880)
> c1856 daughter, L. E., born at Mississippi
> c1857 son, L. S., born at Louisiana
> 1860 listed living in Union Parish, Louisiana
> <1879 Thomas and Martha were both deceased before 1879.
> The children of Thomas P. Dendy:
> S. E. Dendy, born 1837, Alabama, married James O Parish
> P. P. Dendy, born c1842, Alabama
> H. T. Dendy, born c1844, Alabama
> E. A. Dendy, born c1847, Georgia
> M. C. Dendy, born c1848, Georgia
> M. L. Dendy, born c1853, Mississippi
> L. E. Dendy, born c1856, Mississippi
> L. S. Dendy, born c1857, Louisiana
> JAMES L. DENDY, born 1861, probably a son of Thomas P. Dendy
> Of these children:
> S. E. DENDY - see Alsie Elizabeth Dendy above
> P. P. Dendy, born c1842, Alabama
> H. T. Dendy, born c1844, Alabama
> E. A. Dendy, born c1847, Georgia
> M. C. Dendy, born c1848, Georgia
> M. L. Dendy, born c1853, Mississippi
> L. E. Dendy, born c1856, Mississippi
> L. S. Dendy, born c1857, Louisiana
> JAMES L. DENDY, M.D. 1861-1926, probably a son of Thomas P. Dendy, born
> after 1860 census. Need to check later census records to verify him as a
> son of Thomas P. Dendy.********** Dr. James L. Dendy's married, at Union
> Parish, LA., on November 18, 1888, to Vara A. Barrett, born 12-19-1871 died
> 9-2-1939. The graves of Dr. Dendy and his wife lie in the same cemetery as
> that of Elise Dendy and James O Parish. It appears that Dr. Dendy and his
> wife had many tradgedies in their family - with several of their children
> dying at the age of one or two. This is seen from the graves in Union
> Parish at Pisgah Cemetery:
> Lula Mae Dendy, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. J. L. Dendy, 1898-1900
> Stanford F. Dendy, son of Dr. & Mrs. J. L. Dendy, 1896-1897
> infant Dendy, son of J. L. & Vara Dendy, died June 13, 1903
> Katie B. Dendy, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. J. L. Dendy, 1901-1902, twin
> of Thomas
> Thomas M. Dendy, 1901-1902, twin of Katie
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Land patents in Louisina purchased by Thomas Dendy:
> Last Name First Name Init Date Parish Acres
> DENDY L M 1884 Union 40.0600
> DENDY SHADRICK M 1878 Natchitoches 79.4300
> DENDY SHADRICK M 1889 Natchitoches 79.4300
> DENDY THOMAS P 1850 Union 40.0800
> DENDY THOMAS P 1854 Union 40.1400
> DENDY THOMAS P 1857 Union 40.1400
> DENDY THOMAS P 1859 Union 0.0000
> DENDY THOMAS P 1859 Union 120.4200
> DENDY THOMAS P 1861 Union
> ----------------------------------------------------
> In the 1880 census of Union Parish, La., M. K. Dendy, age 26, native of
> Mississippi, is listed living in the home of B. F. and Amanda Parish Gray.
> She is noted as the sister-in-law of B. F. Gray. M. K. Dendy was probably
> the same as M. L. Dendy of the 1860 census in the home of Thomas P. Dendy.
> If she was, this means she would have also been the aunt of Mrs. Gray, who
> had died just five days before the census taker visited the home in June.
> In the Morman International Family Index:
> 1) there is listed a Thomas P. Dendy, born Jan. 31, 1811 in South
> Carolina, son of Thomas C. Dendy and Elizabeth Cason. This is probably the
> same Thomas P. Dendy who is probably my ancestor. The files at the Morman
> church do not list any wife or descendents of Thomas P. Dendy.
> 2) there is listed a Thomas C. Dendy, born c1785, of Laurens Co.,
> South Carolina, son of William Dendy and Clarey Cargill. Need detail from
> this file.
> 3) William Dendy, born c1739, of Laurens Co., South Carolina,
> married to Clarey Cargill. Need details on this file. It is believed
> William Dendy was of Scottish origin, according to the Dendy family book.
> South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 5, No. 2 (1785-1884)
> lists William Dendy and Clarey Cargill (perhaps more detail can be found in
> the magazine? - It was noted in CD ROM Marriage files, computer
> (Advertisers in Roots as of 1995).
> -----------------------------------------------------------There was also a
> book by Jennie McCormack Dendy, publ. c1978, containing The William Dendy
> Family of Scottish Lineage, which immigrated to Halifax, Va. in 1750s.
> Dendy family index is Morman ref. # [US/CAN Film area 1036348, Item 3.]
> (0rdered this book Jan. 1995 from Morman Library in Alex.
> After studying the Dendy Book by microfilm - copies of certain
> pages in the Dendy file I conclude:
> The birthyear of Thomas P. Dendy matches that of the Thomas P. Dendy of
> Union Parish, as well as the census information lists him as a native of
> South Carolina. Therefore we feel that Elizabeth's father, Thomas P. Dendy
> is one and the same as the Thomas P. Dendy listed in the Dendy family book.
> If I could locate his gravestone and verify his birthdate, then we could
> have an exact match. Or perhaps there is a will of Thomas C. Dendy. However
> I doubt if there was a will, or the Dendy book would have picked up
> additional information from it - such as he as a resident of Alabama or
> Louisiana, etc.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Buried in Union Parish, in same graveyard as James O Parish and his wife,
> Elsie Dendy:
> James L. Dendy, M. D., 1861-1926 (this could possibly be a son born after
> 1860 census)
> Vara A. Dendy, wife of James L. Dendy, 12-19-1871 to 9-2-1939
> Larkin Melton Dendy, May 21, 1858 to Feb. 16, 1925
> Carroll Ann Dendy, died May 11, 1938, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
> Dendy
> from Randy DeCuir

B. J. May wrote:

Thanks a lot for your reply. I already have in my collection of Dendy
genealogy the names of Alsie Dendy and her family. This means that you
and I are related somehow. Our common ancestors are William Dendy and
his wife Clary Cargill. My computer program says that I am related to
Alsie E. Dendy as a 2nd cousin, 4 generations removed. My line is via
John Dendy, 1st child of William, Born 13 May 1764 in Laurens Co., SC.
You are a descendant of Thomas C. Dendy, 6th child of William Dendy,
born 2 May 1775 in Laurens Co., SC. I would like to include all the
descendants of Alsie E. Dendy in my collection of Dendys including you
and your descendants if this is acceptable to you. I will keep in
touch. Thanks again cousin. BJM

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