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From: Wynnette <>
Subject: Re: [DENDY] Larkin Milton DENDY
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:18:33 -0500

> Last August, 8 of the 9 children who survived of my GGG/gpa James Eubanks
> and his wife Frances Massey had representatives of their lines who met
> online and compiled an almost complete 4 generation listing (with a lot
> of proofs) of the family during the 1800s and a lot of the 1900s. Their
> granddaughter Nancy Ann Eubanks was my grandma Gaulden's mother who was
> born in Blount County AL. William C. Dendy's brother Larkin Milton
> Dendy's children were listed in the Blount County Orphan's records. Some
> of the Dendys and Eubanks also lived in Cherokee County TX after TWBTS.
> Larkin's nephew Leander Milton Dendy's 2nd marriage in 1880 was to Nancy
> Ann Eubanks.
> *** Does anyone know any more about Dendy-Eubanks' connections? or can
> fill in any of the other blanks?
> 1860 USC, Texas (Cherokee County, p. 911)
> Dendy, L. M. 43 b. SC
> Marge E. b. TX
> Ophelia
> William
> John T. 3
> Unfortunately, I didn't take time to copy the children's ages or
> birthplaces - or the birthplaces of the parents.
> BLOUNT COUNTY AL EARLY RECORDS. Index to Probate and Orphans' Court
> Minutes, Vol III, 1837-1901 by Lottie Painter Hudson, 1981.
> 1859-1869 Probate Minutes (Blount, AL)
> pp. 56-62 J. E. Bobo, Estate
> 1866-1872 Probate Minutes (Blount, AL)
> pp. 600, 612 Guardian of Ophelia, William, and John DENDY
> [Note that John was 3 on 1860 USC and Ophelia and William were older. L.
> M. Dendy's wife was Margaret E.]
> 1869-1873 Probate Minutes (Blount, AL)
> p. 298 William R. Dean, Guardian of
> Ophelia, William, John,
> Maulia, Elizabeth, and Russell DENDY
> [Had Margaret (Edgar) DENDY died or been abandoned?] If Larkin Milton
> Dendy had also died, how do we account for the follosing sons?
> THE DENDY FAMILY REGISTER, p. 161, does not list Russell, but shows three
> more sons, Alexander Larkin Dendy (b. 7 Oct 1865), Arthur Young Dendy (b
> ~ 1867) and Walter Edgar Dendy (b ~1870). [~ is one-half of the
> mathematical sign for approximate]. Now if you have your copy of The
> Register out, you might want to make a notation in the index for DENDY,
> Larkin Milton. Only pages 131, 161, and 162 are references to him. The
> rest point to his nephew Leander Milton DENDY.
>From information sent by B.J. May:
Larkin Milton Dendy was b. 26 Jun 1813 in SC. He was the son of Thomas
Dendy and Elizabeth Cason. He m. Margaret Edgar 8 Dec 1859 in Cherokee
Miss. Known Children are: Ofelia Dendy, William Thomas (Buck) Dendy,
T. Dendy, Molly Dendy, Lizzie Dendy, Alexander Larkin Dendy, Arthur
Dendy, Walter Edgar Dendy.

> Perhaps just to keep us on our toes, the DENDY families were all spelled
> DANDY in the 1870 AL Census Index.
> DANDY, Alfred Hale, 033 Greensboro PO
> DANDY, Samuel Barbour, 130 Eufaula PO
> DANDY, J. Cherokee, 335 Amberson PO
> DANDY, J. O. Cherokee, 335 Amberson PO
> DANDY, W. G. Coosa, 291 Brooke Ville
> DANDY, Hannah Montgomery, 381 Mt. Meigs PO
> DANDY, Hillard Montgomery, 110 Montgomery PO
> DANDY, Lawson Pike, 419 Goshen Hill PO
> DANDY, William C. Pike, 419 Goshen Hill PO
> DANDY, Hannah Talladega,461 Munford PO
> DANDY, Horace Talladega, 461 Munford PO
> DANDY, Reuben Talladega, 461 Munford PO
> DANDY, Daniel Tallapoosa, 017 Youngville
> DANDY, James Tallapoosa, 028 Youngsville
> DANDY, Thomas Tallapoosa, 017 Youngville
> If Goshen Hill is the town now called Goshen, (It is called Goshen now)we drove over to it on our
> whirlwind tour of Alabama. Goshen, about 10 miles southwest of Troy, is
> on a hill above the Conecuh River and an abandoned Southern Alabama
> Railroad runs through the town. William C. Dendy and his son Lawson
> moved from Briar Hill in the northwestern corner of the county between
> 1860 and 1870.
> In 1870 Lawson was enumerated in the household of his sister Jeffalona
> and her husband John Taylor. By 1880, he had followed other Dendys to
> Texas and was enumerated on page 274 in Wood County. Also enumerated in
> his household were wife Josephine E., (step?) children Dora M. and
> Georgia A. (ages 13 and 12), a son William S. Dendy (age 6), his mother
> Ann (age 75), his brother William (age 48) and William's son Algernon
> (age 18). Apparently, he quickly returned to Alabama. Kathy found Lawson
> Dendy in Monroe County AL records in 1882-1883.
> Would any of you who trace land records please share some of that
> information with us? And would you also share any death dates and burial
> places that you may have? especially for William C. Dendy and his wife
> Nancy Ann (Williams) Dendy!
Here is what I have about Lawson Dendy:
Lawson Dendy b. ca 1846 in AL, d. 15 Aug 1894 in Escambia Co. AL; m.
Shirley on 7 Dec 1865 in Pike Co. AL; children: Dora M. Dendy b. ca
Georgia A. Dendy b. ca 1858, William S. b. ca 1878. These cannot be
children, he would have been 11 when Dora was born and if they were his
children they would be using their father's name. Maybe they were a
children. Let me know if you find out anything farther about Lawson.
"Old Cahaba Land Office Records & Military Warrents 1817-1853" pg 168 by
Davis Barefield----William C. Dendy__11/1/1836__Montgomery Co.
AL__Sec.7__Tsp 11
__Rng 20
I find that Joseph Leander Milton Dendy m. 1st Susannah Parks Long 12
Jan 1864 in Mississippi and 2nd Nancy Ann Eubanks 24 Mar 1880 in Leake
Children by Susannah Parks Long:
Mary Malysian Dendy, b. 5 July 1865 d. 10 Jun 1943; Nancy Jane (Jennie),
b. 9
Jul 1867, d. 25 Oct; John Wiley Dendy, b. 20 Feb 1869, d. 2 Feb 1939;
Lenora Dendy b. 31 Nov 1871, d. ?; Joseph McLean Dendy, b. 14 Nov 1872,
d. 15
Jan 1967; Susannah Milton Dendy, b. 28 Feb, d. 4 Dec 1911.
Children by Nancy Ann Eubanks:
Jolly Preston Dendy, b. 26 Mar 1882, d. 25 Sep 1936; James Grover Dendy,
b. 26
Mar 1885, 24 Nov 1936; Tena Ardel Dendy b. 2 Jan, d. 8 jul 1963; Lucy
Dendy, b. 19 aug 1889, d. 21 Dec 1968; Joe (Joseph?)Biddle Dendy, b. 23
d. 1 May 1918.
My husband, James E. Welch, is decended from Thomas C. and Elizabeth
Cason Dendy
through their daughter, Priscilla Dendy, who was the 1st wife of Ira J.
Joseph Leander Milton Dendy was the grandson of Thomas C. and Elizabeth
Dendy through their son John D. and Mary McLean Dendy.
I hope this will help and not be more confusing, some of my information
different people contradicts itself.

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