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Subject: [NewCastle] Merion Meeting Burial Records, 1777 & 1778
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Subject: [PaOldC] 1777 Merion Meeting Burial Records

    Thomas Wynne, 1 Mo. 1, 1777.  Letters of Administration on the
estate of
Thomas Wynne were granted to Isaac Warner and James Jones, Jr., Oct 5,
    See 1782.
    The name of Thomas Wynne appears on the List of Taxables for
1769, 1774.  In 1779, "Tho's Wynn's est'e".  In 1780, "Yin's est'e.  In
1783, "Thomas Wynn's est."  In Heston's "Return", 1783, "Thos. Wynn,
    This Thomas Wynne was the son  of the son of Thomas Wynne and Mary
his wife.  Thomas the father died in 1757, and the widow married for her
second husband, James Jones, Sr., Blockley.
    The Thomas Wynne who died 1782, married Margaret Coulton.  Margaret,
to 1808, married for her second husband, Samuel Claphanson, from London,
    Children of Thomas Wynne and Margaret Coulton, his wife, were
Thomas; Phebe.
    Faden's Map, 1777, was founded on Scull & Heap's Map, 1750.  The name
"Wenns" is on Scull & Heap's and "Wynn" on Faden's, 1777.  Jon'a. Winn,
on  Reed's Map.

    John Whiteheard, Carpenter, son of Jas. Whitehead, Phila.  1 Mo. 15,
    The name of one John Whitehead is on the List of Taxables for Lower
Merion, 1769.
    The marriage of James Whitehead and Mary Connor is recorded at St.
and Zion Church, Philadelphia, Oct. 31, 1752.
    The will of James Whitehead, Gent. is recorded in Phila. Mentions
Mary.  Children, William, James, John, Elizabeth, Deborah.  Grandchild,
Lydia Walton.  Executors, Wife, and Benedict Dorsey.  Signed Jan. 22,
1771.  Witnesses, John Cresson, Joseph Cruckshank, Thos. Hughes.  Proved
Feb. 8, 1776.

    Mary Ogleby, 1 Mo. 19, 1777.
    William Ogilby and Sarah Davis were married April 10, 1766.  Marriage
recorded at Christ Church, Philadelphia.
    George Oglesby and Elizabeth Bethel, Aug. 5, 1776.  Recorded at
Christ Church.
    Other Ogleby marriages were:
    George Oglelbe adn Elizabeth Waters, April 1, 1759.
    John Ogelbery and Hannah Day, Jan. 7, 1769.
    Mary Ogelby and James Sturges, Oct. 2, 1775.
    Sarah Ogelby and William Whitefield, Oct. 30, 1767.
    John Ogilby and Lady Lee, May 10, 1752.
    Patrick Ogleby and Martha Lee, Sept. 27, 1759.
    Joseph Ogleby and Susannah Martin, Jan. 13, 1777.
These marriages recorded at the Swedes' Church, Phila.  The following
marriages are recorded at the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.
    William Oglesbey and Ermine Butler, 5 Mo. 12, 1732.
    George Ogleby and Mary Johnson, 7 Mo. 2, 1738.
At the Presbyterian Church, Abington, Pa;
    James Ogleby and Rachel Glaskow, May 15, 1750.
At St. Michael's and Zion Church, Philadelphia;
    John Leacock and Martha Ogilby, Oct. 9, 1772.
    James Oggleby, Elizabeth Witmann, Feb. 19, 1779.

    Thomas Ellis, Sadler, 2 Mo. 8, 1777.  The Ellis family early settled
Haverford township.
    The will of Humphrey Ellis, of Haverford is recorded at West Chester.
Mentions his sons Humphrey and Jeremiah Ellis.  His daughters Rachel and
Eleanor.  Grand - daughters, Perthiana and Sarah.  Executors, Sons
Subilymus and Jeremiah Ellis.  Trustees, Henry Lewis, of Haverford &
William of Blockley. Mentions "my wife Jane, and my daughters, Margaret
Mary". Sighed 9 Mo. 8, 1737.  Wit:  Amos Lewis, Enoch Lewis, Thomas
Vaughn.  Proved, March 17, 1741-2.
    Margaret Ellis, Haverford, spinster.  Mentions brother Humphrey
Ellis and
Sublimus Ellis.  Sister Rachel Kirk.  Nephews Thomas, David, Jesse and
Jonathan Ellis.  Brother, Jeremiah Ellis and sister, Mary
Kirk,  Executors.  Sighed July 25, 1754.  Wit.  Thos. Vaughan, John
Vaughan, Wm. Lewis.  Proved Aug. 16, 1754

    Michael Stadelman, son of William Stadelman, 2 Mo. 21, 1777.
    William Stadelman, from Germany, was naturalized in Philadelphia,
11, 1762.  Settled in Lower Merion.  His will was signed Jan. 7,
1777.  Proved May 3, 1777.   He speaks of his wife Catherine.  Children,
William, Michael, Elizabeth Bunner, Catharine.  Sons-in-law, Jacob
John Bunner.  Executors, Catherine, Michael and William Stadelman and
Frederick Becking.  Witnesses, Richard Witehead, S. Weiss.
    St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lower Merion, was founded
First Communion Service held 1767.  Early members were William Stadelman,
Frederick Grow, Stephen Goodman, Christopher Gettzman, George Bassler,
Simon Litzenberg, Chrisotpher Taumiller (Miller) and his brother Tobias,
Philip Super.
    Letters of Administration on the estate of Michael Strattleman,
granted Jan. 5, 1779.  Ad. Edward and John Jones.  Securities, Jacob
Waggoner, Richard Miles.  See Ad. Docket. West Chester, 2, 277.
    Recorded at German Reformed Church Phila.  Elizabeth Staddleman and
Bonner were married Aug. 29, 1768.
    Michael Strattleman and Sarah Wynn, Jan. 29, 1763.  The later
recorded at St. Michael's and Zion Church, Phila.
    The Stadelman homestead was the "Black Horse Inn" Old Lancaster Road
City Avenue, on the Lower Merion side of the Philadelphia County Line. 
"Black Horse" (1908) is still standing.
    William Stadelman was a member of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran

Lower Merion, popularly known as the "Old Dutch Church".  He was buried
the churchyard, but not all his family were interred with him.
    The name of William Stadelman appears on the List of Taxables for
Merion, 1769, 1774.

    Sarah, wife of William Stadelman, 3 Mo. 6, 1777.  She was the wife
of (Wm.
Stadelman, of Lower Merion, brother of Michael; uncle of Wm. Jr. (d.
son of Wm. Stadelman, Sr. (d. 1777.))
    Jacob Wagenaer and Catharina Stradleman were married Feb. 25,
1767.  Marriage recorded at Christ Church, Philadelphia.
    William Stadelman, Jr. Lower Merion, died 1785.  Will recorded at
Norristown.  Proved March 21, 1785.   Mentions wife, Mary.  Son Thomas
(under age).  Sister Elizabeth Paul.  Brother-in-law, William Brasdess,
Executors, Uncles William Stadelman of Lower Marion and Hugh Jones of
Marple. Signed March 15, 1785.  Witnesses, Hugh Jones, Jno. Johnson,
    The Hugh Jones of Marple, mentioned in the will of William
Stadelman, Jr.,
of Lower Merion (died 1785) was a son of Hugh Jones of "Brookfield",
Merion (b. 1705;  d. 8, 8, 1790) and Mary, his wife.
    Hugh Jones of Parple (born 3 Mo. 12, 1748), died 12 Mo. 29, 1796.
of Administration on his estate were granted at Chester to Mary Jones, et
al.  Feb. 23, 1797.  Sureties, Samuel Pancoast and William Brook. 
filed March 15, 1808.
    The name "Stradelman" is on Scull & Heap's Map, 1750, and
"Stadelman" on
Faden's, 1777.
    Elizabeth Stadleman and Thomas Paul were married Feb. 19, 1784.  This
marriage recorded at Swedes' Church, Philadelphia.
    Hugh Jones of Marple (b. in Merion 3 Mo. 12, 1748; d. 12 Mo. 29,
married Mary Hunter, of Radnor, 2 Mo. 11, 1777.  Mary (b. 11 Mo. 12,
d. 8 Mo. 20, 1820) was the daughter of James Hunter and Hannah Morgan,
wife (dau. of John and Sarah).
    The Hugh Jones of Merion who was born 1705, died 1790, was the son
of another
Hugh Jones, b. 1675, a "first Purchaser", believed to have been a
brother of one Robert Jones.
    Hugh Jones, of Marple (b. 1748; d. 1796) had a dau. Mary, who married
(1804) Nathan Brooke, of Lower Merion, and had a son, Hugh Jones Brooke,
Radnor (b. 1805; d. 1876).

    ______ Widdow, wife of Jacob Widdow, 3 d Mo. 10, 1777.  Jacob Widdow
Jane Warner were married Jan. 24, 1753.  Marriage recorded at St. Michael
and Zion Church,  Philadelphia.  The name of Abraham Widdows is on the
of Taxables for Blockley, 1769.

    Sarah Nickerson, Blockley March 29, 1777.  Will signed Jan. 20,
1766.  Widow.  Mentions her brother, Samuel Rhoads.  Sister Mary
Rhoads.  Friends, Sarah, Margaret and Susannah Thomas,  Hannah Brooks. 
Executor, John Rhoads.  Witnesses, Thomas Marshall, John Bunting, Lewis
    The name of Sarah Nicholson appears on the List of Taxables for
Blockley township, 1769 - Sarah Nichason 1744. She was the daughter of
Adam Rhoads of Darby.
    The name Nickerson appears on Scull & Heap's map, 1750.  The house is
located near Cobb's Creek, and not far from that of "Roads".

    Thomas David.  Will proved 14, June, 1777, Phila.  Signed 1 Mo. 7,
1776.   Mentions nephews, David and Robert Roberts.  Kinswoman, Margaret
Thomas.  Nieces, Jane Thomas, Elizabeth Evans, Ellin Roberts.  Friends,
Paul Jones, Elizabeth Hersh.  Leaves a sum for making repairs at Goshen
Merion Meeting Houses.  Trustees, Jacob and Silas Jones.  Executors,
Jones, David Jones (Blockley).  Witnesses, Anthony Levering, Tunis Lees,
Paul Jones.
    The name of Thomas David appears on the List of Taxables for Lower
1769, 1774, 1734.  This Thomas David was the son of Robert David,
adventurer on the "Ship Lyon".

    A Child of Thomas Evans, 8 Mo. 28, 1777.

    William Watson (weaver) died at Thos. George, 9 Mo. 30, 1777.  Will
Aug. 25, 1777.  Proved Aug. 8, 1789.

    Lawrence Garrett, buried 11 Mo. 6, 1777.  Will proved Sept. 7,
1778.  Lawrence Garrett of Blockley.  Will signed Sept. 27, 1777. 
wife Rebecca.  Child, Mary Pyewell.  Grandchildren, Garet Hughes;
Margaret and William Pyewell. Niece, Sarah Sungrave.  Executors, Rebecca
Garrett, Edward Williams.  Witnesses, Joseph Johnson, Peter Ott, Rebecca
    Mary Garrett and John Pyewell were married Oct. 10, 1761.  Marriage
recorded at Christ Church.
    The Johnson homestead was Mount Prospect, now called "Chamouni", in
West Fairmount Park.
    The Ott homestead was "Brunewald", in the Park, near the Garrett and
Johnson properties.
    The name of Lawrence Garrett appears on the List of Taxables for
Blockley, 1769, 1774.
    Garret Hughes and Ann Margaret Gotchell were married Sept. 10,
1764.  Marriage recorded at St. Paul's P. E. Church, Phila.
    The name "Garrig" is on Scull & Heap's Map, 1750. and "Garrett" on
Faden's 1777.
    Lydia Garret and Edward Hewes were married March 1, 1764.  Marriage
recorded at Christ Church.

    Esther Thomas, wife of Michael, was buried at Merion, 11 Mo. 25,
    11, 2, 1734.  Michael Thomas, son of Thomas Thomas of Radnor, - and
David, dau. of Edward, of East town, Chester, Co., at Radnor
Meeting.  Wit:  Thomas, Thamar and John Thomas;  Edward, Gerish, Edward,
Sr., and Priscilla Edwards.
    3, 6, 1708.  Thomas Thomas, eldest son of William Thomas , of
Radnor, and

Thamar Miles, eldest daughter of Samuel Miles of the same twp. at Radnor
Meeting House.  Wit:  William, Rees, David, William, Anne, John, and Rees
    Thamar Miles (wife of Thomas Thomas) was born 8 Mo. 21, 1687;  died
8 Mo.
27, 1770.  She "lived in matrimonial covenant with Thomas Thomas 62
years & 3 months."
    Thomas Thomas owned a mill since known as that of Tryon Lewis. 
Thomas and
Thamar had a daughter Margaret, who was a preacher among Friends;  and
married Nathan Lewis, and had sons Eli and Levi Lewis.
    The will of Esther Thomas of Upper Merion is recorded at West
Chester.  Signed April 4, 1777.  Proved Feb. 1779.  Mentions sons Thomas
Thomas and Miles Thomas.  3 daughters, Ruth Walker, Thamar Rees, Jennis
Celey.  Grand daughters, Ruth Walker;  Esther and Susannah Rees;  Onoriah
Celley.  Daughter thamar.  Michael,  son of Miles Thomas.  Grandsons Eli,
Michael, Samuel and Isaac Rees;  Thomas Walker,  Executors, sons-in-law,
Jacob Walker, Samuel Caley.  Witnesses to will of Esther Thomas,
were:  Henry Casselbeary, Jacob Casselbeary, James Davis.
    5 Mo. 2, 1771.  Nathan Heacock, son of _____ _____, Middletown,
Co.; and Priscilla Thomas, dau. of Michael of Upper  Merion, at
Meeting House.  Wit:  John, Joseph, Jonathan, Hannah and Ann
Heacock;  Michael, Esther and Abel Thomas.
    4, 17, 1766.  Isaac Rees, so of Isaac of upper Merion, yeoman; - and
Thamar Thomas, dau. of Michael of Radnor, at Radnor Meeting H. Wit: 
Mary, David, John, Susannah, Hannah and Philip Rees;  Michael, Esther,
Thomas, Thamar and Miles Thomas.
    11, 28, 1765.  Samuel Caley, son of Samuel of Newtown, dec'd; and
Thomas, dau. of Michael of Radnor, at Radnor M. H.  Wit:  Samuel, Ann and
Anne Caley;  Michael, Esther, Thomas and Thamar Thomas.
    1  Mo. 4, 1764.  Jacob Walker of Tredyffrin;  and Ruth Thomas of
at Radnor Meeting House,  Wit:  Michael, Thomas and Thamar Thomas; 
and Jerman Walker.

                Morton Garrett, Blockley.  Buried 3 Mo. 4, 1778.  Son of
Garrett. Will proved Sept. 7, 1778.  Signed Feb. 8, 1778.   Mentions
Joseph Johnson.  Aunt Margaret Johnson.  Kinsmen, Christian Cornelius; 
Sarah, Robert and John Graig;  Executors, Joseph Johnson, Thomas George,
Algernon Roberts.  Witnesses, Peter Ott, Andrew Ott, David George.
        Joseph Johnston and Margaret Garret were married Sept.  14,
Recorded at 2nd Presb. Church, Phila.
        The Craig homestead was "Greenland", in the West Park.
        The Johnson homestead was "Mount Prospect", now called
        Christopner Cornelius and Elizabeth Roberts were married Sept.
9, 1769.
        Joseph Cornelius and Christina Magdalin, May 8, 1760.
        Robert Craig and Sarah Gardiner.  July 29, 1771.
        The name of Morton Garrett appears on the List of Taxables for
Blockley 1774.  Also the names of John Garret and Lawrence Garret.  Also,
"Jacob Garret's estate", and Joseph Johnson - "John Garret's estate".  In
1779, appear Robert Craig, "Morton Garret's est'e";  John Pyewell, "Law'e
Garrett's est."  Joseph Johnston.
        This was Major Morton Garrett of the Seventh Battalion,
Co. Militia, 1777.  See Penna. Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIII, p.

        Ann George, daughter of George and Elizabeth George, born 2 d
Mo. 17,
1734;  died 3 d Mo. 3, 1778.  Buried on the 5 th.

        Peter Matson of Upper Merion, 3 Mo. 17, 1778. 
        The Matson family of Upper Merion  were among the early Swedish
settlers.  The resided near "Matson's Ferry",  now West Conshohocken,
before 1712.
        Peter Matson and Christiana Peterson were married Nov. 9,
Marriage recorded at the Swedes' Church, Philadelphia.               
        Peter Matson and elizabeth Supply were married Sept. 2, 1767. 
Marriage recorded at Swedes" Church.
        The name of Peter Mattson is on the List of Taxables for Upper
Merion, 1769. Peter Matson and Peter Matson, Jr. on the List for 1774.
        Among those whose property in Upper Merion was injured by the
in 1777 were Isaac Matson and Peter Matson.
        Nils Matson was an early Swedish settler.  His son, John, in
had 11 in his family. Of these, John, Jr. was living at Matson's Ford,
        In 1780, Peter Matson had 179 acres in Upper Merion.  He had a
Isaac in Upper, and a son Jacob in Lower Merion.
        The name of Isaac Matson appears on the List of Taxable for Upper
Merion, 1774.  On List of 1779, Peter Matson, Isaac Matson.  On List of
Peter Matson, Isacc Matson.
        The will of Peter Matson, Upper Merion, is recorded in
Mentions wife Ann.  Children, Isaac, Peter, Esther, Anna, Mary O'Neil,
Daugherty, Elizabeth Rambo, Ann Marsh, Son-in-law, Elias James. 
Nathan Potts, Peter Matson.  Signed March 7, 1778.  Witnesses, Samuel
Amos Willits.  Proved Dec. 16, 1778.

        Martha Owen.  Died at Hannah Williams's 4 Mo. 9, 1778.

        Joseph Williams of Blockley died about 1778. *  (*Crossed out
apparently by the author, "His widow was Hannah Jones Williams, He was
son of Edward William and was born 1722.")
        The Williams homestead was at Overbrook Station, Penna. R. R. 
descendants of William ap Edwards (Edward or Bedward) took the surname

        Joseph Lees, Jr. died about 1778. The name of Joseph Lees, Jr.
is on the List of Taxables for Blockley, 1774, 1779.

        John Roberts, Miller.  Buried 11 Mo. 6, 1778.
        This was the Tory.  His estate was confiscated.  His residence
on Mill Creek, opposite the road leading to Ardmore, afterwards became
the property of the patriot, Blair McClenahan.
        John Roberts was the only man in Lower Merion attainted of
He left but one son, Jehu (b. 9 Mo. 20, 1751;  d. 1 Mo. 3, 1818.)
        Jehu Roberts was a partiot.  He served in Capt. Ludwick Knoll's
Militia, 1781.  See Penna.  Archives, Sixth Series, Vol. I, p. 732.

        Edward Roberts, 12 mo. 29, 1778.
        "Edward Robert's estate" is mentioned in the List of Taxables
for Lower Merion, 1779.
        Two of the same name, Edward Roberts, are mentioned in the list
of Taxables for 1769.
        John Roberts of Pencoyd and Rebecca his wife had a son, Edward
Roberts, who was born Jan. 1, 1755.
        John Roberts, by will dated Oct. 1775, proved in Philadelphia,
7, 1776, gives to "my son Edward Roberts" £50.

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