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Subject: Re: [NewCastle] Hans and "Usin" Peterson?
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 12:23:46 -0400
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Thank you. That part fits with other info about Samuel Peterson.

But no "Adam" anywhere in sight in this family, right? He seems to
appear in Delaware at least by 1678 when the tax list was created per
Governor Andros' request.

In the 1687 tax list, Samuel Peterson is listed "on the north side of
Christiana Creek." (located in Brandywine now).

But in the same tax list, Adam Peterson is located "north side of
Oppoquenomen" (Appoquiniminck). His land was located approximately
where Middletown is now. That's also where his granddaughter Rachel,
Andrew Peterson's daughter, lived.

This is not to say that Adam wasn't related to Samuel, only I don't
see at this point how he would be.

I have one suggestion that Adam Peterson's father was a Hendrick
Peterson. If so, I don't see a Hendrick Peterson in Delaware in the
early Colonial period. Are there any very early Petersons in the book
with the name Hendrick or Henry?

Are the Petersons in your book all from the same family?

Thanks again,

On 6/27/06, <> wrote:
> Liz, Samuel Peterson was born abt 1633, a Finn from Fryksande parish,
> Varmland Ian. He married Brita Jonsson [Bridget] and was in New Castle Co.
> Samuel Peterson made his mark in 1654 to Governor Rising and made the same
> distinctive mark fifteen months later when the Swedes were called upon to take
> the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch.
> In 1667 Samuel Peterson gave to the Crane Hook Church and burying ground
> thirty feet of his land.
> Hans Peterson is listed.
> I count about fifteen Petersons as well as some of the families they married
> into.
> It looks as if Katherine was the oldest daughter and she married Peter
> Stalcop. She died before 1739.
> Paul

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