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From: "Karen Chessell" <>
Subject: Re: [DK] royal connections
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 08:04:29 +0100

Please, what does BYU stand for?

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From: Jeanne Nelson <>
To: <>
Date: 09 June 2002 18:40
Subject: Re: [DK] royal connections

>Last night I heard a similar discussion when I
>attended a presentation by a member of the research
>team at BYU who are studying molecular genealogy. This
>team is trying to establish a worldwide database for
>studying movements of peoples around the world through
>time by comparing their DNA against their genealogy
>This is an information gathering project only, to
>establish a DNA "library" that researchers can consult
>at some later point to determine where in the world
>their ancestors were centered, and to possibly trace
>their ancestry along lines other than through the
>mitochodrial DNA (totally maternal lines) or through
>the Y chromasome (totally paternal lines). They are
>aiming to establish a database of 100,000 samples.
>I donated 1/2 teaspoon of my blood and my genealogy
>chart for the cause when I learned quite by accident
>that the team would be collecting samples near my
>home. If any of you are interested in participating,
>you can check their collection schedule at
>I was told that they are short on samples from
>Scandinavian backgrounds, so volunteers from this list
>would be especially helpful. I was told that they
>would go anywhere to collect samples if a group of two
>hundred or more volunteer could be assured (that
>shouldn't be too hard when you think about all the
>genealogy societies and historical societies out
>there). Their progress so far is detailed at
>Their main page is at
>If I sound enthusiastic about this project, I want you
>to know that my interest is purely genealogical. I am
>not affiliated with BYU or with this project, other
>than as a DNA contributor.
>By the way, Rock, if you want to formalize you
>extensive knowledge into a degree, I learned last
>night that BYU is the only university in the world
>that offers a degree in genealogy. ;o)
>Best regards,
>Jeanne Nelson
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>> Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 20:12:15 +0100
>> From: "Karen Chessell" <>
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>> Subject: [DK] royal connections
>> It seems we ALL descend from royalty - I was given
>> these websites by the
>> listowner of the DNA-Rootsweb list.
>> Karen
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