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From: Brokan <>
Subject: Re: [DK] (Bankbud to V.I.P.) * VICTOR BORGE!!*
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 11:52:18 +1000
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I've been trying to find a **"Visbæk"** and did find one, but
it is a fictional place in a big Danish period novel,
by Anna Koch Schiøler (1867-1963) born 9 April 1867
in Vejle Amt (county)

The novel was written in 1925 and tells about life in a group
of Danish faming communities in the mid 1800!

There several place/community names in this story such as
Visbæk, Skællinge, Røbæk, Egebjerg and so on. While these
names are fictional - one can wonder if the author didn't use old
locality names a for her story?
You mentioned Viborg - and
the author vas born in Vejle Amt.
Vejle and Viborg Amts are/were very similar country type
counties in Jylland (Jutland) of the type used in the book.
(I have lived in Smidstrup in Vejle Amt)
Parish/place names used in the book - such as the one's I mentioned
- appears so very similar the parish names in the two counties. I
would think she usede hybrids of real names from her native
home area! Visbæk looks/sounds very much like a name from
that area!

I did speculate that Anders could have used "Visbæk", to avoid
revealing his real place of residence/birth in Denmark, but the book
was written in 1925 or after the records you have, were made!

Locality/parish names in Denmark are not my "knowledge" side,
but I've been through virtually all parish names Jylland (to me the
most likely area of Denmark)- and all in both Vejle (her birth county)
and Viborg amts without finding a "Visbæk"!

Perhaps someone else have more information on this?

cheers from
Cai.-- the banana bender

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Subject: RE: [DK] (Bankbud to V.I.P.) * VICTOR BORGE!!*


Thank you!! That's my man!! Now, if I could just find out where he lived, or
was born or something!! All I have is Viborg, and that's from a newspaper
article. Even his Naturalization papers just say Denmark!!! I sure wish all
these folks would have thought that someone would be looking for them 100
years AFTER they tossed everything!


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***Fægtelærer == Fencing Teacher/Instructor!


> Name: Randolf, Anders Occupation: *** Fægtelærer
> Age: 29 Destination: N.Y.
> Contract no.: 90700 Registration date: 7/10/1901

Birth place: **"Visbæk"** Birth place: ?

> Last res. parish: ? Last res. county: - USA
> Last residence: U.S.A. Destination country: USA
> Destination city: New York City Destination state: New York State
> Name of ship: Norge
> Remarks: ANM: Visbæk kan ikke lokaliseres. IDcode: D9701R2
> --
> Flemming Aasklint
> DK-4500 Nykøbing Sj.

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