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From: "Martin V. Andersen" <>
Subject: Sv: [DK] Fw: This is quite funny.
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 19:22:45 +0200
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Making the language less colourfull ???


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Fra: "Brokan" <>
Til: <>
Sendt: 13. august 2003 01:36
Emne: Re: [DK] Fw: This is quite funny.

> Perhaps it isnt all that funny. It brings Euro-English
> spelling into line with the rest of Europe! Norway
> did a similar thing with its language many years ago.
> The actually changed to a phonetic spelling - and they
> found it very practical, once they got the hang of it.
> A united Europe - like USA - does need a common
> language, but all the major countries feels it ought to
> be theirs! USA did make a fair number of practical
> changes to the English language. They took the 'U'
> out colour harbour etc and borough to name some!
> Cai

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