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From: Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Re: [DK] Fw: This is quite funny.
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 11:14:49 -1000 (UTC)

My Danish grandmother, who died in 1931 the year after I was born, sometimes wrote that way. In her letters to Dad she would threaten to come (from Chicago to St. Joe) for a 'wisit'. She was born in Troense, came to America with her older brother when she was 13, and died at age 72. Her Danish husband had died the day before her.

My older sister remembers learning a lesson from her. Grandma gave June Daisy a set of water colors, which had been our Aunt Daisy's, because June "didn't ask for them". June says that it took her many years to unlearn that lesson.


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> My parents talked "dat vay" too, but they switched to English before I went
to school ...

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