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From: Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Re: [DK] Place/locality names ending in ---sted.
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 10:10:13 -1000 (UTC)

My intent was to emphasize Ian's point that one should be careful in one's spelling and not mistakenly write stad "in stead" of sted or vice-versa.

Entirely too much was made of his comment. While perfect spelling is not a prerequsite for this list, It is always worth a try. It is crucial in finding Danish placenames in online databases.


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From: Brokan <>
Sent: 09/09/03 01:18 AM
Subject: Re: [DK] Place/locality names ending in ---sted.

> No, Rock - 'stad' means city/town! I only
pointed out that city/town names ending
with -'sted'- are common in Denmark.

> Well, Cai, can you give an example of a
placename ending in -stad which is not a town?
> Rock

> To suggest that a place name ending in
> '--sted' precludes it from being a city/town
> would be incorrect! Sted simply means a
> locality or place! (Et sted = a place)
> Only 3 examples: Thisted, Grindsted and
> Ringsted are cities/towns!
> Cai.

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