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Subject: Re: [DK] burial customs
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 06:11:56 EDT

In reading about churches in Denmark, I came across this. Yes, gravesites
are reused. Some of the old stones have been used in the walls around the
cemeteries. Some have, according to pictures I have seen, been used as
flagstones or steps. I believe the practice of reusing the gravesites is due to the
limited land available. I have read that families pay a fee to use a
gravesite. This fee is for a limited period, perhaps 20 years. After that time,
the family must pay another fee or the gravesite is reused. In my
grandfather's church cemetery, there is one grave plot where the graves date back to the
early 1800's. The præst pointed that out as very unusual and very
interesting as it showed the progression from fæster to gaardmand and so forth to the
current day.

Hazel in Eagan

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