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From: "Sylvia Brady" <>
Subject: Re: [DK] AO / Denmark Priests
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 15:38:03 -0700
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Thank you. Would you know anything about Denmark priests in the early to
mid-1800's? Jens Andersen and Kirsten Jensdatter worked at Vroue parish
priest Jørgen Carl Schiødte's farm, appearing there in the 1834 census for
Viborg, Fjends, Vroue and after their 1836 marriage. It appears their first
born son Jørgen Jensen, April 19, 1836 in Vroue, was named after the priest,
for I cannot find the name Jørgen anywhere in either Jens or Kirsten's
families. Also the couple was still employed at the farm when Jørgen Jensen
was born.

Jørgen Jensen disappears from about the 1845 census until he shows up at his
brother Jens Peter Jensen and Kirstine Marie Nielsen's Aahrus wedding July
23, 1870 and the christening of their first child there in January 1871. He
may have been at the births of the other children. I have not found those
records, yet.

Following that Jørgen Jensen shows up in both the 1880 and 1890 Aarhus
censuses. Jørgen seems to have owned a carpenter business. Both Jens Peter
and another brother Troels Christian Jensen were carpenters. And I wonder if
their older brother Jørgen taught them the trade.

The reason I wanted to visit AO was because I want to trace the priest and
see if Jørgen might have spent some of those missing years with him. Thanks
again. - Syl

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