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From: "Helle T. Hirschmann" <>
Subject: Re: [DK] Marriage Witnesses
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 07:59:28 +0100
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Generally you are right that such an agespan makes it unlikely that the 2
Lars and Hansine are siblings. But if they lived in a city - they might have
been father and daughter.

My 4GGfather was master shoemaker in Odense from 1786 till he died in 1828
and both his wives were called by their fathers last name Ane Margrethe
Brodersen was the daughter of Peter Brodersen and Ane Sophie Johnsen was the
daughter of Lars Johnsen.

There are general rules and then there are the exceptions. Children in
cities carried their fathers last name.


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Sendt: 19. november 2008 06:42
Emne: [DK] Marriage Witnesses

I have an English widowed father and his son marrying two Danish women
within a couple of years of each other. What are the chances the witnesses
at the marriages are related to the brides - would this be in most cases? I
have tracked down two of my witnesses on the census, and the brides never
appear with the families. I thought one bride Andrea Hansine Petersen (also
known as Hansine Andrea Petersen) might be related to her daughter-in-law's
marriage witness -Lars Petersen a beerhouse keeper born c1806 (wife is
Caroline Margreth Neilsen) - but Andrea/Hansine was born 1831 so unlikely to
be a sister of his and Petersen would not be her father's surname correct?
Regardless, she also does not appear on the census with him as a child in
1840 or 1850.

Can someone explain living arrangements in the city, i.e. Kobenhavn. Are
there multiple family members (i.e. grandmother, aunts and uncles or just
lodgers. The houses appear to be separated into flats/apartments, or rooms?
These two women do not appear at the addresses given on their marriage
record (closest to census date either side of marriage date). Would a young
woman (aged 18 up) move out of her parents home to work and live in her own
place, and also move around? Thanks, Sylvia
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