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Subject: [DK] What kind of farmer?
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 07:58:31 -0700 (PDT)

I am trying to understand the differences in the farmer words, and the farming system of the 1800's.  Dictionaries vary on definitions.  There are owners, freehold farmers, copyhold farmers, tenant farmers, smallhold farmers, cottagers, peasant farmers.  Did the words just vary by region?

avlsbruger, avlsmand, boelsmand, husmand  = small farmer,smallhold farmer, smallholder, cottager
bonde = peasant farmer
ejer, selvejer, selvejerbonde, gaardejer = owner, freeholder, farm owner, freehold farmer
fæstebonde, fæster, gaardmand = copyhold farmer, tenant farmer, copyholder, farm copyholder
forpagter = leaseholder
insidder, lejer, fæstebonde, udbygger = tenant farmer, renter
landmand, gaarbruger, gaardmand = farmer

And then there are the laborers, farmhands and servants.  arbejdsmand,karl, tjene, tjenestekarl, tjenestedreng.

Who did the tenants pay rent to?  Did a tenant farmer work for the owner, such as one who is an indsidder i arbejdmand?  How could one buy land?  Were there any family farms that could be inherited?

Thanks for helping explain!


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