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From: "Arlene Camp" <>
Subject: Re: [DK] questions for Arne and Flemming
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 07:30:02 -0700
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Hi Arne!

I just looked through my scanned records. Back in 2005 Børge sent me the
census record that gave the information that you wrote below. That's when I
learned about the Maria being added to her name. I never did look up that
original record. (I'm going to do that when we go to Salt Lake City in
August.) Børge commented on how sloppy the census taker was. But I did
find her birth record and confirmation record at the Family History Library
in Salt Lake City. There was no "Maria" added to her name. Maybe the
parents were sorry they didn't add that "Maria" to her name when she was
born and added it for the census taker. Who knows? I'm really curious
about Jordøj that was given to me by Lisbet Schnatt.

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Subject: Re: [DK] questions for Arne and Flemming

Your great grandmother is listed as

In census 1840: Anne Maria Pedersdatter 6

In census 1845: Ane Marie Pedersdatter 11

I have tried to find her confirmation, but the church book from Nørre
Herlev covering the space of time is not on line. I have reported this

Normally the children left home right after their confirmation or
sometimes before, especially if they had many siblings. If they were fit
for working, they had to earn their living as soon as possible, as the
parents had their hands full supporting the other children.

I do not know the reasons why Birthe and Jens were at home, but maybe
the parents needed their help. Then there was no need for Ane to stay at

You cannot be sure that she was a foster child, there are many mistakes
in the census lists, she was probably a servant girl.

Best regards,

17-07-2011 22:17, Arlene Camp wrote:
> This first paragraph is for Flemming Aasklint.
> I'm a little confused. Did you just copy the census information that I
> you, or did you get the following information (below the next paragraph)
> from some other source. If so, what source did you get it from? What I'm
> really interested in is the reference to Jordøj. We were just in Denmark,
> and we drove over to Jordøj. Unfortunately it was a holiday, and there was
> no one around to ask questions.
> This second paragraph is for Arne.
> I have two censuses previous to the 1850 census. The names on those
> censuses correspond to the 1850 census except for one name. That, too,
> could have been a mistake like the Sidse entry. My great grandmother
> Pedersdatter) was on one of the previous (1845) censuses. I also have her
> birth record so the age and location of her birth correspond on both the
> birth record and the 1845 census. However, she is not on the 1850 census
> and would have been only 16 years old. She has an older sister, Birthe,
> (Sidse as recorded on the 1850 census) who was still living at home when
> was 21. There was also a brother (Jens)who was 24 on the 1850 census
> living at home. Arne, I'm wondering if Anna left home and went to live
> a foster parent as you indicated as a possibility.
> Hi
> All persons in the household
> Frederiksborg, Lynge-Frederiksborg, Nørre Herlev, Herløv By, , Freerslev
> Overdrev, 8,
> FT-1850
> Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household:
> Occupation:
> Birth place:
> Peder Nielsen58 GiftJordbrugerJordhøj
> Karen Jensdatter49 GiftHans HustruJordhøj
> Jens Nielsen24 UgiftDeres barnJordhøj
> Sidse Nielsen21 UgiftDeres barnJordhøj
> Jens Nielsen12 UgiftDeres barnJordhøj
> Rasmus Nielsen8 UgiftDeres barn
> Ellen Nielsen7 UgiftDeres barnJordhøj
> I don't read the birthplaces as Jordhøj -
> but as Herløv Sogn (= Nørre Herlev Parish)
> >Sidse Nielsen, 21,ugift,
> I read her name as Birthe - not Sidse.
> -----------------
> Flemming Aasklint

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