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Subject: Sally Wise Felton, wife of Azariah Denny (b bef 1750 to Samuel Denny)
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 21:09:10, -0500

-- [ From: Bill Denney * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

To descendants of Azariah Denny and Sally Wise Felton,
For some time, I've been aware that the Surry Co., NC genealogies
showing Richard Felton as the father of Sally Wise Felton were incorrect
. I finally obtained a copy of Job Felton's will (and his estate papers
) which proves that he was in fact, the father of Sally. Below is a
summary of Sally's father Job's family down to Sally and her husband
Azariah Denny (son of Samuel Denny, b ca 1720):


1. Job FELTON, died about 1811 in Oglethorpe County, GA. Job's estate
attorney, M. Rainey was paid $4.50 on 6 Jan., 1812 for probate of will,
so Job almost assuredly died before this date or in 1811.

Job was listed on the 1810 Oglethorpe County, GA census, so he had to
have died after the first Monday in August, 1810. The Feltons in
England and America by Wm. Reid Felton, 1935 states that Job Felton was
the second son of Noah and that he went to Georgia in 1785. IF Job was
the son of Noah Felton, this Noah was NOT the son of Richard Felton III
(as shown in some genealogies I've seen), since the latter Noah was
married in 1788; much too late to be the father of this Job Felton.

In 1790, Job was listed in the tax digests of Capt. Carter's District of
Wilkes County, GA (an area that in 1793 became Oglethorpe Co.). He was
in Capt. Mathew's District in the first tax digest of Oglethorpe County.

Job Felton's Will, Recorded 10 Jan., 1812 in Will Book B, pg. 61,
Oglethorpe County, GA:

In the Name of God amen. I Job Felton of the State of Georgia & County
of Oglethorpe being very sick & weak in Body but of perfect mind and
memory thanks be given, therefore do make & ordain this my last will &
testament that is to say principally & first of all I give & recommend
it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like & decent manner at the
disgression of my executors & as touching such Worldly Estate, wherewith
it pleased God to Bless me with in this life, I Give Demise & Display of
the same in the following manner & form impremise. It is my will & I do
order that in the first place all my just Debts & Funeral Charges be
paid & satisfied.
1st I Give & Bequeath unto Amariah Felton my Son, four Dollars & fifty
2nd I Give & Bequeath unto Jemima Connell my Daughter, four Dollars &
fifty Cents.
3rd I Give & Bequeath unto Orpah Gidion my Daughter or heirs four
Dollars & fifty Cents.
4th I give & Bequeath unto Sally Denne my Daughter Ten Dollars.
5th I Give & Bequeath unto Fillis Gentrey my Daughter Ten Dollars.
6th I Give & Bequeath unto Senath Hembrey my Daughter Ten Dollars.
7th I Give & Bequeath unto Winney Gidion my Daughter or heirs Ten
8th I Give & Bequeath unto William Felton my Son Ten Dollars.
9th I Give & Bequeath unto Ruth Rainwaters my Daughter Ten Dollars.
10th I Give & Bequeath unto Harrel Felton my Son Ten Dollars.
11th I Give & Bequeath unto Rhoda Padgett my Daughter Ten Dollars.
12th I Give & Bequeath unto Rachel Brown my Daughter Ten Dollars.
13th I Give & Bequeath unto Uriah Felton my Son Four Hundred Dollars to
be paid with Land, Negro or Money.
14th I Give & Bequeath unto John Felton my Son all my tract of Land
whereon I now live on the waters of Clouds Creek joining Alexander
GORDON & Lewis Lester Gent. Also too (sic) Negro Fellows named Ned &
Isaac, also all the remaining personal property belonging to me except
Fortimore & Gilbert & one Bed and Furniture which I Lend to my Dear
beloved Wife Elizabeth Felton during her life or Widowhood. Then the
said Two Negros Fortimer & Gilbert, Bed & Furniture to be my son John
Felton's property. Lastly I Constitute & Appoint John Felton my Son my
Executor and my Wife Elizabeth Felton my Executrix to this my last will
& Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this
third day of May One thousand eight hundred and ten.
Sign'd seal'd & his
Deliver'd in the Job X Felton Seal
presents of: mark
Tho. Thurmond
John Lester
James Stamps
James Luckie

The head of Clouds Creek is 4-5 miles northwest of Lexington, GA in
Oglethorpe County. There are several branches and a major one is Little
Clouds Creek. The main stream flows to the north for about 13 miles,
where it drains into the South Broad River. The South Broad River forms
the border between Oglethorpe Co. (on the south) and Madison County, GA
(on the north).

Several surnames connected to Dennys (at some point in time) are shown
in the area of Clouds Creek on an old plat map of Oglethorpe Co.
(undated). The names are: Capt. Barnett, Dawson, Sims, Freeman, Bray
(many), Gallaher, and Patton. However, I did not find any Feltons
listed. This area is only 25-30 miles west of the SC state line.

He married an Elizabeth (perhaps HARRELL?). I suspect that perhaps
Sarah's mother's surname was Wise, based on her daughter, Sarah Wise
Felton's name.

They had the following children:

2 i. Amariah FELTON
3 ii. Jemimah FELTON
4 iii. Orpah FELTON
+5 iv. Sarah "Sally" Wise FELTON
6 v. Tillis FELTON
7 vi. Asenath "Senath" FELTON
8 vii. Winnie FELTON
9 viii. William FELTON
10 ix. Ruth FELTON
11 x. Harrell FELTON. A Harrel Felton was listed in Carroll
County, GA in the 1830 census, p. 219, along with a Grief Felton and
Hezekiah Felton (same page). I suspect that Grief and Hezekiah Felton
were Harrel's sons.
12 xi. Rhoda FELTON
13 xii. Rachel FELTON
14 xiii. Uriah H. FELTON
15 xiv. John FELTON was born in 1790 in GA. Died in 1870.


5. Sarah "Sally" Wise FELTON was born about 1751 in NC. Died after 1820
in Pilot Creek, Surry County, NC. It appears that she was listed in the
1820 Surry County census with the family. An article in the book "Surry
County Heritage" by Billy G. Webster, Sr. has her name as "Sally" Wise
Felton. Some Surry County, NC genealogies have Richard Felton as her
father, but he was of Chowan and Hertford Counties in eastern NC and I
show nothing to indicate that he was ever in the Surry County area of NC
. Finally, if you look at Richard Felton's will, it's dated 5 Nov. 1776
. In it he names his daughter as Sarah Ward. Note that Sarah Felton
married Azariah Denny in 1776. Thus, the will virtually eliminates this
Sarah (Felton) Ward as Azariah's wife.

Sally's father is proven by the following paper in Job Felton's
Oglethorpe Co., GA Estate Case Files:

Oct. 16, 1813, Paid Azariah Denney Ten Dollars; Received of John Felton,
Executor of the Estate of Job Felton, dec'd, Ten dollars, it being in
full of my wife Salley Denney's Legacy.
Signed Azariah Denney

I suspect that her grandmother was a Harrel, but I doubt that her name
was Ann. (Ann Harrel married Richard Felton III ca 1735.)

She married Azariah "Izzy" DENNY in 1776 in Surry County, NC. Azariah
"Izzy" DENNY was born before 1750 in Albemarle County, VA. He appears
on the 1771 tithe list, indicating he was born prior to 1750. Died
after 1820 in Surry County, NC. Azariah was listed on the 1820 Surry
County, NC census, so he had to have died after this date.

Per Guy C. Denney, Azariah was supposed to be well over 90 years old at
the time of his death. Azariah contributed to the Revolutionary War
effort in some way, per the following, which is from "Treasurer &
Comptroller Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers, T&C Mil 31.1-31-216".
(These are Pay Vouchers from North Carolina for Revolutionary War
service.) The official statement indicated that the pay may have been
for military duty, for public service, or for supplies provided. The
date shown is when the request for payment was approved.

AZARIAH Denny (N2349) 31 Aug., 17??, (other dates were 1780-1783
) Salisbury District.

An Azariah (Ascryer ) is listed on the Surry County Tax List for 1771
and also for 1772 (as Asery Denny).

Surry County, NC Land Entries, 1778-1781--Ezeria Denney enters 150 acres
of land on the waters of Pilate Creek, beginning at the Flower Radeford
(?) on the said creek, running both sides of the creek, including the
said improvement (no date given). Warrant granted.

Azariah settled with his wife on a land grant in 1784 on Pilot Creek,
which became known as the Martin Flinchum Farm, about three miles west
of the town of Pilot Mountain and a couple of miles up the creek from
the Hill farm where his father had lived. Azariah and his wife are
buried on the farm. The official record is: Nov 3, 1784 NC grant to
Azariah Denny 150 acres on Pilot Creek (pages 25-26 of Surry County,
NC Deed Book C.).

Wade Baker's notes on Azariah and Sally read as follows: Azariah and
Sally Wise (Felton) Denny settled lands joining the Charles Denny grant,
which later became the William Hill plantation. Azariah's lay along
Pilot Creek and Charles' land lay on both sides of Pilot Creek where it
joins the Tararat Rier (now Ararat River). (Need to research this
further to see which one of the above two paragraphs is correct, but I
suspect the latter paragraph is right.)

Surry County Tax List for 1784, 1785, 1786, & 1789; Captain Lovell:

AZARIAH DENNY 150 acres 1 White Poll 0 Black Polls
WM. DENNY 100 acres 1 White Poll 0 " "

Surry County, NC Court Minutes Aug. 1788: Abner Phillips, WM. DENNY,
EZERIAH DENNY, Joshua Freeman, William Freeman, Obediah Martin,
Salichial Martin, James Bryson, Jacob Sheppard, Obediah Berge, Abraham
Downey, & Gideon Edwards appointed jury to view lands entered by
Jonathan Wagner for iron works & adjudging whether said lands are fit
for cultivation.

From the same month's minutes: WM. & AZARIAH DENNY on a jury to lay out
road from Rockford to Haynes' Iron Works on Tom's Creek.

Nov., 1788, Surry County Court Term: AZERIAH DENNY appointed as juror.

May Term, 1789, WM. DENNY & AZERIAH DENNY on jury of 12 to lay out a
road from Hallow Road near Lovills to the Iron Works.

Surry County Court Minute Pleas & Qtr. Session, Feb. 1791: Henry
Southard & AZARIAH DENNY appointed to jury for next session. WM. DENNY,
AZERIAH DENNY, John Stone, Enoch Stone (& others) to lay out road from
Haynes' Iron Works on Thom's Creek to Rockford.

May, 1741 Court Minutes, Enoch Stone & AZERIAH DENNY appointed as
juryors (sic) for next term.

Surry County Court Minutes, 12 February, 1795, for the next court, Wm.
Tucker, Enoch Stone, EZERIAH DENNY, Henry Southard, & other jurors were

9 November, 1795, AZERIAH DENNY on Grand Jury.

12 February, 1796, Road from Haynes' Iron Works to James Badgett's
Landing, AZARIAH DENNY, Enoch Stone & others.

17 February, 1797, Branden? Tucker, AZARIAH DENNY and others, on Jury
for next court.

16 November, 1797, AZARIAH DENNY appointed overseer of road in room of
John Jackson.

14 May, 1798, Wm. Dunnigan appointed overseer of road in the room of
AZERIAH DENNY on the Hollow's Road on the North of Tom's Creek.

It appears that Azariah purchased 107 acres for 50 pounds on the waters
of Pilot Creek from a Joshua Sumner on 2 Jan 1796.

13 October, 1799, "Charles Denny to William Hill, a deed. This
indenture this the thirteenth day of October in 1799 beteen Charles
Denny of the State of Virginia of the first part and William Hill of the
County of Surry and State of North Carolina of the other part ..."
Signed by Charles Denny and witnessed by Azariah Deney and Sarah Hill.

At the time of the 1810 Surry Co., NC census, he was listed with, Males:
1<5, 1=16-25 (William F.), 1>45 (Azariah). Females: 1=10-15 (Polly, age
13), 1=16-25 (Asenith, age 16), and 1>45 (Sarah).

Azariah appeared on the 1819 Surry County Tax List with 357 acres of
land assessed at $900. He was living next to Jacob Fulk and John
Fletcher on Pilot Creek and had one white poll.

In the 1820 Surry Co., NC census, he was listed with, Males: 2=19-26
(Jordan & Polly's Hsb?) and 1>45 (Azariah) and Females: 3<5 (Jordan's
daughter & Polly's daughters?), 2=17-26 (Jordan's Wf & Polly?), and 1>45

He apparently died in Surry County, but his family moved to Ohio and
Virginia per a group sheet from Ray Murtishaw.

They had the following children:

+16 i. James DENNEY Sr.
+17 ii. Joshua DENNY
+18 iii. Harrel DENNEY Sr.
+19 iv. Louis DENNY
+20 v. Rachel DENNY
+21 vi. Henry DENNEY
+22 vii. Elizabeth DENNY
+23 viii. Sarah "Sally" DENNY
+24 ix. William Felton DENNEY
+25 x. Nancy DENNY
+26 xi. Asenith "Seneth" DENNY
+27 xii. Polly DENNY
+28 xiii. Jourdan or Jordan DENNEY

Noah Felton may have been the father of Job, but if his name WAS Noah,
he wasn't descended from the Richard Felton of Chowan Co., NC. Does
anyone have proof of this Job Felton's actual father?? Any
corrections/comments on the above data?

Bill Denney--Vancouver USA


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