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Subject: Boaz/Jones/Fulton/Denny Connections
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 05:25:21, -0500

-- [ From: Bill Denney * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

I ran across a book titled "Joshua Boaz (1810-1890) and His
Descendants", 1981 by Thurmond DeWitts Boaz, Jr. of McLean, VA in the
library last weekend. It turns out that it connects with several
collateral family lines we're tracking of Samuel Denny's (b ca 1720),
such as Boaz, Jones, Fulton, Key, Jennings, etc. More importantly, I
suspect that the travels of the Thomas Boaz, Sr. below may have
paralleled some of Samuel Denny's. After inputting the new data, here's
what I show:


1. Thomas BOAZ Sr was born on 27 Sep 1721 in Scotland. Died on 13 Sep
1791 in VA. Thomas Boaz was a native of Scotland, possibly Forfarshire.
He emigrated to Northern Ireland, met and married an Irish girl named
Agnes there, and his first five children are reputed to have been born
there. Family tradition says that James Boaz was the first of his
children to be born in America. It is believed that Thomas came to
America in 1749, settling in Pittsylvania County, VA.

He married Agnes _____? in 1742 in Northern Ireland. Agnes died in 1823
. They had the following children:

2 i. Thomas BOAZ Jr was born about 1743 in Northern Ireland
. Died in 1813.
3 ii. Archibald BOAZ was born about 1744 in VA.
+4 iii. Edmond BOAZ
+5 iv. Daniel BOAZ
+6 v. Gemina BOAZ
+7 vi. James BOAZ
+8 vii. Shadrach BOAZ
+9 viii. Meshach BOAZ
+10 ix. Polly BOAZ
11 x. Abednego BOAZ was born about 1754 in VA.
+12 xi. Agnes BOAZ
+13 xii. Nellie BOAZ


4. Edmond BOAZ was born about 1745 in Northern Ireland. Died in 1817.
He married Sally THURMAN.

5. Daniel BOAZ was born about 1746 in Northern Ireland. Died in 1795.
He married Elizabeth JENNINGS.

6. Gemina BOAZ was born in 1747 in Northern Ireland. She married _____?

7. James BOAZ was born on 20 May 1749 in VA. Died in 1852. He married

8. Shadrach BOAZ was born about 1751 in VA. Died before 30 Apr 1817
near Nashville, Davidson County, TN. His will was witnessed by James
Fulton on this date per Pat Stark. The will was probated and recorded on
30 April, 1817. Shadrack Boaz's will is recorded in Will Book No. 1-A,
pg. 2, in the office of Circuit Court, Pittsylvania County, VA.

He married Isabel RUTHERFORD in 1777. Isabel RUTHERFORD was born in
1761. Died between 1834/1835. Apparently, she had a stepfather named
John Beard per the book "Joshua Boaz (1810-1890) and His Descendants",
Thurmond Boaz, Jr., 1981

They had the following children:

+14 i. William BOAZ
+15 ii. Thomas BOAZ
+16 iii. Nancy BOAZ
+17 iv. Phoebe or Phebe BOAZ
+18 v. Rosannah L. BOAZ
+19 vi. David Rutherford BOAZ
+20 vii. Eleanor BOAZ
+21 viii. Lydia BOAZ
+22 ix. Rebecca BOAZ
+23 x. Mary Anthony "Polly" BOAZ

9. Meshach BOAZ was born about 1752 in VA. Died on 13 May 1828. He
married Nancy PENICK.

10. Polly BOAZ was born in 1753 in VA. She married ______? BROOKS.

12. Agnes BOAZ was born in 1755. She married _____? STILL.

13. Nellie BOAZ was born about 1756 in VA. She married _____? CONNER.


14. William BOAZ was born on 26 Jun 1778. Died in 1850. He married

15. Thomas BOAZ was born on 17 Nov 1780 in Patrick County, VA. Died
between 1833/1838 in Davidson County, TN. He died in either 1833 or
1838. Thomas moved to Davidson County, TN in 1816 per the book "Joshua
Boaz (1810-1890) and His Descendants", Thurmond Boaz, Jr., 1981. His
son, Joshua Boaz moved to Graves County, KY in 1837 with his brother
David. He married Lucinda DAVIS on 10 May 1803 in Pittsylvania County,
VA. Lucinda DAVIS, died on 31 Dec 1821. He also married Molly TATE
about 1823.

16. Nancy BOAZ was born on 6 Mar 1782. She married James STILL.

17. Phoebe or Phebe BOAZ was born on 10 Jun 1785. She married Thomas I.

18. Rosannah L. BOAZ was born on 3 Dec 1787 in Pittsylvania County, VA.
Died on 4 Jun 1833 in Surry County, NC. Per Pat Stark, she was most
likely named for Roseannah (Littlejohn) Fulton, wife of John Fulton,
mother of James Fulton, and grandmother of Abner Fulton.

She married John "Johnny" JONES Elder on 15 Dec 1812. The book "Surry
County Heritage--Vol. 1"--1983 and the Elder John Jones Section (#401)
also had a marriage date of Dec. 15, 1812. John "Johnny" JONES Elder
was born on 23 Mar 1790 in Patrick County, VA. Died on 19 Dec 1875 in
Surry County, NC. Buried in Dec 1875 in Surry County, NC (Rock Hill
Church Road). They moved to Level Cross, Surry County, NC in 1828. He
owned 1000 acres of land and several slaves.

They had the following children:

+24 i. Ellen R. JONES
+25 ii. Elizabeth T. JONES
+26 iii. Ambrose W. JONES
+27 iv. James "David" JONES
+28 v. Nancy Boaz JONES
+29 vi. Lydia D. JONES
+30 vii. Augustin S. JONES
+31 viii. John Gabriel JONES
+32 ix. Russell Rutherford JONES
33 x. Polly I. JONES was born on 17 May 1829. Died before Jun

19. David Rutherford BOAZ was born on 24 Apr 1790. Died on 19 Jan 1862.
He married Susan W. STUBBLEFIELD.

20. Eleanor BOAZ was born on 13 Nov 1792. She married Thomas REYNOLDS.

21. Lydia BOAZ was born on 19 May 1795. Died in 1863. She married
Daniel DAVIS.

22. Rebecca BOAZ was born on 17 Dec 1797. She married Stephen SMITH.

23. Mary Anthony "Polly" BOAZ was born on 2 Jun 1800. Died on 28 Jun
1880. She married Terry H. DALLAS.


24. Ellen R. JONES was born on 30 Sep 1813. She married David "Dave" B.
REYNOLDS on 4 Dec 1833.

25. Elizabeth T. JONES was born on 6 Mar 1815. Died on 5 Nov 1899. She
married Lewis A. KEY on 27 Oct 1835. Lewis A. KEY was born on 6 Jul
1815 in Surry County, NC. Died on 22 Nov 1884. They had the following

+34 i. William James KEY

26. Ambrose W. JONES was born on 24 Apr 1816. He married Louisa WILL.
He also married Mary M. BRINKLY on 6 Nov 1837.

27. James "David" JONES was born on 8 Mar 1818 in Patrick County, VA.
They moved to Stokes County, NC shortly after 1842. He married
Elizabeth "Betty" FRANZ in Jan 1841 in Patrick County, VA. Elizabeth
"Betty" FRANZ was born on 30 Nov 1823 in Patrick County, VA. They had
the following children:

+35 i. Austin "Russell" JONES
+36 ii. Joseph Franz JONES
+37 iii. James "Jim" Madison JONES
+38 iv. Mary Elizabeth "Betty" JONES
+39 v. John William JONES

28. Nancy Boaz JONES was born on 26 Jun 1819 in Patrick County, VA. The
year came from the book "Surry County Heritage"; a section on Joel Denny
by Zeb Denny. The place came from her son, Carey Bird Denny's death
certificate. Died on 19 Dec 1903 in Surry County, NC. Buried in Dec
1903 in S. of Pilot Mountain, Surry County, NC (Joel Denny Cem.).

She married Joel DENNY on 31 Dec 1838 in Surry County, NC. John Jones
provided the marriage bond. Joel DENNY was born on 19 Sep 1813 in Pilot
Mountain, Surry County, NC. The place was taken from a listing by the
NC Genealogical Society of Raleigh, 1981. Pansy Broughton has a date of
Sept. 14. His headstone has a date of Sept. 19. Joel's notes say Sept.
19, 1813... Died on 4 May 1896 in Surry County, NC (his farm). Buried
in May 1896 in Pilot Mountain, Surry County, NC (Joel Denny Cemetery).
Joel wrote up a letter outlining the history of the early North Carolina
Dennys that provides the foundation for most NC Denny genealogies today.

His will was filed in Surry County in 1896, Book 6, Page 419 and is
available in the archives.

They had the following children:

+40 i. Mary "Amanda" DENNY
+41 ii. Elizabeth DENNY
+42 iii. Keziah E. "Kizzy" DENNY
+43 iv. John DENNY
+44 v. Gabriel DENNY Rev.
45 vi. Azariah DENNY was born on 8 Apr 1844 in Pilot Mountain,
Surry County, NC. Died on 6 Jun 1864 in Cold Harbor Battlefield,
Hanover County, VA. Azariah was killed in the Civil War at the Battle
of Cold Harbor. Azariah enlisted in the Civil War from Surry County, NC
on 8 August, 1862 and per his headstone, served in Company C of the 21st
NC Regiment of the CSA. He was captured at the Battle of
Chancellorsville, the same battle in which General Stonewall Jackson was
mortally wounded. He was later recovered by the Confederate Army and
rejoined Company C. He continued to serve until he was killed during
the Battle of Cold Harbor, just outside Richmond, VA.
+46 vii. Carey Byrd DENNY Rev.
+47 viii. Rosanna "Rose" Boaz DENNY
+48 ix. David Jones DENNY

29. Lydia D. JONES was born on 8 Apr 1821. Died on 30 Nov 1896 in Surry
County, NC. Buried in Dobson, Surry County, NC (Union Primitive Baptist
Church Cem.).

She married William S. KEY on 19 Mar 1839 in Surry County, NC. William
S. KEY was born on 10 Mar 1820 in Surry County, NC. Died on 6 Dec 1888
in Weston, Umatilla County, OR. The book "Heritage of Surry County--Vol
1--1983"; Martin Rice Key section and William S. Key section had a date
of 1888. A date of 1883 came from Ray Murtishaw who provided a copy of
some notes from T.D. Boaz, Jr. They had thirteen children. In 1888 at
the age of 68, William left his family and headed west. According to
family legend, William had several cousins who had gone west and struck
it rich, so he decided to follow. Why his wife and family stayed behind
is unknown. William traveled by train to Weston, Oregon where a cousin
Hezekiah Key lived. He spent Thanksgiving with Hezekiah and his family,
where he developed pneumonia and died on Dec. 6, 1888. He was buried in
Weston, OR.

They had the following children:

+49 i. John William KEY
50 ii. Samuel KEY
51 iii. Gabriel Osborne KEY
52 iv. Lydia KEY
53 v. Mahalia Emma KEY
54 vi. Mary "Mattie" KEY
+55 vii. Lewis Jones "Cap" KEY
+56 viii. Augustin "Gus" S. KEY
+57 ix. Russell Rutherford KEY Rev.
+58 x. King David KEY
+59 xi. Sarah Jane KEY
+60 xii. Rosanna "Rose" Price KEY

30. Augustin S. JONES was born on 7 Dec 1822. Died on 19 Dec 1853. He
married Frances Creed HERRING on 6 Dec 1847. They had the following

+61 i. Elizabeth JONES

31. John Gabriel JONES was born on 19 Apr 1824 in Patrick County, VA.
Died on 23 Jan 1891 in Surry County, NC. They had a total of 12
children; see Surry County Heritage, Vol. 2 for their names. He married
Maletha M. "Aletha" DAVIS about 9 Dec 1845 in Surry County, NC. Family
Group Sheet--Pansy Broughton 8/96 has a date of 23 Nov., 1845...
Maletha M. "Aletha" DAVIS, died on 29 Feb 1884 in Surry County, NC.
They had the following children:

62 i. Mary JONES
63 ii. Rosannah Winnie JONES
64 iii. Jacob P. JONES
65 iv. Squire Gordon JONES
66 v. James Russell JONES
67 vi. Leonard J. JONES
68 vii. Eliza Ellen JONES
69 viii. Sidney Cassell JONES
70 ix. David Washington JONES
71 x. Elizabeth JONES
+72 xi. John William JONES
73 xii. Thomas Augustin JONES was born on 5 Feb 1859. Died on 30
Mar 1931.

He also married Nancy M. LAWRENCE on 26 Aug 1884 in Surry County, NC.
Nancy M. LAWRENCE, died on 7 Mar 1919 in Surry County, NC.

32. Russell Rutherford JONES was born on 27 Sep 1827. He married Mahala
KEY on 8 Feb 1849. Mahala KEY was born on 6 May 1824 in Surry County,
NC. Died on 7 Jun 1916. They had the following children:

74 i. Sarah Russell JONES was born on 4 Nov 1858. Died on 21
Dec 1955.

Any comments?

Bill Denney--Vancouver USA


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