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Subject: [DENT] Dents in MD, misc
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Subject: [MDCHARLE] Elander McConky,


Do you mean instead that Col. Robert Hanson Harrison married Sarah
Johnston and then Grace Dent? Just need to clarify because of trying to
solve all this below. Please make corrections or coments. Much
appreciate all feedback.


Elizabeth Harrison was daughter of second marriage of Richard Harrison
to Elizabeth Dent.

Elizabeth Harrison married first John Knox and became widow and then
married George Dent. [George Dent had sister Grace Dent who married Col.
Robert Hanson Harrison son of Richard Harrison married first to Dorothy
Hanson and then to Elizabeth Dent.]

Elizabeth Harrison had "stepbrother" Robert Hanson Harrison who married
first Sarah Johnston and second Grace Dent. [ Grace Dent was the sister
of GEORGE DENT m. first Rose Townsend Knox, widow of Capt. Robert Knox
and second Elizabeth Knox, widow of John Knox.

a.. ID: I10707
a.. Name: Richard Harrison
a.. Given Name: Richard
a.. Surname: Harrison
a.. Suffix: , Col.
a.. Sex: M
a.. _UID: 0B19E044A0ABA148862C3AF9F4FBCC0D2989
a.. Change Date: 17 Jun 2007
a.. Note:
HARRISON, Col. Richard, age 41, 13 Dec. 1757; mentioned Francis Meek
living on the land where Thomas Taylor lived 27 or 28 years ago; CHLR
H#3 52:120. [This could be Francis Meek who was father of JOHN B. MEEK
who was witness with Elander McConky in 1771.]

RICHARD HARRISON served as a Colonel in the American Revolution.

Richard HARRISON b. Charles Co., ca 1750 was partner with merchant
Robert Townsend HOOE, Alexandria, VA; U.S. Consul Cadiz, Spain
1780-1785, in Lorient, France 1786, son of Joseph Hanson HARRISON. Ch:
Joseph W. HARRISON, Walter H. HARRISON, Elizabeth (1773-1852) who m 1)
Knox 2) George DENT (177-1801) Charles Co., MD 3) Enoch J. BROWN of
Fauquier Co., VA. Ruth C. King

p. 119, TLC Genealogy, Charles Co Land Records 1775-1782, Book V#3
Page 516. Deed of Partition, recorded at the request of William Harrison.
Indenture made Mar 1, 1781 between Robert Hanson Harrison, William
Harrison, and Walter Hanson Harrison, sons & devisees of Colo Richard
Harrison, late of Nanjemoy in CC, decd. Whereas sd Colo Richard
Harrison, in his lifetime, was seized in fee simple of sundry tracts and
parcels of land in Durham Parish in CC, under the names of Cow Spring,
Dover Clifts, Stone's Resurvey which includes part of Dover Clifts,
Pyttsilvania, and a part of Watson's Purchase, also St Edwards,
Harrisons Plains, part of Tomkinson's, Long Looked For, part of Joe
Wright's Discovery, Antwerp, Amsterdam, part of Verlinda's, of Bretts
Adventure, of Hudsons Disappointment, Griffis' Folly, King's Evil, and
Alexanders Chance, and also Holly Spring, Carpenters Square, and
Richards Pleasure, - and the sd Richard Harrison being so thereof
seized, by his CC will dated Jul 19, 1776, devised that all his lands
should be equally divided between his 3 sons, Robert,[Is he the one who
married second GRACE DENT?] !
William, and Walter Harrison, and directed that the division of the
lands bequeathed to his wife during her natural life, should not take
place until her death. And whereas Elizabeth, the widow and relict of
the sd Richard Harrison, is now dead, having departed this life last Nov
25 - and partition of no part of the lands afd has yet been made, now
this indenture witnesses that it is covenanted between the afd Robert
Hanson Harrison, William Harrison, and Walter Hanson Harrison, that the
following partition of the lands afd shall take place and hold between
then forever, That is to say, First, sd Robert Hanson Harrison shall
have all of Cow Spring, Pittsylvania, Stones Resurvey, Dover Clifts, and
that part of Watsons Purchase of which sd Richard was and died seized.
Secondly, the sd William Harrison shall have all of St Edwards,
Harrisons Plains, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Griffis' Folly, King's Evil, and
Alexanders Chance, and those parts of Tomkinson's, Long Looked For, Joe
ht's Discovery, Verlinda's, Bretts Adventure, and Hudsons Disa!
nt whereof sd Richard Harrison died seized. Thirdly, sd Walter Hanson
Harrison shall have all of Holly Spring, Carpenters Square, and Richards
Pleasure. Signed - Rob: H. Harrison, Will Harrison, Walter H Harrison.
Wit - Warren Dent, Richd Barnes (CC JPs). Rebecca, the wife of the sd
William Harrison, relinquished her right of dower to the lands within
mentioned. Recorded Mar 16, 1781.
a.. Birth: ABT 1716
a.. Death: 2 JUN 1780 in Charles County, MD

Father: Joseph Harrison b: 27 OCT 1687 in Nanjemoy Hundred, Charles, MD
Mother: Verlinda Stone b: ABT 1693

Marriage 1 Dorothy Hanson b: 19 SEP 1721 in Charles County, MD
a.. Married: ABT 1738 in Charles County, MD
1.. William Harrison b: ABT 1740 in Charles County, MD
2.. Robert Hanson Harrison [m. 2nd Grace Dent?]
3.. Walter Hanson Harrison

Marriage 2 Elizabeth Dent b: ABT 1715 [She was married first to William
Penn then second RICHARD HARRISON?]
a.. Married: BEF 7 MAY 1753 in Charles County, MD
1.. Elizabeth Harrison b: ABT 1755 in Charles County, MD [She married
first John Knox then married George Dent. George Dent was married first
to Rose Townsend Knox, widow of Capt. Robert Knox then married widow
Elizabeth Knox of John Knox.]

Charles County Gentry : A Genealogical History of Six Emigrants, Thomas
Dent, John Dent, Richard Edelen, John Hanson, George Newman, Humphrey
Warren, all scions of armorial families of old England who settled in
Charles County, Maryland, and their descendants showing migrations to
the South and West Washington D.C.; Newman, Harry Wright, 1940, 335 pgs.
The will of the bachelor son, Judge Warren Dent, was probated in Charles
Co., on Dec 3, 1794. He named his nieces Eleanor Bowie, Jannet Dent, and
Mrs. Anne Harrison. All property from the estate of his late sister,
Grace Harrison, he left to his nephew William Dent Harrison, and nieces
Anne Warren Harrison and Rebecca Harrison. He devised "Blue Plains"
which he purchased from John Maddox to his nephew Robert Hanson
Harrison,[He married Sarah Johnston then GRACE DENT.] and the plantation
where Samuel Ratcliffe lived to his niece Mrs. Anne Harrison. The
residue was devised to his brother George whom he named as executor.
[George Dent and Grace Dent were children of Willam Dent and Ann Warren,

On Oct 14 1782, George Dent was granted letters of administration on the
estate of Elizabeth Harrison, late of Charles Co., with Thomas Hanson
Marshall and Dr. John Parnham as bondsman. [She was Elizabeth Dent the
second wife of Richard Harrison whose daughter Elizabeth Harrison m.
first John Knox and second George Dent?]

On Nov 28, 1794, George Dent of Charles Co., conveyed land to Thomas
Dotey, of Fauquier Co., VA. On Nov 30, 1796, George Dent and Elizabeth
his wife, and William Dent and Jenet his wife all of Fauquier Co., VA.,
conveyed 84 acres of land to Alexander McConchie, of Fauquier Co.
Consequently sometime before 1794 George Dent settled in Fauquier Co.,
VA. On Mar 24, 1797, he conveyed "Chosen" and "Huckleberry Plains
Enlarged" to John Colby, of Charles Co., MD. No wife waived dower. On
Jan 7, 1798, he deeded "Warren's Discovery" to Robert Cain of Charles
Co. No wife waived dower. A few months later he conveyed "Hatton's
Point" to John Maddox, and on Nov 10, 1801, he transferred another
portion of "Warren's Discovery" to William Thomas of St. Mary's Co.
George Dent died shortly after this conveyance, inasmuch as on Mar 25,
1802, "Elizabeth Dent widow of George Dent of William late of Fauquier
Co., VA., deceased", deeded to William Thomas, of St. Mary's Co., land
in William and Mary Parish, Charles Co., that had been granted to
Bridget Legate on May 1, 1676.
The inventory of personal estate of George Dent in Charles Co., was
filed at court on Aug 10, 1802, by his administrator William Dent, and
displayed a value of $4648.50.
The distribution of his estate in Charles Co., was made on May 31, 1803,
and divided among the following representatives: William Dent, Anne
Thomas, Elizabeth Knox, John Shumate, and Janet his wife, Rebecca Dent
and Grace Dent.
The inventory of his personal estate was not taken in Fauquier Co.,
until Jul 2, 1803, and was appraised at A3982.2.6. It was signed by John
Hooe and Stanton Slaughter. His widow on Oct 19, 1804, married Enoch J.
Brown, according to a license issued in Fauquier Co. , Va.
[Ann Dent's first husband William Thomas must have died and she
remarried to Samuel Hanson?]
On Aug 12, 1816, William Dent, Janet Dent, Rebecca Dent, and Samuel
Hanson and Anne his wife, all of Charles Co., and described as heirs of
George Dent, deceased, deeded "Brawner's Chance" to Catherine Norris,
Henry Speake, and Leo Speake, all of Charles Co.

Source: John K. Gott, Fauquier County Courthouse
WILLIAM DENT, gdn. of Grace Dent, orph. of George Dent, dec'd. 1 March
1803. For: $10,000. Sec: Robert Knox, John Shumate, Jr., Francis Boyle.
J.P.: Samuel Blackwell, Thomas Chilton, R. Rixey, Jos. Chilton

[Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 09:05:11 -0400
From: "Linda Reno" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [MDCHARLE] George and William Dent
These guardianship papers are for Grace Harrison Dent, daughter of
George Dent and his first wife, Rose Townshend Dade. His son, William is
her guardian. William married Janet Knox. As you'll note, Robert Knox is
one of the securities--he's Robert Dade Knox, brother of Janet.
George Dent was the son of William Dent and Ann Warren. He married
first, Rose Townshend Dade and second, Elizabeth Harrison.[This
Elizabeth Harrison really means the Elizabeth Harrison who married John
Knox then George Dent, right?] Rose Townshend Dade had been married
previously to Robert Knox and she was the mother of Janet Knox and
Robert Dade Knox. In other words, William Dent married his stepsister.
Linda Reno]

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