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Subject: [DENTON-L] Rev. Richard's dates
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 20:31:10, -0500

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Hi Kathy and all!
After a lot of years of looking, I'm convinced that our Rev. Richard
was not the one born 1586. Many of the noted Denton historians feel
that he was born 1602. There is a Richard Denton christened April 1603
in Halifax, Yorkshire, England and we have come to believe that it is
'our' Rev. Richard. Also, there is a marriage record for a Richard
Denton and Helen Windlebank, but it is in 1611 and therefore would not
be our Richard. The name Richard Denton seems to have been quite a
common one at that time and in that place. What relation they all were
is generally not known. Maybe someday we can research those folks, too.
For now, we know that Rev. Richard married, but we don't know who or
when. From the births of his children, his graduation from Cambridge
and the records of Coley's Chapel, it all falls that the 1603 date for
his birth is about right and that he married about the same time as he
was finishing his education. Remember that in that century, a person in
his 30s was considered middle-aged and would probably not have been
studying at Cambridge.
Below is the first few generations as I show them. A great source of
information is the series of articles by Walter Krumm and I hope to have
his permission to place them on the web site. I certainly bow to his

Sue Montgomery-Cook

Descendants of Richard DENTON - 3 Dec 1998


1. Richard DENTON was born in 1517 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He
died in England. Information fromChurch of the Latter Day Saints, IGI,
file number IDKX-NZW.

He was married to Gennett BANYSTER on 10 Sep 1547 in Halifax, Yorkshire,
England. Gennett BANYSTER was born in 1527 in Halifax, Yorkshire,
England. She died in England. Richard DENTON and Gennett BANYSTER had
the following children:

+2i.Richard DENTON Sir.
3ii.John DENTON was born on 29 Sep 1548 in Halifax, Yorkshire,
England. He died in England.
4iii.Janet DENTON was born in 1549 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England.
5iv.Samuelis DENTON was born on 3 Aug 1561 in Halifax, Yorkshire,


2. Richard DENTON Sir was born in 1557 in Worley, Yorkshire, England.
He was christened on 17 Sep 1557 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He
died on 9 Dec 1619 in Hertfordshire, England.

He was married to Susan (Sibella) in 1581 in Worley, Halifax, Yorkshire,
Eng.. Susan (Sibella) was born in 1563. Richard DENTON Sir and Susan
(Sibella) had the following children:

6i.John DENTON was born on 16 Jul 1582.
+7ii.Thomas DENTON.
8iii.Alice DENTON was born on 14 Nov 1585.
9iv.Susan DENTON was born on 22 Sep 1588.
10v.Margaret DENTON was born on 10 Jan 1590.
+11vi.Richard DENTON II Rev..


7. Thomas DENTON was born in 1584.

Susan TEMPLE (daughter of John TEMPLE and Susanna SPENCER) was born in
1584 in Stowe, Bucks CO, England.

11. Richard DENTON II Rev. was born in 1603 in Yorkshire, England. He
was christened on 19 Apr 1603 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He died
in 1663 in Essex, England. Rev. Richard Denton came to New England in
1635. Before coming he was a preacher in Halifax England.

>From England, the Cambridge University listing for Richard Denton says:
"Sizar of St. Catherine's Easter, 1621, b. 1603 in Yorks, B.A. 1622-3,
priest 8 June 1623. Deacon at Peterborough 9 March 1622-3. Curate of
Coleys Chapel, Halifax, for some years." ("Sizar" is defined as an
undergraduate student.)

The history of Hempstead, Long Island makes many references to the
Dentons and their marriages and big families. The men were active in
the local militias fighting the Indians and they developed excellent
military experience that prepared them for officer commissions when they
moved on to the Virginia frontier.

>From "Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664" a letter to the Classis
of Amsterdam from Johannes Megapolensis and Samuel Drisius dated August
5, 1657: "At Hempstead, about seven leagues from here, there live some
Independents. There are also many of our own church, and some
Presbyterians. They have a Presbyterian preacher, Richard Denton, a
pious, godly and learned man, who is in agreement with our church in
everything. The Independents of the place listen attentively to his
sermons; but when he began to baptize the children of parents who are
not members of the church, they rushed out of the church." From another
letter dated Oct. 22, 1659 the same writers continue: "Mr. Richard
Denton, who is sound in faith, of a friendly disposition, and beloved by
all, cannot be induced by us to remain, although we have earnestly tried
to do this in various ways. He first went to Virginia to seek a
situation, complaining of lack of salary, and that he was getting in
debt, but he has returned thence. He is now fully resolved to go to old
England, because of his wife who is sickly will not go without him, and
there is need of their going there on account of a legacy of four
hundred pounds sterling lately left by a deceased friend, and which they
cannot obtain except by their personal presence."

Richard DENTON II Rev. had the following children:

+12i.Sarah DENTON.
+13ii.Daniel DENTON.
14iii.Timothy DENTON was born on 23 Jul 1627 in Halifax, Yorkshire,
England. He was christened in Parish Church of Bolton, England.
+15iv.Nathaniel DENTON.
+16v.Richard III DENTON.
+17vi.Samuel DENTON (Adm.).
18vii.Phebe DENTON was born on 29 Sep 1634 in England. She died on
18 Oct 1658 in Hempstead, LI, NY.
+19viii.John DENTON.


12. Sarah DENTON was born in 1623.

She was married to William THORNE (son of John THORNE) in 1639. William
THORNE was born in 1606 in Dorsetshire, England. He died in 1670 in
England. William was from Madman's Neck, Long Island. Sarah DENTON and
William THORNE had the following children:

+20i.William THORNE.
21ii.Denton THORNE was born in 1659. Denton Thorne was the 10th
child in his family.

13. Daniel DENTON was born in 1626 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He
was christened on 10 Jul 1632 in Halifax, England. He died in 1703.
Daniel was the author of "A Brief Description of New-York: Formerly
Called New-Netherlands . . ." (London: Printed for John Hancock and
William Bradley 1670; New York: Gowans, 1845) This promotional tract was
written to encourage English settlement of territories lately seized
from the Dutch and gives an account of the geographical features and
general economy of the country surrounding New York, relates some
customs of the native inhabitants and offers incentives and advice to
prospective settlers. It was reprinted in the New York Times in 1900.
It said: "A second, perfect copy of this book previously unknown to
bibliographers came to light at the sale of Lord Ashburton's library in
November 1900. Mr. Brayton Ives paid $525 for this copy. When Ives
collection was sold in March, this same copy resold for $615. A copy of
this book is in the possession of Columbia University library."

In 1650 he was made town clerk of Hempstead, where his father was
pastor, and in 1656 he held the same position in the town of Jamaica.
When his father removed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Denton remained on Long
Island and in 1664 he became one of the grantees of a patent at
Elizabethtown, NJ. In 1665 and 1666 he served as justice of the peace in
New York, appointed by Governor Nichols. He married Abigail Stephenson
who bore three children and from whom he was divorced in 1672. The two
elder children remained with their father, while the infant, Mercy,
accompanied her mother, who subsequently remarried. Denton left New
York for England in 1670 (which may have occasioned his divorce), and
there he evidently participated in settlement enterprises and possibly
in the newly acquired (by the English) fur trade.

He was married to Abigail STEVENSON (daughter of Thomas STEVENSON and
Maria BULLOCK) in 1659. He was divorced from Abigail STEVENSON.
Abigail STEVENSON was born in 1642. She died in 1715 in Jamaica, LI, NY
. She was buried on 15 Oct 1715 in Jamaica, LI, NY. Daniel DENTON and
Abigail STEVENSON had the following children:

+22i.Daniel DENTON.
+23ii.Abigail DENTON.
+24iii.Mercy DENTON.

He was married to Hannah LEONARD (daughter of John LEONARD and Sarah
HEATH) on 24 Apr 1676 in Springfield, MA. Hannah LEONARD was born on 19
Dec 1659 in Springfield, Hampden, MA. Daniel DENTON and Hannah LEONARD
had the following children:

+25i.Hannah DENTON.
+26ii.Samuel DENTON.
27iii.Sarah DENTON was born in 1681.
28iv.Elizabeth DENTON was born in 1683.
+29v.Thomas DENTON.
+30vi.Alice DENTON.

He was married to Sarah WHITEHEAD (daughter of Jonathan WHITEHEAD and
Sarah FIELD) in 1703.

15. Nathaniel DENTON was born in Mar 1628 in Bolton, Lancashire,
England. He was christened on 9 Mar 1629 in Parrish Church of Bolton,
England. Nathaniel was baptized later in life on March 9, 1682. He
died on 18 Oct 1690 in Jamaica, Queens CO, NY. Nathaniel was the first
Town Clerk of Jamaica, LI, NY: "Records of the Town of Jamaica, Long
Island, vol. I, Page 1. A Town Meeting head of ye Town ye 18th of
February 1656. Daniel Denton chosen to write & enter all acts and
orders of public concernment of ye Town and is to have a daie's work a
man for ye said employment. It is voted & concluded by ye Town y
whosoever shall fell any trees in yue highways shall take both top and
body out of ye highway. It is further voted and agreed upon by ye Town
y whosoever shall kill a wolfe within ye boundary of ye Town shall have
feiveteen shillings for every woolf. Likewise it is agreed upon by ye
Town that whereas they have the Little plains by purchase and patent
within their limits to maintain their rights & privileges in ye said
place from any such as shall goe to deprive y off it & soe to make use
off it as they shall se cause. These taken out of ye ould towne book by
me, Nathaniel Denton, Clerk."

Nathaniel applied for land at Elizabethtown, NJ in 1664 but probably
died at Jamaica.

He was married to Sarah SMITH (daughter of William SMITH and Magdalen)
in 1652. Sarah SMITH was born in 1634. Nathaniel DENTON and Sarah
SMITH had the following children:

+31i.Nathaniel, Jr. DENTON.
+32ii.Samuel DENTON.
+33iii.Richard DENTON.
+34iv.Phebe DENTON.
35v.Maria DENTON was born in 1664. She was christened on 18 Jun 1664
. She died in Jamaica, LI, NY.

16. Richard III DENTON was born in 1630 in Bolton, Yorks, England. He
died on 26 Dec 1658 in Dorchester, MA. Richard lived in Dorchester, MA
and also left many descendants in Long Island, NY. His estate inventory
, filed 6 Oct. 1659 by Abraham How and John Minotte, totaled 57 Pounds,
all left to his widow.

He was married to Ruth TILESTON (daughter of Thomas TILLISON and
Elizabeth) on 11 Dec 1657 in Dorchester, MA. Major Atherton performed
the wedding ceremony. Ruth TILESTON was born in 1635 in Babylon, Long
Island, NY. She died on 5 Dec 1677. Richard III DENTON and Ruth
TILESTON had the following children:

+36i.Ceertje DENTON.
+37ii.Phoebe DENTON.

17. Samuel DENTON (Adm.) was born on 29 May 1631 in Halifax, Yorkshire,
England. He died on 20 Mar 1713 in Hempstead, LI, NY. He was
christened in Coley Chapel, Halifax, England. Samuel was listed on the
1673 Dutch Census at Hempstead, NY and owned property in Hempstead from
1662 and lived in the area most of his life. Transactions in 1703 show
that he owned slaves. In 1685, he was reported to be owning 240 acres
of land. The 1698 Census at Hempstead, NY lists six of his nine

"New York Surrogate 8-305: Adm. Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead,
intestate March 20, 1713 to his sons Samuel and Jonas." Papers filed
with the clerk in Court of Appeals, Albany, NY named a daughter, "Hannah
, wife of Thomas Treadwell," also spelled Tredwell.

>From the "Tennessee Valley Historical Review:" Hempstead town records
show that Samuel Denton and others took up land, 50 acres each, on the
same terms as the first proprietors. In 1663, jointly with Thomas
Rushmour, Samuel Denton obtained all rights and privileges upon Matthew
Garrison's Neck and at Mattinacock, from Jeremy Wood of Hempstead. On
April 18, 1665, John Smith of Hempstead sold to "my son-in-law Samuel
Denton" certain lands. In 1698 he was called Samuel Denton, Senior. A
deed of gifts from Samuel Denton of Hempstead, Yeoman, in consideration
of "paternal love and affection I have and do bear toward my well-
beloved son James Denton of Hempstead, Yeoman" to land within the
township of Hempstead. December 16, 1710.

The date of Samuel's inventory was March 15, 1713 and was taken by
Obediah Volintine and James Serion. "March 10, 1713, Hempstead. Mary
Denton ye widdow and Relict of Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead in
Queens County, doth for divers good causes and consideration hereunto
moving, refuses to administer upon the estate of her deceased husband,
Samuel Denton." So the administration was granted to Samuel and Jonas
Denton, sons of said deceased. The records pertaining to the
administration of the estate clearly show receipts from the children
calling each by name. Therefore we have a definite list of the children
of Samuel and Mary Smith Denton.

>From Genelogical Data from Inventories of NY Estates 1666-1825 by
Kenneth Scott and James Owne. "Denton, Samuel of Hempstead, Queens CO.,
yeoman - Renunciation (20 March 1713/4) of Mary Denton of her right to
administer the estate of her dec'd husband in favor of his sons, Samuel
and Jonas Denton. Her renunciation was witnessed by Jacob Smith and
John Sprague. Inventory (15 March 1713/4) taken and appraised by Obadiah
Volentine and James Searing, by order of Col. John. Jackson, J.P. The
chief item was a negro boy and girl (90 Pounds) and a Negro man listed
as 'worth nothing.' Account of Samuel and Jonas Denton, administrators,
records the following payments to heirs of the dec'd.: to Mary Denton
(Widow of the dec'd.) to Peter Smith (Son of Mary Ellison, dec'd who was
a daughter of the intestate), to Joseph Robinson and Jane his wife (who
was a daughter of the dec'd., to Jonathan Seaman and Elizabeth his wife
(a daughter of the intestate), to Abraham Denton (son of the intestate,
to James Denton (son of the intestate), to Thomas Beadwell and Hannah
his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Robert Mitchell and Phoebe
his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Ezekiel Smith and Martha his
wife (a daughter of the intestate) and to Jonas Denton (a son of the

He was married to Mary Rock SMITH (daughter of John Rock SMITH and
Elizabeth GILDERSLEEVE) in 1656 in Hempstead, LI, NY. Mary Rock SMITH
was born in 1640 in Stamford, CT. She died on 15 Mar 1713 in Hempstead,
Queens CO, NY. Samuel DENTON (Adm.) and Mary Rock SMITH had the
following children:

+38i.Jane DENTON.
+39ii.Samuel DENTON II.
+40iii.Mary Smith DENTON.
+41iv.James DENTON.
+42v.Hannah DENTON.
+43vi.Abraham DENTON Sr..
+44vii.Jonas DENTON.
+45viii.Phoebe DENTON.
+46ix.Martha DENTON.
+47x.Elizabeth DENTON.

19. John DENTON was born in 1636. Family notes indicate that John had
a son named John who was born in 1665 and that this son went to Virginia

He was married in 1664. John DENTON had the following children:

48i.John DENTON was born in 1665. It is highly possible that this
John Denton was the first Denton to move a good distance from Long
Island. He was in the Shenandoah Valley by about 1730.
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