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Subject: Re: ALSOP en le Dale
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 18:03:26 GMT

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999 15:29:09 +1000, Terry Allsopp wrote:

> I am interested in the origins and history of the village of ALSOP
>en le Dale,

>From "History of the County of Derby", by Stephen Glover, 1829, Vol 2,
pp.19-20 :-

ALSOP IN THE DALE is a pleasant little village, and with Cold Eaton
forms a constabulary, chapelry and township, in the deanery of
Ashbourn and wapentake of Wirksworth.

The village of ALSOP is 5 1/2 miles NW of Ashbourn and consists of
three farmhouses, besides the ancient manor house, which are seated in
a deep valley. The township contains 8 houses, 9 families, and 60
inhabitants [in 1829] employed in agriculture. Alsop contains 864
acres of good limestone land, or 22 ox-gangs, of which Walter EVANS,
Esq, owns 280 acres or 6 ox-gangs; Rev Charles Stead HOPE 5 ox-gangs
or 206 acres; the other 3 ox-gangs belong to Mr HART, Mr DAKIN and Mr

Cold Eaton ......

The estimated annual value of the land and buildings of the township
is UKP 1884.10s. The Great Tithes belong to the Dean of Lincoln, and
are leased to G.H. ERRINGTON Esq and now produce about UKP 200 a

In 1086 ELLESHOPE and Eitun were berewicks to the manor of Parwich.
Alsop, which had been parcel (part) of the ancient demesnes of the
crown, was granted to William de FERRERS, Earl of Derby, who, in the
reign of King John, granted the town of Alsop to Gweno, son of Gamel
de Alsopp, to hold by homage and service of 10s. per annum and suit to
the wapentake of Wirksworth. His descendants enjoyed the same for
seventeen generations, until Anthony ALLSOP, esq, sold, in 1688 and
1689, several estates in Alsop, Newton and Thorpe, to John BORROW, of
Derby esq, ancestor of the aforementioned Thomas Borough esq, and in
1691, the capital messuage and an estate here to Sir Philip GELL,

This Anthony ALLSOP married a daughter of Sir John GELL, by whom he
had numerous issue. The present [1829] male representative of the
family is Samuel ALLSOP, esq, of Burton upon Trent, in the county of

The BERESFORDS afterwards held the manor, and from them it passed by a
co-heiress, to the MILWARDS. It passed by successive sales in 1711,
1753, &c, to SMITH of Hopton, POLE of Nottingham, and BERESFORD of
Basford. The late Francis BERESFORD of Ashton, esq, sold it to Mr
John BROWNSON of Alsop, who sold it to Walter EVANS of Darley, esq,
the present owner [in 1829].

A family of the name of MELLOR resided here for several generations on
an estate now the property of the Rev Charles Stead HOPE, of Derby,
who married one of the co-heiresses of the late Robert MELLOR, esq,
the other co-heiress married the Rev Richard Rowland WARD of Derby.

Cold Eaton ......

The ancient church at Alsop is dedicated to St Michael, in which there
are some good specimens of Norman architecture. The living is a
Perpetual Curacy, in the gift of the freeholders, and has been
augmented by UKP 800 royal bounty, and is now [1829] worth about UKP
80 a year. The Rev John Edmund CARR is the present incumbent.

Monumental Inscriptions in the Church are given in full by Glover,
here are surnames only: MILWARD, YATE, SMITH, MELLOR, BERESFORD.

In the churchyard are table monuments and inscriptions for the
families of JOHNSON, EDENSOR, and others.

The ancient family of ALLSOP resided in a large mansion which stood on
an elevated site northwest of the church, and commanded the whole dale
and surrounding hills. It is now converted into a farmhouse with
pointed gables.

There is an associated, fold-out drop-line pedigree, which is
singularly lacking in dates: Pedigree of the family of ALLSOP, of
Allsop-in-the-Dale. It ranges from Gamellus de Alsopp, through Gweno
and 4 more generations to the first dated one, of Ranulph de Alsopp,
in 5 Edward II, finally coming down to the 18th century.

There is a smaller 2nd pedigree: Pedigree of ALLSOPP, of Burton,
descended from Anthony ALLSOPP of Alsop-in-the-Dale, which goes down
to the early 19th century when Glover's book was written. The name
"Henry" is used in this family in the last generation shown on the
pedigree, the 2nd son, Henry ALLSOPP, born 19th February 1811.
Whether a later member of this family could become a Coalminer is a
moot point.

Sonia Addis-Smith, Bedford, England

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