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From: Sonia W Addis-Smith <>
Subject: Re: [DBY] Stainsby House - location and history
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 18:53:45 +0000

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000 23:13:46 +1300, Colin Barber wrote:

>I have come across a few references in my family history to
>what I presume is Stainsby Hall near Horsley, DBY. The references
>as you can see below .... after looking around I thought it was likely
>to be Stainsby Hall which in 1835 was owned by the Sitwell family.
>Is there someone out there that knows some more about this
>and can enlighten me.

>....."Francis BARBER ...... married 1731 Elizabeth, dau of John
>FLETCHER of Steynesby House, Derby"
>- other sources say she came from Heanor.
>......"Ann ...... .sister of Johnathan BARBER Esq of Steynesby House
>"John BARBER of Stansby House in the parish of Horseley in
>Derbyshire, Esq." ..........

From the above mangled version of Colin's original email, it is clear
that he is indeed talking about Stainsby House near Horsley, once
owned by the WILMOT-SITWELL family.

"The Derbyshire Country House", by Maxwell Craven and Michael Stanley,
Breedon Books, 1991, pp.190-2, has a substantial article on this
house, together with two pictures, dated c.1870 and c.1900. The names
given by Colin in the above refs match those in this article.

The house is in the parish of Smalley, less than half a mile to the SW
of the village. It is also about the same distance from Horsley
Woodhouse (to the NW of the house), and Horsley itself is only about
one and a half miles west of Stainsby. Heanor is also very nearby,
being just over 2 miles to the NE of Stainsby House. So all the above
locations fit.

The history of the ownership of Stainsby House as given by Craven and
Stanley, is as follows:-

- 17th century, the estate belonged to the MOOR family, which then
had only a modest house, for which George MOOR was assessed for just
three hearths for the Hearth Tax of 1670.

- In 1712, the house and estate were bought by John FLETCHER, a
wealthy coal master, who died in 1734.

- John's youngest son, another John FLETCHER, inherited Stainsby
House. He died without issue in 1766, leaving Stainsby to his sister

- Elizabeth, nee Fletcher, had married Francis BARBER of Greasley,
Nottinghamshire (1682-1762). In the 1780s, Elizabeth had parts of the
house rebuilt into a sumptuous mansion, which she bequeathed to her
son, John.

- John BARBER was by then well established at Weddington in
Warwickshire, and was not interested in Stainsby, which he sold in
1783 to Samuel BUXTON, who within two years had sold it on to Edward
Sacheverell WILMOT

- Edward Sacheverell WILMOT was grandson of Robert Wilmot of
Chaddesden, by the heiress, Joyce SACHEVERELL of Morley. Edward
already owned almost half of Morley (2 miles south of Stainsby)
through inheritance from the Sacheverells, and this estate adjoined
the Stainsby House estate at Horsley Woodhouse. He also inherited
from another kinswoman (daughter of George SITWELL of Renishaw) yet
*another* part of the former Sacheverell estate around Morley.
Because of this inheritance, he assumed her surname and arms in
addition to his own, thus becoming Edward Sacheverell WILMOT-SITWELL,
who in a very short space of time had virtually quadrupled his
estates. He too expanded Stainsby House.

- When Edward died in 1836, he was succeeded at Stainsby by his
son, Edward Degge WILMOT-SITWELL, who also added to the house.

- Robert WILMOT-SITWELL (1823-1912), nephew of Edward, did further
work on the house around the turn of the 20th century.

- After WW2, another Robert WILMOT-SITWELL, who had succeeded his
uncle in 1936, was forced to sell the house to a poultry farmer and
break up the estate into a number of small freeholdings.

- The house then became a Roman Catholic School, after which it was
left to become derelict.

- Stainsby House was finally bought by R. MORLEY, who demolished it
in 1972. Then he built a completely new Stainsby House (complete with
swimming pool) on the same site, which was sold to a Hong Kong
shipping man in 1975 for UKP 425,000.

- This new Stainsby House, at the time of writing "Derbyshire
Country House" (1991) belonged to one D.S. SANDHU. The old grounds,
remodelled in 1914, still remain around the striking new house.

Colin (and anybody else who is interested), if you contact me
directly, I am happy to arrange to send you photocopies of this
article on Stainsby House, and its pictures.

Best wishes

Sonia Addis-Smith
Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, England

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