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From: "Michael spencer" <>
Subject: MATLOCK 1376-1377
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:25:28 -0000

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a little earlier this time.

Between 30 September 1376 and September 29 1377 various leases were made by Henry de Haddon, the Reeve of Matlock.Matlock was part of the Honour of Tutbury which was also part of the Duchy of Lancaster.At thisdate then the Lord of the Manor was John of Gaunt.
These leases make interesting reading as they give an insight to what was happening in the place nearly 630 years ago.

A piece of waste land was let to John SMERT for 6d.It was 14ft long.

For the ninth year a piece of land, owned by the Lord of the Manor lying upon Okflat was let to John ASSHOVERE for 8d.

Again for the ninth year William MAYSON let land adjacent to his house 6ft by 21 ft it cost him one penny.

John DRAPER let for the same amount land 10ft by 8 ft.
John DRAPER also wanted to enlarge his corn storage and as such for another penny was allowed to let more waste land .

The Water Mill ,which previously was let for 10 Marks (a mark was 13/4d) could not be let because it stood idle for nearly parts of six months while undergoing repairs. It did make 40/- but this was low on account of the poor price of corn and the repair work.

John de HOKENASTON took on the fishing rights for the five years previously and this was the last year of his lease. He paid the equivalent of a shilling a year to fish the Derwent.

The fishing rights of the Kyrkebrok was 6d.

The Kyrkebrok,most likely Bentley Brook lying at the foot of the Church and crossing today Stoney Way. For the first time this year in all my years of living in Matlock I actually saw two large fish in the brook.This brook has been altered over the centuries and the mills up Lumsdale used to pour dye and bleach into it to carry it away to the Derwent. 1376 was obviously a much better time to go fishing.

Twenty five acres of meadow were let to the tenabts of Matlock together with grazing on the meadows after haymaking.One sheepfold ,which the tenants were to repair,aslthough the Lord of the Manor would supply the timber.Let for 12 years it cost 50 shillings.This was the third year of the lease.

Brokwalleclif Quarry was let to John DENE and Richard BROUN for three years for 10 shillings.

This quarry may have been near Knowleston Place as this is the only area where a quarry could have been bearing in mind the name Brookwall.John DENE is interesting in that Dene Fields may have been his or his ancestors property. The Coucil in its wisdom have erected public footpath notices calling it Dean Fields.In my lifetime it was always spelled DENE. Thus an association with a person in Matlocks past is slowly being lost through error.

Thomas BRUNTON had a Licence to burn one Bole at Harstenegg, (Hearthstone Edge).Situated right on the tops above Riber this place was a perfect place for smelting ore, most likely lead.He paid 10d

So in 1376-1377 Matlock is alive and kicking with quarrying, fishing ,hay making ,grazing ,sheepfolds being built, lead being smelted, bigger barns being built and the mill being renovated.

In 1376-77 Henry of Haddon also leased out other property on behalf of John. For fourteen shillings he leased a liitle place he called Bonshall. !!


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