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Subject: Re: [Kahlgrund] Staab
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 23:17:55 EDT

I found the Klein and Amrhein connection interesting. I am descended from
Heinrich Klein born in Geiselbach on June 11, 1834. His parents were Johann
Adam Klein and Barbara Heilmann who were married on October 22, 1826 in
Geiselbach. It was his second marriage. I have only conflicting information
regarding the ancestors of Johann Adam Klein and his first marriage and nothing I
consider very reliable. He had a sister named Anna Maria. Heinrich emigrated
to the US in 1853 and settled in Baltimore where he was shoemaker. He had
his own shoe manufacturing business in Baltimore for over 30 years. He married
after arriving in Baltimore and had eight children. Baptismal records at
St. James the Less parish for two children list an Amrhein as sponsor. The
sponsor to Andrew Klein was Andrew Amhrein and the sponsor to Eva Maria Klein
was Eva Amhrein. They could have been close family friends or could have been
relatives but I have no information to confirm either. For other Klein
children, a Martin Meisch and a Katherine Meisch were baptismal sponsors.

Any connections would be appreciated.

Bill Toenies in Missouri

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