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From: Martin Willcocks <>
Subject: IGI and 1881 Census misspellings, etc.
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 01:05:49 -0700

Hello Kathy & fellow listers:

Researching ancestry in the 1881 Census set I came across the following

George KING (full name was not listed but known to be George Thomas
according to Census transcription, birthplace given as Bedchurch, Kent.
(no such place)
According to our records, birthplace was Woodchurch, Kent. So Bed =

Eleanor SAWDONb. "Glazedale" (should be "Glaisdale")

Wiulliam (should be William) H. LOVELESS

William B. NELDER b. place given as Wembury or Wambury, Devon, England
(any map shows it as Wembury. There is no Wambury.)

Middleborough (instead of Middlesbrough, which is sometimes spelled
Middlesborough, but always with the "s".)

Flyingdales (instead of Fylingdales)

Charlott CONNELL (known from marriage register to be Charlotte with an

And that's just a few!

My Devon interests include the SQUIRE family, which I thought to be from
Plymouth Devon. Information received from St. John's College,
Cambridge, England it is stated that John Collings SQUIRE was born at 1
Princess Street, Plymouth, Devon 2 Apr 1884, and baptized in Trinity
Church Plymouth on 25 April 1884. Father: Jonas SQUIRE, veterinary
surgeon, Tavistock, Devon. Mpther: Elizabeth Rowe COLLINGS. Matric.
1903, B.A. 1906, M.A. 1919, knighted 1933.

The 1881 census placed Jonas SQUIRE, veterinary surgeon, age 26, at 1
Duke Street (New Market Inn), Tavistock, Devon. He was then 26 and
unmarried. Within three years, then, he married and had his child
John. Jonas lived with broither John, 27, sister Annie E. SQUIRE, 32,
all three born at Lamerton, Devon.

In the 1851 census I located Ann Eliza SQUIRE, b. 1849, dau. of Thomas
SQUIRE, 46, farmer of 140 acres, and Mary Stephens SQUIRE, 36, with
other siblings Mary Eliza, 4 and Infant SQUIRE, 5, (could this be 5 m or
5 d, since he is listed after Ann E.?) If so, he would still have been
older than John (27 in 1881). This family was at South Brentor,
Tavistock. Thomas was b. at Broadwoodwidger, Devon, and appears to be
related to :

Jonas SQUIRE, 23 in 1851 census, then married to Mary SQUIRE, 31, b.
Hallwill, Devon. Had three children, Mary, 2, Elizabeth, 1 and William,
4m. Was a farmer of 280 acres at East Linacombe, Okehampton, Devon.
Birthplace Broadwidger, Devon.
In 1881 census he is shown as 54, farmer of 330 acres, widower, with
children Emma Jane, 25, Thomas, 24, Anna Maria, 22, George, 21, James,
18, and Jessie, 17. Emma b. Okehampton, so this pins this farmer down
as the same person. Others born Highhampton and lastly at Bratton

If I ever needed convincing of the value of census research, this is the

I now have these generations of SQUIRE in Devon:
Sir John C. SQUIRE -- Jonas SQUIRE -- Thomas SQUIRE
b. 1884b. 1855 b. 1805

On my SQUIRE line in Portsea, Hampshire, I have
Edmund WILLCOCKS -- Edmund Squire WILLCOCKS -- Julia SQUIRE -- Edmund
SQUIRE -- Robert Joice
b. 1880b. 1855 b. 1830b. 1802SQUIRE b. 1770s

What I am looking for is a connection that would place Sir John and
Edmund jr. as fourth cousins, i.e. having common ggggf SQUIRE. To find
this link we have t go back another two generatiuons in the
WILLCOCKS-SQUIRE Hampshire line and four more on the SQUIRE Devon line.

Would SKS with access to 1891 Devon census please look for Jonas SQUIRE,
36, and Elizabeth Rowe SQUIRE, and 6-year old son John Collings SQUIRE,
in or near Plymouth or Tavistock, Devon.

Would SKS with access to 1841 census etc. in Devon please check for
Jonas SQUIRE, 13, Thomas SQUIRE, 36, Mary STEPHENS, 26 in
Broadwidger/Sourton./Okehampton areas in Devon.

Any info on birth & parentage of Thomas Squire b. 1805 and Robert Joice
SQUIRE, b. 1770-1780, would be appreciated.


Martin Willcocks
Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

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