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From: "Kathy Witheridge" <>
Subject: Re: Canadian Statesman Newspaper
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 10:56:01 -0400

I thought that some of you might be interested in some transcripts from
the Canadian Statesman Newspaper in Bowmanville, Ontario, which has
death announcements of Devonshire families:

CANADIAN STATESMAN - Bowmanville, Ontario

ALLEN, Thomas - died in London on the 26th aged 72 years. A native of
Devonshire, England. - C.S. Nov 4, 1891 p5

ASHTON, Francis Thomas - died suddenly, while stepping into his
carriage at Silworthy Farm on the 2nd. F.T. Ashton of Dinworthy,
Bradworthy, Devon, England. Nephew of Benjamin Ashton of
Darlington. - C.S. Oct 17, 1888 p4

ASHTON, John - died at Alfardisworthy Farm, Bradworthy, Devon, on the
21st June, John Ashton aged 69 years. Brother of Mrs. Samuel Ashton,
Hampton and Benjamin Ashton, Darlington. - C.S. Jul 29, 1891 p5

ASHTON, John - There passed away at his home in Columbus on Friday,
Apr 13th, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of the
county of Ontario, in the person of John Ashton. Deceased was born in
Devonshire, England, 71 years ago and came to Canada when 21. For
the first year he worked on the Guy farm on the lakeshore. The following
year he moved to Columbus where he has since lived. He leaves a wife
and family of 7 sons and 3 daughters - Thomas of Cornwall, Ontario;
Robert of Brooklin; William Henry of Campbellford; Albert of Almonte;
Wesley of Oshawa; Mrs. Wickett of Little Britain and Mrs. Stone of
Manchester. His only brother, Thomas, lives in Haydon (Darlington Twp). -
C.S. May 2, 1900 p1

ASHTON, Richard - died at Lake Villas, Bradworthy, Devon, on Monday,
Nov 25th - Richard W. Ashton in his 69th year. - C.S. Dec 11, 1895 p2

ASHTON, Mrs. Richard - died at Lake Villas, Bradworthy, Devon, on
Monday, Nov 18th - Eliza, beloved wife of Richard W. Ashton, aged 70
years. - C.S. Dec 11, 1895 p2

BAILEY, Mrs. John - died at Woodford, Morwenstow, Devon on Jun 11th -
Emma Bailey, aged 74 years, relict of the late John Bailey of that parish
and sister of Richard Worth, Esq. Deputy Reeve, Bowmanville. -
C.S. Sep 21, 1892 p5

BATTEN, Mrs. Thomas Jago - died at Holsworthy, Devon, on the 27th -
Jane Hurdle, widow of the lat Thomas Jago Batten, (died Mar 19) aged 75
years. - C.S. Apr 16, 1890 p5

BRIDGMAN, Mrs. William - died at 33-34 Flora Street, Plymouth, Devon,
on the 9th Nov - Grace W. Allen, wife of William Bridgman and mother of
Thomas Bridgman late of this town. - C.S. Dec 14, 1883 p4

BRIDGMAN, Rosaline Allen - died at Flora Street, Plymouth, Devon, on
the 11th - Rosaline Allen, third surviving daughter of William Bridgman,
aged 23 years. Sister of Thomas W. Bridgman late of Bowmanville, now
Ottawa. - C.S. Jul 31, 1885 p5

BROMELL, Mrs. W. - died at Bradworthy, Devon, Oct 31st, wife of W.
Bromell, draper, aged 66 years. - C.S. Nov 14, 1894 p5

BUCKLER, Nicholas - died at Holsworthy, Devon, England on the 31st -
Nicholas Buckler, aged 75 years. Only brother of Aaron Buckler,
Watchmaker and Jeweller of Bowmanville. - C.S. Mar 5, 1886 p5

BUCKLER, Aaron - died in Montreal on the 3rd - Aaron Buckler, jeweller
of Bowmanville, aged 73 years. - C.S. Sep 10, 1890 p5

CLYDE, Rev. J.B. - died at Bradworthy, Devon, on Sunday Jun 25th -
Rev. J.B. Clyde, rector, in his 85th year. - C.S. Jul 12, 1893 p5

COWLE, F.Y. - died in Bowmanville on the 16th - F.Y. Cowle, formerly of
Devonshire, England, aged 58 years. - C.S. Nov 22, 1877 p2

COWLE Mrs. F.Y. - died in Toronto on the 18th - Mrs. F.Y. Cowle, relict
of the late F.Y. Cowle, Bowmanville, aged 67 years. - C.S. Feb 24, 1882

CRUMB, Mrs. Alfred - died in East Whitby on the 19th - Elizabeth, widow
of the late Alfred Crumb of Darlington, aged 82 years. A native of
Bradworthy, Devon. - C.S. Apr 24, 1889 p5

CRUMB, Alfred J. - died in Darlington on the 8th - Alfred J. Crumb aged
74 years. - C.S. Jul 11, 1884 p5

DEYMAN, Mrs. William - died in Bowmanville on Jan 21st, 1890 aged 70
years - Mary, relict of the late William Deyman, of Devonshire, England. -
C.S. Jan 22, 1890 p5

ELLIOTT, Mrs. H. senr. - died at the family residence, Mrs. H. Elliott, sr.,
on the 24th, in the 79th year of her age. Eldest daughter of Hugh and
Sarah Oke; native of Bradworthy, Devon, England. Leaves four sons and
one daughter. - C.S. May 1, 1889 p1

FISHLEY, Thomas - died at Bradworthy, Devon, England on the 6th ult. -
Thomas Fishley, aged 85 years, father of James Fishley of Bowmanville.
(Sometimes known as Fishleigh). - C.S. Mar 22, 1893 p5

GARBUTT, Joseph - died in Zion on Monday last - Joseph Garbutt, a
native of the County of Devon. He left a wife and six married children,
including Mrs. W.J. Langmaid. - C.S. Jul 9, 1880 p5

GLIDDEN, James - died at Port Hope on Feb 1st, 1896, in the 76th year
of his age - James Glidden, native of Devonshire, England. - C.S. Feb 5,
1896 p5

GLOVER, Mrs. Thomas - died in Richmond Hill, on the 20th - Mary, widow
of the late Thomas Glover, native of Devonshire, England, aged 81 years
and 2 months. - C.S. Dec 3, 1890 p5

HANCOCK, Mrs. James - nee Ann Wade was born in the Parish of
Bradworthy, Devon, in 1802. She married in 1824 James Moore and they
came to Canada in 1835 and landed in the township of Whitby. They
settled in Courtice (Darlington Twp.,) Their only daughter Margaret was
aged 4 years when they arrived. Twelve years later they went to the twp
of Fullarton (Perth County). At age 65 she was widowed and seven years
later married James Hancock, a native also of Bradworthy, Devon. -
Observer, Jul 31, 1878

HEARD, Joseph - died in Darlington on the 14th - Joseph Heard in his
90th year. Native of Pancrossweek, Devon, England. - C.S. Jun 19, 1889

HEARD, Mrs. William - died at Barnstaple, Devon, England on the 25th
January - Margaret, relict of the late William Heard, aged 84 years. -
C.S. Mar 11, 1881 p3

HOLMAN, William W. - died at Newton Abbott, Devon, England, on Good
Friday, April 12th, 1895 after a lingering illness - William Warmington
Holman, in his 78th year. Uncle of the Editor of the Canadian Statesman
(M.A. James). - C.S. May 8, 1895 p5

JAMES, Richard - died at Exeter on the 8th November - Richard James,
formerly of Parish Moor, Bradworthy, Devon and grandfather of M.A.
James of The Canadian Statesman, aged 90 years. - C.S. Dec 12, 1879

JENNINGS, William - died at St. Thomas on the 26th - William Jennings
aged 66 years, son of Roger and Margaret Jennings, late of Bradworthy,
Devon, England. - C.S. Apr 29, 1891 p5

JEWELL, Zachariah - died at Oakwood on the 3rd - Zachariah Jewell,
native of Plymouth, England, aged 44 years, aged 44 years. Deceased
was a brother to Mrs. Thomas Jewell of this town. - C.S. Apr 14, 1882 p3

JOLLOW, John - died on Sunday - John Jollow of Iowa, died as a result
of injuries from falling from a train; son-in-law of John Slute, of
Bowmanville and first cousin of Louis Jollow. Native of Devonshire,
England. Leaves a wife and two children. - C.S. Jul 10, 1885 p5

MANNING, William - died at Brooklin on Dec 28th - Will Manning,
shoemaker, aged 65 years; native of Bradworthy, Devon, England. -
C.S. Jan 1894 p5

MARSHALL, Thomas - at Exeter, Devon, England on the 30th - Thomas
Marshall, aged 25 years. Cousin of the Editor of the Canadian Statesman.
- C.S. Jun 19, 1889 p5

MOORE, Richard - died in Brooklin on the 11th - Richard Moore, a native
of Bradworthy, Devon, England, aged 78 years and 7 months. -
C.S. May 13, 1881 p3

OKE, John - died on the 26th November - John Oke, Ratherton,
Holsworthy, Devon, aged 57 years. Deceased was a brother of Mrs. John
James of Oshawa, brother-in-law of Mrs. John Ashton of Enfield, Mrs.
Jos. Ward of Hampton, first cousin of Mrs. E.L. Welsh of Bowmanville
and Messrs. John and William Oke of Ebenezer. - C.S. Dec 24, 1890 p4

SANGUINS, Mrs. Richard - died at Bradworthy, Devon, England on the
27th - Christian, relict of the late Richard Sanguins, in her 80th year. -
C.S. Sep 21, 1887 p5

SAUNDERS, Holland Venton - died at Venton Villa, Port Hope, on March
28th - Holland Vinton Saunders, aged 73 years and 6 months. Town
Clerk of Port Hope for 40 years. Native of Cookbury, Devon, England. -
C.S. Apr 1, 1896 p5

WESTAWAY, Benjamin Yeo - died at Honnicotts, Bradworthy, Devon,
England on July 26th, aged 74 years. Brother of Mrs. Jos. Ward of
Hampton and Mrs. John S. Ashton of Enfield, Ontario. -
C.S. Aug 15, 1894 p5
I hope that this might be of some assistance to someone!

Kind regards
Kathy Witheridge
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

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